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Racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps persist in our schools today. There is a 26% or greater gap in math achievement between white students and students of color. We believe in the power of STEM to offer opportunities to students who need it most. You can change this by becoming a STEM teacher.

EnCorps STEM Teachers Program’s vision is to realize a day where all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, are inspired and prepared to pursue their dreams. STEM Teaching Fellows transition to teaching careers within 1-3 years with the support of EnCorps training, guest teaching field experience, credentialing guidance, EnCorps cohort and the EnCorps network of schools. When you become an EnCorps Fellow, you are committing to providing access to quality education within low income schools, supporting students who need your mentorship the most.

The EnCorps team will provide guidance as you begin the process to become a teacher and the broad network of fellows provides first hand experience from people who, like you, transitioned into a teaching career.

Fellowship details:

  • Fellows may choose a licensed or non-licensed teaching pathway. If licensed, they will earn their license from a university partner over the course of 4-14 months

  • EnCorps will place you in a local partner school for 1 semester where you will spend 2-5 hours per week as a volunteer Guest Teacher

  • Fellows train online/on-demand and at 3 in-person cohort events each year by participating in enhanced skills preparation workshops

  • Fellows receive extensive support and mentoring from the EnCorps staff, their cohort, and EnCorps’ network of schools

  • With the help of EnCorps, you will develop your unique timeline to become a paid teacher, in as little as 9 months, or 3 years depending on your personal goals.

*Find out more about the timeline and teaching credentials at

Minimum requirements:

  • Have a bachelor's degree 

  • Have at least 1 year of hands-on STEM industry work experience or have an advanced degree in a STEM field*

  • Financial plan to participate in unpaid Guest Teaching Training for one semester

For more specific eligibility and FAQ’s, please see

*Looking for backgrounds in: Accounting, finance, banking, mathematics, statistics, data analyst, computer programmer, IT, coding, product manager, engineering (civil, mechanical, ALL), healthcare, scientific research, biotech, lab work, etc.

Want to empower students and inspire the next generation of STEM leaders? Join EnCorps today!

Fall application deadline: Sept 11, 2020. Apply today at:

See EnCorps through the eyes of a fellow:


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Research Associate – Molecular Biology   

Company: Root is developing fully automated, in-field, DNA-based sensors for detection of airborne pathogens. The technology provides the missing pathogen-presence corner of the disease triangle and enables farmers to spray pesticides only when necessary.


The primary responsibilities of this role are to

· Develop and optimize assays for detection and quantification of important airborne agricultural pathogens 

· Drive continuous improvement in methodology, processes, and formats through own expertise and experience 

· Be responsible for the management of target projects 

· Communicate and interact with interdisciplinary project teams 

· Participate in meetings 

· Perform other related responsibilities as necessary 

Required Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in mycology, microbiology, virology or other natural science with laboratory experience in molecular biology techniques like PCR 

· Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment and to adapt to the atmosphere of a dynamic startup 

· Creative and flexible thinking, open-minded, and willing to challenge the status quo 

· Ability to build excellent working relationships and an enthusiasm for taking a hands-on approach to collaborative scientific discovery efforts 

· Must enjoy working in a fast-paced environment 

· Ability and willingness to think outside the box to adopt and adapt relevant emerging technologies 

· Excellent written and oral communication skills   


Preferred Qualifications:

· Experience in mycology, microbiology, virology, or agriculture 

· Experience with qPCR and ELISA 

· Experience downloading genomes and designing primers

Country: United States

State: California

Location: Berkeley

Functional Area: Biological R&D   

Please contact  

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Job Description


Webmaster is responsible for the development and maintenance of all North American Herb and Spice internet and intranet assets. This includes but is not limited to its e-commerce, content-driven media, email/digital services, and reporting platforms. Webmaster also assists with content development, customer journey strategies, user experience, and optimizing the sales/customer support web portal.

The webmaster will support the launch of a new eCommerce website and comprehensive social media campaign. Aside from traditional webmaster duties, experience with promotional campaigns, Adwords, PPC, product marketing. Facebook advertising and Google Tag Manager are huge plusses.


