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Philz Coffee Truck

2 days ago
2d ago

San Francisco, CA

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PHILZ COFFEE TRUCK is on the lookout for AMAZING people to be part of our future. Baristas, Shift Leads, and beyond...

At Philz, our mission is to Better People's Day. Phenomenal customer service is our #1 priority along with making an amazing cup of coffee. Our customers love our coffee and are a true pleasure to serve every day. You will definitely have fun and enjoy coming to work.

Come "roll" with us on our first coffee truck and take Philz handcrafted "cups of love" on the road to coffee lovers throughout the city and beyond!

Philz Coffee Truck operates 7 days per week. We function as a retail store in Financial District (Sansome /Pine St) on weekdays and Marina Green on weekends. Occasionally, we also participate in some fun and diverse events! (Music Festivals, Corporate Events, Fairs, Weddings, etc.)

We offer both Full Time and Part Time positions. There are also opportunities for growth within the Philz Truck pham and our additional brands. Could you be our next Marketing Director? Graphic Designer? CFO? (Chief Fun Officer)

*** APPLY TODAY: Please answer the questions listed below and email the answers along with your resume 

  1. What is your favorite food and why?
  2. How do you take your coffee/tea?
  3. Are you looking for upward growth opportunities?
  4. If you could name a coffee blend, what would you name it?
  5. Specify if you are applying for Barista or Shift Lead positions.
  6. What does the next year of your life look like?
  7. Tell us something unique and awesome about yourself.
  8. What would make this your perfect job?
  9. Have you ever applied to Philz before? of 'YES'- when did you apply, and which locations?
  10. What date can you start and how many hours per week are you looking to work?
  11. Are you at least 18 years of age or older? 
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Civil Maps

3 days ago
3d ago

San Francisco, CA

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Cartographer/Temp, Civil Maps

Bay Area Ca. 

About Us: Civil Maps, We build cognition systems for autonomous cars, enabling  autonomous vehicles to crowd-source a dynamic 3D map for safe driving.  Our mission is to make it possible for fully autonomous vehicles to  drive anywhere smoothly and safely. Through artificial intelligence and  vehicle-based local processing, Civil Maps converts sensor data into  meaningful map information built specifically to direct fully autonomous  vehicles. 

Civil Maps solution aggregates raw 3D data from LIDAR  (high-resolution laser imaging), camera and other sensors on-board  autonomous vehicles and organizes the information into machine-readable  maps. The information is vastly more actionable than today's map data  and requires only a fraction of the data storage. Thanks to this light data footprint, Civil Maps’ spatial information is far less costly to  transmit over cellular networks, enabling the company to easily  crowd-source, update and share road data in real time—a major  improvement over the lengthy processes that require human annotation in  current use. As a result, the company can quickly generate and maintain  maps that give fully autonomous vehicles the comprehensive and precise  knowledge to autonomous operate safely and smoothly on all  roads.

Job Description: We are looking for talented part time contractors to aid in the QC of 3D maps of roads, cities and other civic spaces. You will be using an application to QC and edit (when needed) vectors using easy to  learn point-and-click methods.  Applicants with skill in vector art and graphic design will be prioritized - you must have an eye for detail, and be able to work quickly and accurately!

You have:  

  • Strong computer literacy
  • Graphic design
  • Visual arts background
  • Experience with graphic design editing software, i.e. Adobe Illustrator
  • Quality assurance work is a plus· Interest in GIS is a plus


  • Newer (2013+) laptop - Core i5 or i7 ideally, Macbook Air or Better, highly recommended
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Available for at least four hours a day Monday-Friday, (or 20+ hours/weekly) during November ~ January

We have: Civil Maps has excited customers who are eager to use the products that we create. Be part of a passionate team of bright minded  individuals who work on autonomous vehicle technology in an environment  based in team work and collaboration. 

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Faculty- Adjunct Software Engineering Department

Cogswell College

4 days ago
4d ago

San Jose, CA

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Curently looking for instructors for Spring 2018 to teach a course in GUI and Graphics programming using OpenGL


Teach and assist in the Software Engineering Department. Software Engineering coursework covers the entire software development cycle including: design, analysis, verification, validation, implementation, reliability, deployment and maintenance.

Other aspects of position include supervision of instructional activities, such as cooperative work experiences, internships, and practice; instructional management, tutoring; curriculum and course development; and creation of teaching and instructional materials and supervision of laboratory activities. Also included are student evaluation and assessment.


