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“I love using Localwise! I like the clean look of the website, the organization of seeing all your applicants and the social sharing aspect of the site. It feels like such a modern way to reach local people. I also really enjoy receiving the blogs and feel the topics have been very relevant and helpful. diPietro Todd has hired over 7 applicants from Localwise and I have shared this with friends who own businesses.”

Debi Alley

diPietro Todd Salons + Academy

“We have been using Localwise for the last 9 months and it has become an integral part of our recruitment strategy. Localwise is fast and easy to use. We’ve filled multiple positions with strong candidates from Localwise. But the best part -- their customer service. Localwise has a small team but they are incredibly friendly, flexible, and highly responsive.”

Josh Cohen

Sarah's Science

“Using Localwise has helped us find top notch staff! We have a really high response rate using Localwise and appreciate how easy it is to use when we do post job openings. Not only that...I landed my job with Namaste Yoga + Wellness using Localwise!”

Christine Blackmore

Namaste Yoga & Wellness

“Localwise has been a huge help! We’ve made multiple hires through Localwise for Sales, Merchandising, and Marketing positions. The quality of applicants has been stronger than any other site out there. I particularly like how community oriented the applicants are and how they understand Viscera’s brand and mission prior to applying.”

Ari Takata-Vasquez


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