Duties and Responsibilities


1. E-commerce Development and Maintenance Support


1.1. Development of e-commerce platform for wholesale purchasing modeled on existing retail architecture.


1.2. Implement updates and upgrades to eCommerce website.


1.3. Responsible for scheduling, activating and deactivating promotional pricing on website.


1.4. Responsible for activating and deactivating promotional banners on website.


1.5. Maintain and troubleshoot issues with content management system.


1.6. Enhance UX and additional changes to website as needed.


1.7. Create/Generate/revise web pages and creative content as needed.


1.8. Utilize scripting languages such as Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS.


1.9. Maintain email distribution, subscriber reports, and optimize customer engagement metrics.


1.10. Manage registration required popups and assist capturing email subscribers.


1.11. Improve email campaigns and enhance customer journey by establishing reporting procedures.


1.12. Revise and update email templates, schedules and content as necessary.


1.13. Assist social media team as a collaborative team member and administer prospective PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google.


2. Reporting


2.1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining website reporting capabilities for email, social, organic and paid traffic.


2.2. Use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, UTM tracking, Google Tag Manager, Bing Webmaster Tools, to create comprehensive reporting framework including social media and website traffic.


2.3. Establish, update and implement best SEO practices


2.4. Provide actionable data by managing PPC reporting, Facebook pixels, tag management, Yahoo search marketing and additional tracking tools when necessary.


2.5. Oversee email/newsletter distribution, reporting and services.


2.6. Staying abreast of industry trends- creating and implementing other reports as need.




3. Intranet and Sales/Customer Support Web Portal


3.1. Maintenance and development of intranet site to support inside and outside sales staff.


3.2. Development of wholesale customer support web portal based on architecture of new eCommerce website.



Basis of Evaluation

1. Ability to manage, maintain and update website.

2. Responsiveness to potential issues, troubleshooting and enhancing website design.

3. Testing and deploying promotional pricing structures and advertising banner ads.

4. Ability to analyze and implement statistical and analytical methods for optimizing website traffic and close ratios.

5. Ability to implement reporting for SEO and providing updates to increase website presence and traffic.

6. Ability to update eCommerce website to match best practices and enhance the customer’s journey.

7. Ability to implement tracking and reporting updates necessary to provide necessary reporting functionality.

8. Ability to stay abreast of industry trends in analytics, SEO, and UX.

9. Monitoring PPC advertising for potential opportunities using reporting tools and analytics platforms.

10. Ability to manage, develop and implement policies for the maintenance and security of internet assets.

11. Ability to move quickly in the event of the failure of any or all internet assets.

12. Control, accuracy and timeliness of the information flow to management and among all of the operating departments.

13. Capable of assessing, maintaining and upgrading internal office resources.





The Webmaster position impacts the day to day operations and the Company's long term growth and profitability. This role will have a collaborative component as the webmaster will oversee the deployment of reporting platforms and assist the social media team in a variety of functions.


The Webmaster is integral to the successful execution of the company’s internet strategy and the integration of functional areas within the organization to achieve revenue growth goals. This position has a significant impact on the ability of the company to achieve sales and margin goals as well as on the customer's perception of NAHS. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns will depend in large part of the webmaster’s ability to collect actionable insights, deploy strategic changes to the website and work in tandem with the social media team to optimize creative and product related content.




The Webmaster has authority to fulfill the duties and responsibilities outlined above and any other authority that may be granted by the President.




  1. Ability to implement Google Analytics and UTM tracking solutions.

  2. Ability to implement Google Tag Manager and Google Webmaster Tools to assist with reporting.

  3. Ability to use and incorporate other reporting tools, including but not limited to Facebook pixels in order to effectively track customer engagement.

  4. Knowledge of Mail Chimp or related email campaign software, and an ability create a reporting framework around high value engagement metrics.

  5. Working Knowledge of Wordpress, HTML and related content management systems.

  6. Knowledge of Woocommerce e-commerce platform.

  7. Understanding of UX and ability to implement changes to website as needed.

  8. Experience with web development coding languages such as PHP and Javascript.

  9. Understanding and familiarization with methods for website monetization.

  10. Understanding of reporting and an ability to stay abreast and implement advances in reporting.

  11. Ability to secure website assets and trouble shoot inter and intranet issues.

  12. Ability to identify critical issues and recommend appropriate solutions

  13. Ability to analyze trends and respond to those trends

  14. Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

  15. Good organizational and communication skills




Bachelor’s Degree with extensive experience in website design and development.




Five or more years’ experience in website design, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Company Description

North American Herb and Spice (NAHS) is the world leader in premium-quality dietary supplements. NAHS is the innovator, bringing entire categories of supplements to the industry, for instance, the wild spice oil category, wild chaga, whole food, unprocessed hemp stalk extract, wild, raw greens extracts, wild, raw berries extracts, wild, raw turmeric extract, and far more.