Teach classes in Interactive Software Engineering and programming and hold regular office hours

Assist in recruiting, hiring and overseeing adjunct instructors

Assist in maintaining a pool of prospective adjunct instructors and part time faculty

Foster a positive environment for students and serve as an Advisor

Ensure curriculum and syllabi are up to date and all classes have relevant materials through program review

Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Educational Requirements

Master's Degree in related field, OR Bachelor's Degree with equivalent experience. Bachelor's degree is only acceptable with extensive software industry experience.

Knowledge & Skill Requirement:

Experience in software writing such as Web Programming, Flash Programming or LINUX Programming

Minimum of 3 years of experience working at a professional level with practical domain specific experience.

Teaching experience in an academic or professional setting is preferred.

Ability to work with and help students. Ability and willingness to discern and meet the needs of students.

Strong computer skills including ability to collect and analyze information.

Competent in a wide variety of tools or techniques related to the pertinent field.

Demonstrated excellent communication skills.

Ability to establish interpersonal rapport and relate to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures

Ability to work with others in a collegial and productive manner.

Management Experience in Academic or Industry setting.

Classes are scheduled both at night, during the day, and on weekends. Our schedule conforms to our Academic Calendar which is posted on our website. Cogswell is located in San Jose, California (northern California).

All Cogswell employees receive a free VTA pass to make commuting easier, we are steps away from the Baypointe light rail stop in North San Jose.

FULL-TIME/PART-TIME Full-Time and/or Part-Time

DEPARTMENT Academics- Engineering

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Missing Link Coop Hiring


Missing Link Bicycle Coop

9 days ago
9d ago

Berkeley, CA

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Worker Owned Bike Shop Looking to Hire!

Missing Link Bicycle Coop

Link is a worker owned and run bike shop. All members are co-owners who receive an equal wage, have equal status, and equal say. Like many work places, we have room for improvement but are trying really hard and are a bunch of crazy but good people.~ Member candidates are voted in to be a worker owner in the cooperative after working for 360 hours, ideally getting trained in that time in every aspect of working at Link, including bicycle mechanics and repair, business opperation, cooperative participation, and creative cooperation.

We're looking for someone who has a good vibe, is intersted in both listening to and working with a range coworkers and customers. An ability to communicate would probably be immensely helpful in this. We're looking for someone that is emotionally equipped for retail, willing to spend some of their time on the clock repairing bikes, and who is seeking a long-term position. We are looking for someone who is interested in working creatively and cooperatively with their coworkers and share responsibility of collectively running a business. Previous experience in retail, cooperatives, or the bicycle industry is a plus. There are many other areas of business administration performed by co-op members where other skills and experience may be a plus, from accounting to graphic design.

A Little About Link: Link is an intergenerational workplace, with member-owners in their twenties through seventies. In October Link moved from two spaces on one street (a storefront and a repair shop) to one space that houses both the store and repairshop.

We value diversity; women, people of color, and members of the LGBTIQ community are encouraged to apply. EOE.

Everyone at Missing Link is paid hourly, for member candidates its $16/hr and member-owners $17/hr.

To apply, please email your letter of interest or a paragraph about why you're interested and resume, or drop it off at 1988 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. If you have any questions, feel free to email, call, or come by and sah hi :)


Customer service in the store & on the phone

Selling and ringing up bikes, parts, and doo-dads

Restocking inventory


Giving customers bike repair estimates

Working on bikes, tune-ups and repairs

Assembling new bikes

Participating in collective meetings and participating in decision-making

Other duties as needed

Energy to work on self-directed work that you think is important


<3 Love of bikes and the people who ride them <3

Energy for sales and retail

Technical and mechanical knowledge of bicycles and bicycle products (we can help you with this part!)

Ability to perform repairs and complete bicycle assembly (we can help train further, no need to be an expert!)

Ability to communicate effectively with customers and coworkers from different backgrounds

Good interpersonal skills

Experience with POS systems and other computer applications

Comfortable in a busy and unsupervised work environment

Able to take initiative and be self-directed

Desire for the responsibilities of business ownership

Able to commit to working a minimum of 25 hours a week, including at least one weekend day

Would be awesome to have 2+ years repair experience (in a shop or on your own)

If this ad is still up we are still hiring. Again, send your resume and a paragraph or letter about your interest in working at Missing Link Coop.

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Marketing Associate


A Practical Wedding

10 days ago
10d ago

Oakland, CA

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Here’s what we’re looking for:


APW is hiring a part-time associate to run the day-to-day operations of our small business advertising department. This is a part-time job, and we’re looking for someone in the Bay Area who can work from our office in Oakland (flex time, with the ability to work from home semi-regularly). We’re looking for a customer service whiz kid, who loves strategizing and solving other people’s problems. Bonus points if you’ve had a few years behind a desk in an office (even if that’s successfully running your own small business from your kitchen table).


APW’s small business advertising program consists of 60 front-page sponsors and 300 vendors (and growing). Your job would be to support the work of both the Chief Revenue Officer and Advertising Manager in making that happen. You’d be responsible for:

  • Being our small business advertiser’s main point of contact from the first email, through the onboarding process, through years of advertising and growth (our sponsors tend to stick around for a long time!).
  • Managing billing for both our front-page sponsors and our vendor directory members.
  • Managing our Vendor Directory database, including processing new applications, reviewing updates, managing subscriptions and renewals/expirations, and helping to execute improvements to the database.
  • Managing our sponsored posts and social media boosts from sales and scheduling to execution to performance analysis.
  • Help execute our advertiser newsletter and other education and sales tools.


This is an entry-level position, with room for growth. And we mean that when we say it. All of the employees at APW have worked their way up from entry-level positions (seriously, all of them). And while we’d love to hire someone with previous customer service experience, it’s not required. We’d rather have someone with the right skill set who can train up fast. Here are some things that should describe you:

  • Your main thrill in life is problem solving.
  • You want to play on a team. (Duh. You’ll love our team.)
  • You are really good with people and adept at making them feel cared for. (INFJs strongly encouraged.)
  • You’re an excellent and fast communicator, in person and in writing. Your email skills are aces and Inbox Zero is your norm.
  • You’re equally skilled in empathy and enforcement. Can you enforce a deadline and have the other person thank you for it? Perfect.
  • You can write well. (Bonus points if you can write well from a marketing perspective.)
  • You have a significant amount of tech-savvy and are a pro at figuring out how things work. AKA you’re the person people hand their phone or computer to when they can’t get something to work.
  • You’re naturally organized and incredibly self-motivated.
  • You have the memory of an elephant. APW currently has a rotating roster of ~350 small business advertisers, and even though we have systems to keep track of them all, it helps immensely to be able to store a lot of info in your head.
  • You’re great at managing a lot of projects at once without losing your cool. In fact, you get bored if you don’t.
  • You love small businesses and small business owners and get what it takes to run one.
  • You love APW and get what it’s about.
  • You want to grow with the site, wherever it may be going.


  • You’ve planned a wedding. And/or (though ideally and) you have worked in the wedding industry.
  • You already read APW and can remember your favorite post from two years ago.
  • You have major WordPress, WooCommerce, and/or database management skills.
  • You have photography skills, graphic design skills, or any other great skills we should know about.
  • You live and breathe Instagram. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Or all of the above.
  • You’re a WOC, or represent some other form of diversity (or as we call it internally, “normalcy”).


Our office works hard (in emergencies, we hunker down and crush deadlines), but also we prioritize healthy lives and making it home for dinner (almost every night) and out to a dance class (some days). We are unapologetically feminist, and our team chat ranges from puppy GIFs to politics to the myriad reasons Facebook is ruining our lives.


Location: Oakland, CA, a mix of working at home and working in our office in East Oakland. Hours: Part-time (25ish hours per week) Salary: Entry level, commensurate with experience, starting around $20 per hour.


Please submit all applications to team (at) apracticalwedding (dot) com. Please make the subject of your email “Marketing Associate” so that we can keep track of incoming applications. In your application, please include:

  • Cover letter: Tell us your experience, what you’d bring to the role, your working style, and your relationship with the APW brand. Please also include three new ideas for increasing revenue at APW, included as bullet points in your cover letter. These could be sponsored content ideas, or other revenue ideas. We encourage you to think outside the box.
  • sample outreach email you might write if we asked you to woo a potential sponsor. (Think: You saw their work on Instagram and they should really be advertising with us.)
  • A Pinterest board of 25–35 pins showing the style of content that you feel reflects the intersection of your aesthetic with the APW aesthetic.
  • Two or three references.