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Job Description

We are seeking a Web Designer to join our team! You will develop and implement unique web-based applications.


  • Design, create, and modify websites

  • Convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible web formats

  • Create back-end code and interfaces for new web platforms

  • Analyze user needs to implement web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity

  • Integrate web sites with other computer applications

  • Keep up-to-date on web developments and trends


  • Previous experience in web development or other related fields

  • Proficiency with with HTML, Javascript, or other related languages

  • Strong abilities in CSS and SASS

  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Familiar with Wordpress

  • Familiar with concepts of SEO

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Job Description


Summary: Perform a variety of technical tasks and duties concerning the design, implementation, and maintenance of the district website and other web-based resources and applications. In conjunction, these tasks will be expected to be performed with a high level of social and intrapersonal skills as demonstrated through communication, teamwork, and collaboration. They will further be performed in a K-12 educational setting. Job responsibilities may be required to be carried out in school buildings, offices, classrooms, labs and designated instructional/learning areas.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Other duties may be assigned.

  • Design, develop, implement, and maintain custom web and database applications for internal and external use.

  • Performs regular updates of pages and servers to maintain timeliness of data and security.

  • Maintains direct channels of communication with the Director of Technology and Central Office administrators.

  • Receives input, feedback, and advice concerning the content and display of all web-based resources from the Director of Technology and Central Office administrators.

  • Review, spell-check, error check all web content prior to and after release to maintain high standard of quality.

  • Perform all day-to-day maintenance of web pages, assuring pages and changes are referenced in the major search engines and responding to e-mail about the pages.

  • Write structured, validated, and documented code for ease of maintenance so that the code can be read and understood by others.

  • Required to record and document all facets of the design and construction phases of district databases.

  • Required to keep current with web standards, regulations, programming languages, and developing tools in order to use the new features.

  • Provide regular status reports to Director of Technology.

  • Develop job-related planning goals and project task lists, and prioritize job/work requirements with a minimum of supervision.

  • Maintain appropriate maintenance and repair records and logs.

  • Provide appropriate technical advice and assistance to other district staff and students in support of curriculum, teaching and learning goals and objectives.

  • Perform other technology tasks and duties as assigned.

  • Maintain confidential information appropriately and exercise good judgment when communicating to the public.                                                   


Qualification Requirements: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty and carry out assigned responsibilities satisfactorily.

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


  • (Preferred) Have successfully completed at least four (4) years of college work in an appropriate technology degree field, or have proof of equivalent on-the-job experience in areas outlined above.

  • (Required) Have a working knowledge of basic and advanced web-based technologies. Be knowledgeable and proficient in the features and components of Microsoft Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office Professional Suites in a networked environment (or subsequent replacements applications). Have a working knowledge of common programming languages including, but not limited to, C+, Java, VB, HTML, and XML.


  • (Required) High school education and graduation diploma • (Preferred) College diploma from an accredited college or university with a degree in the field of computer science or equivalent.

  • (Preferred) Completed formal training and performed duties related to the A+ certification, Network Basics and Microsoft (MS) operating systems courses, or other equivalent training.

Certification and Licenses:

  • Valid Illinois Driver’s license required since employee must provide own transportation to and from work and to various in-district job sites.

Language Skills:

  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret technical manuals, reference books, and policy/procedural guides. Ability to use the English language to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Application Process: Apply Online at

Reports to:   Superintendent of Schools                                                    

Evaluation:   Annually conducted by the Superintendent of Schools 

Hours:           20 (Twenty) hours a week, days vary

Rate of Pay:  Established by the Board of Education

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Job Description


The Magento developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of Magento 2 websites and other core PHP based applications for the optimal delivery of our Invicta Stores eCommerce solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain Magento 2 websites and other core PHP based applications

  • Customize Magento's front-end components using layout XML, blocks, and templates

  • Research, Install, test and maintain ready-made Magento extensions

  • Maintain Database systems, interfaces & integrations

  • Quality, security, scalability and stability review commits before they are committed to the live site

  • Develop automation processes to streamline implementations and improve workflows

  • Provide feedback regarding technical requirements, timelines and software concerns

  • Participate as a key part of the eCommerce team to ensure successful and timely technical implementations and process adhesion related to analysis, designs, development, roll out, and support of eCommerce applications and systems

  • Manage metrics that are in place to monitor and measure software development projects, ongoing support & Maintenance activities

  • Ensure optimal processes are in place to support software development and support activities

  • Monitor performance of production environment and maintain site speed and integrity

Technical Skills:

  • Expert understanding of Magento's 2 code structure, extension architecture, theming hierarchy, and fallback components

  • Front-End Development (HTML/HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, XML, Responsive mobile design)

  • Back-End Development (PHP, MySQL)

  • Knowledge of bug and feature tracking systems such as Jira, New relic, etc.