Note: If you are selected for an interview, you may be provided additional assignments as part of the interview process.We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis—and we can’t wait to hear from y’all.

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Content Management & Creation Internship


12 days ago
12d ago

Oakland, CA

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We do all of our own content production, photography and graphic design. We're looking for someone who loves design as much as we do and is passionate about reaching people through stories. At the end of the day, we're trying to find an effective way to reach like-minded people who care about American manufacturing and owning fewer, better things. The intern will work closely with the owner, Ari to create an unforgettable brand. 

8-10 hours weekly

Read about our past interns' experiences:


  • organizing and maintaining our editorial calendar
  • scheduling content releases across platforms
  • developing themes around events/seasons
  • pulling analytics & performance reports on reach & engagement
  • brand asset organization and filing 
  • curating content from other like-minded sources for sharing 
  • researching trending topics & hashtags to boost engagement
  • follow-up on task assignments & publishing dates
  • creating blog content 


  • organization, organization, organization! 
  • creative thinking
  • ability to create and stick to timelines & schedule requirements 
  • work well in collaborative environments 
  • provide constructive feedback (and be able to work with constructive feedback)
  • proficiency in using digital tools such as google docs, dropbox, ect. 
  • clear and effective written and verbal communication
  • self-starter able to work with minimal supervision 


  • work collaboratively on projects with business owners, designers, & makers
  • learn about the workings of a new business in a small group setting 
  • ability to create, innovate & test out ideas
  • real world-experience 


  • travel stipend & accommodations to  industry-only fashion tradeshows (February)

    • paid flight & hotel 
    • show access & passes

Please send your resume as well as a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to be considered for the internship.

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Paid Internship ~ Part Time Graphic Design ~ Shop Assistant


Youngstown, OH

Graphic Design, Screen Printer, Art, Media, Design, Graphics Company Description We are a National Silkscreen Company located in Youngstown, OH. We specialize in custom design and printing for ...

Have a Graphic Design Job & Need Holiday Work? Become a Lyft Driver.


Pueblo, CO

Driving with Lyft is the perfect way to earn great money on any schedule (part-time, full-time, seasonal, hourly, or temporary) and Lyft Drivers can receive payment same-day through express pay. Why ...

Marketing & Graphic Design Intern


West Caldwell, NJ

Graphic Design / Marketing Intern - #69817 West Caldwell, NJ – Local Only Part-Time Are you looking to get a head start in your career, learning in a rapidly growing LED tech company? MaxLite is ...

Graphic Design Apprentice


Irvine, CA

Part-time intern needed for graphic design work, individual must be highly knowledgeable in: - Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) - Basic WordPress capabilities ...

Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant

Roof4All...A Topstone Investment Company

Kansas City, MO

Can be a full or part-time position. Could be 2 different part-time positions. Graphics design position, and a marketing position. The right candidate MUST: Be proficient at Adobe Design Suite ...

Graphic Design/ Photography Internships

Veterinary Medical

Saint Augustine, FL

Graphic Design Intern The VOI Graphic Design Intern would be integral to the rapid growth of our ... This is a part-time, entry-level internship that will pay in the $9-$11 per hour range based on ...

Marketing and Graphic Design Partner

Cork & Craft Events

Portland, OR

We are looking to add a part time marketing and graphics design partner to our team. University students are welcome and encouraged. The role will be an evolving one as this is the first new role ...

Graphic Designer (Part-Time Contractor)


Howell, MI

... enthusiastic graphic designer to assist our marketing team. This is a part-time, independent ... original design for both print and digital marketing materials (brochures, banners, product ...

Contract or Part-Time Graphic Designer

Software Firm

McLean, VA

We are seeking a Contract Or Part-Time Graphic Designer to join our team! Reporting to the ... Design print and web based collateral including sales sheets, brochures, white papers, case studies ...

Part-Time Graphic Design Instructor (Pool)

West Valley-Mission Community College District

Santa Clara, CA

... Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, 3D Animation, Video Production and Editing, Interface Design, User Experience Design, and more. This position is a part-time position as an Associate ...


Wayland Baptist University

Plainview, TX

The Assistant Professor of Graphic Design will teach undergraduate graphic design and foundation ... Mentorship of part-time faculty in area of expertise. The above statements are not a complete list ...

Graphic Design Intern

Pluto TV

Los Angeles, CA

This is a part time, temporary position with no benefits. Academic credit can be provided ... Ideal candidate will be a Graphic Design student looking to gain hands on experience in a dynamic ...

Graphic Design Intern

The Pink Collective

Hollywood, FL

This is a part-time unpaid position where you'll work with us as a team and on your own. When ... Design and create online email campaigns, Facebook and Twitter backgrounds, logos and graphics for ...

Graphic Designer/Pre-Press Specialist with some Digital Design


Odessa, FL

Part Time/Could work into full time for the right candidate Required experience: * Graphic Design: 2 to 3 Years WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER WE ARE A DRUG FREE WORKPLACE

College Students - Graphic Design Intern in NYC


New-York, NY

NYC based, contemporary fashion brand, MILLY, is looking for an un-paid part time graphic design intern to join our team! We are looking for someone creative with a graphic design background who has ...

Part-Time Graphic Artist

City of Columbia, Mo

Columbia, MO

FY 2018 Pay Grid for Permanent Positions 2017 Pay Grid for Temporary Positions Part-Time Graphic ... Associates Degree in fine arts or graphic design preferred. Supervision ExercisedStarting Salary$12 ...

Graphic Designer (Intern / Part-Time Help)

Great Wraps, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

This is PERFECT for an advanced graphic design student, who's looking for great experience, and wonderful "resume-builder", or an experienced graphic designer who's been busy with kids. We are a fun ...

Graphic Designer

Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.

Mount Prospect, IL

This is a part time position, with the possibility of full time employment. Duties may include ... Demonstrated graphic design skills Proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop. In Design a plus

Executive Assistant/Graphic Design

San Diego Limo Buses

San Diego, CA

Depending on Experience Plus Commission employment type: part-time Executive Assistant w/Graphic Design Experience (Bilingual is a PLUS) Compensation: DOE plus Commission Starting as part-time, with ...

Graphic Designer / Website Manager


Austin, TX

... hiring a part-time person for creating and managing the look, layout, and features of the company website and social media sites. The job requires both graphic design and website development ...

Graphic Designer

Scientific Games Corporation.

Las Vegas, NV

Seeking part-time, which may eventually lead to a full-time position. Many of the design projects ... graphics, brochure design, and brand development

Graphic Designer Intern

XPlatform Consulting

Culver City, CA

... design and aesthetic Part-time opportunities, with an immediate start date in Culver City. This is an unpaid intern position that provides invaluable work and experience that can enhance future ...

Web Designer / Graphic Designer (Exciting opportunity with variety)

Pleasant Solutions

Edmonton, AB

Part time positions during office-hours and part time specialist positions (such as a photographer ... Opportunities to lead both the creative design phase and the production phase. * Gain further ...

Graphic Design Instructors Needed

Southwest University of Visual Arts

Tucson, AZ

Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA) Tucson campus currently has full-time and part-time ... Graphic Design - Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite 4 or higher. BA in Graphic Design or ...

Graphic Designer


Phoenix, AZ

Cesar Graphics is a Print, Sign, Custom Apparel & Graphic Design Company. To view our company profile please visit ---.-----.--- We are looking for a: Full or Part time Bilingual Graphic Designer ...

Design Production Specialist

Shepard Exposition Services

Atlanta, GA

Shepard is looking for two part-time Design Production Specialists to help with the production and design of print graphics for trade shows and special events. The right candidate must be available ...

Graphics Production Specialist

Showman Fabricators

Bayonne, NJ

... Part-Time Graphics Production Specialist. The Graphics Specialist would handle client files and ... This is not a design position, but qualified candidates need an understanding of fundamental design ...

Graphics Support Specialist

Mb Staffing Services LLC

Washington, DC

Mb Staffing Services is seeking a Part time Graphics Support Specialist to join our team! You will ... Dynamic and creative graphic design ( Print and digital production skills a must) * Strong ...

Direct to Garment (DTG) Print Operator

All Things By Faith

Irvine, CA

ATBF is seeking a part-time to possible full-time paid intern to learn the entire process from ... The ideal candidate: - Currently attending a graphic design school or similar - Is interested in ...

Social Media/Marketing Asst/Graphic Design & Membership Sales

Moore Dancing

Los Angeles, CA

If not selected, we reserve the right to use graphics and Facebook posts. If you are looking to ... This is a Part Time position with potential to lead to more shifts for the right candidate Typical ...

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