  • Competent in web services integrations (REST/SOAP)

  • Extensive knowledge of Git-based source control

  • Knowledge of technologies like CDN, Load balancing, hosting, web server configurations, DNS, etc.

  • Knowledge of WPA technology and mobile app development. Basic understanding of headless commerce concept


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field preferred

  • Minimum of 7+ years PHP web development experience

  • Minimum of 3 years real-world e-commerce experience with Magento development

  • Magento Certification a big asset

  • Competent knowledge of e-commerce data organization, relationships and store catalog (categories/products/attributes)

  • Excellent communication, documentation and attention to detail

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work on challenging tasks by themselves or with a team

  • A desire to be personally responsible for scalable, robust, high-quality code

  • Ability to organize, prioritize and perform multiple projects simultaneously

Company Description

Invincible in detail since 1837, Invicta is known for offering supremely crafted timepieces for the evolving fashion needs of its dedicated fans. Invicta Stores showcase the world's largest selection of Invicta style accessories for men and women. Known for legendary service, Invicta Stores believe in demonstrating the quality, value and care in every timepiece to all who pass through our doors.

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Job Description

We are seeking a highly skilled, experienced webmaster to join our growing in-house technology team. In this role, you will be responsible for managing our company’s web presence, ensuring that our site is always user-friendly and up to date. You will also work with our technology team to expand our presence through the design and implementation of new web-based applications that will positively impact our customers’ experience. You should be highly knowledgeable in server management and online security, content management, and have solid coding skills.

Webmaster Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet with management regularly to discuss current and future functionality

  • Monitor security and perform all necessary updates

  • Monitor and report all web traffic

  • Make all necessary updates to the company site, minimizing downtime

  • Update content with guidance from content team to reflect current SEO trends

  • Repair any broken links and fix any reported bugs

  • Maintain virtual and cloud-based servers, optimizing speeds

  • Contribute to discussions on ways to improve functionality and usability

  • Collaborate with business and technology teams to meet needs and improve efficiency

  • Utilize scripting languages such as Javascript.

  • Keep files small so sites load faster.

  • Test different browsers and ensure people with different computers can access a website

  • Configure web servers such as Apache.

  • Create and modify appearance and setting of sites.

  • Meet with designers to agree on site's design.

Webmaster Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field; master’s degree is a plus

  • Evidence of continuing education, such as certifications, is a plus

  • 5+ years’ experience in the technology field

  • Leadership and/or management experience is a plus

  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Able to manage multiple websites

  • Strong working knowledge of all relevant coding languages (PHP, Javascript, HTML)

  • Capable of utilizing web content management systems, e.g. WordPress

  • Excellent communicator, especially regarding abstract concept

Company Description

USA Vein Clinics is a leading national medical services provider specializing in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Headquartered in Northbrook, IL, our 80+ treatment centers comprise the nation's only coast-to-coast phlebology practice. Our award-winning medical staff, including Cardiovascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists and Cardiologists provide state-of-the-art patient care using innovative technology. We provide a challenging and dynamic work environment, many opportunities for advancement, and competitive compensation and benefits.

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Job Description

 We are looking for a Full-Time Webmaster to Join our Team! 

Responsibilities include:

  • Update content on the Website to keep pages fresh and intriguing 

  • Monitor, analyze, and report on all online traffic

  • Ensuring functionality and efficiency of sites and web servers 

  • Respond to user comments and questions 

  • Fix broken links and images

Requirements :

  • Proven experience as a Webmaster or Web Developer

  • Strong troubleshooting and analytical abilities

  • Attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills 

  • Knowledge of tools for website management 

Must have Experience in: 

  • Google AdWords

  • Ebay

  • Amazon

  • Shopify

  • Sales Promotions 

Company Description

Medical Equipment Refurbishing and Distribution to Emergency Medical Services throughout the country

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