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Bach To Rock (“B2R”) America’s Music School for students of all ages is currently seeking a Music Teacher to work as a part-time employee providing music and performance lessons to students. We are currently considering specialists in: voice, piano, violin, guitar, woodwinds and drums.

Music Teachers at Bach to Rock use B2R curriculum to provide students of all ages an inspiring and well-balanced music education. By teaching theory and technique using music that students know and love, B2R teachers develop musicians who enjoy performing, recording in our studio, and even composing original music!

Position Responsibilities:

Teach private and semi-private lessons using Bach to Rock curriculum and cover song arrangements

Create an encouraging, fun, and focused lesson atmosphere

Assess a student’s readiness to join a band or ensemble

Assist at school events

May repair equipment as needed and able.


Must demonstrate an understanding of music concepts and be able to communicate those concepts effectively to students

Must have an advanced understanding of music theory and technique relevant to primary instrument

Effective time management and organizational skills to keep students on task in a lesson

Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with a variety of personalities

Experienced performer (either solo or group)

Experience working with youth and/or beginning musicians

Ability to interact effectively with children and adults

Ability to pass a background check

Bach to Rock offers the opportunity to work a flexible part time schedule in a fun environment with other like-minded musicians. We handle the marketing, scheduling, booking, billing and other business aspects of the lessons & group classes so that you can focus on teaching.

B2R offers an hourly rate that is based on education, experience, expertise, and availability. We offer a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with employer match to all eligible regular employees.

This Bach to Rock is locally owned and operated by:

K3 Synchopation, LLC DBA Bach to Rock

K3 Synchopation LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Tutoring Position Available, MPM Learning Center

MPM Learning Center is currently hiring a tutor with strong Math and/or English skills. We value honesty, patience, flexibility, ambition, and the ability to motivate students. Our tutors ensure that students receive all the help that they need in order to be successful.


*After School/Group Tutoring - Tutors will be placed in a classroom of 5-7 students where the students will be working on homework. Tutors are responsible for correcting every student's homework and providing supplementary work for the students. Tutors are also responsible for keeping track of students' academic progress in the form of case files.

*Private Tutoring - Depending on the demand, tutors may be required to tutor students on a one-on-one basis in a specific subject.

*Tutors are required to report and update parents in regards to their child's academic progress. Communication is a must at MPM Learning Center.

If this sounds like a job for you, please submit a resume via email.

Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. Thank you!

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In search of a 3rd grade teacher to finish off the school year at a small private Christian School.  Must be a christian who wants to see children be successful both academically & in their walk with the Lord.  Possibility of contact offer for next school year.

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Are you ready to make a difference?

Have fun and change lives while working with children.

Join a team that's

 "Making a difference playing, learning and growing together"!

Job Perks!

  • low ratios

  • flexible schedule

  • professional development

  • engaging monthly staff meetings

  • collaborative culture

  • casual clothes, no uniform

  • family events with the preschool and church

Faith Lutheran Preschool is a non-profit extension of the mission and ministry of Faith Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. 

At Faith Lutheran Preschool, we nurture and educate the whole child, body, soul and mind in a safe, Christian environment. 

Our curriculum philosophy is informed from 30 years of research that children learn best through engaging in a play-based approach to learning. Our curriculum approach emphasizes the importance of Social Emotional Development and Learning as the foundation and catalyst for later academic success. Our preschool participates in the Sacramento County Office of Education program “Raising Quality Together” for Early Childhood Centers and the rating systems that are apart of the program. Each staff person at Faith Lutheran Preschool participates in up to 21 hours of Professional Development a year as well as monthly staff meetings, preschool community activities and team building experiences. At Faith Lutheran Preschool we believe that teachers are lifelong learners. 

We are seeking experienced, fully qualified Teachers part-time with high energy who enjoy working with preschoolers ages 2 -5 years.  Current needs include afternoons and some mornings. Applicants must be willing to play with the children and engage is quality & consistent interactions to enhance the learning process for each child as they experience their world.



 · Must be 21 years or older 

· Prior experience with preschool aged children (in a preschool setting preferred)

  · PM Teachers (after school care) need to have a minimum of 12 ECE units. At least 3 Administration Units is a plus!  AM availability a plus too!

 · Proof of eligibility to legally work in the U.S. 

· Physically fit for this demanding but rewarding job. Physical demands include floor sitting (getting up & down), lifting children, setting up and moving equipment, bending

 · Understand developmentally appropriate practices 

·  Pediatric CPR/First aid Certified (a plus)

 ·  Fingerprint clearance

 ·  TB clearance/ Health screening/Vaccination records for influenza, pertussis and measles

 ·  Positive Attitude including when children display challenging behaviors. 

·  Team Player

 ·  Multitask well

 ·  Enforce Safety and Licensing regulations

 ·  Keeping classrooms clean & sanitary 

·  Commitment to long term, year-round employment

 ·  Excellent attendance and punctuality 

· Create great relationships with the children, families and staff · Professional, reliable and responsible 

 · Creative and flexible


Please email your resume with your transcripts as an attachment ASAP. Interviewing now. After the initial interview if we feel you are a possible fit for our Preschool culture you will be invited to do a working interview.  

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We are looking for a qualified Preschool Teacher to prepare our students for Kindergarten by easing them into organized education. You will be responsible for helping create an environment that promotes the Social, emotional, Cognitive and physical growth of the children. You must be a team player and work in cooperation with co-teachers and staff.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Must have at least 15 + ECE units (Core Classes)

  • Experience as a preschool teacher & working in classroom

  • Experience in working with DRDP data

  • Knowledge of lesson planning for children between ages 2-5 years

  • Understanding of principles of Child Development and preschool education methods

  • Knowledge of DAP

  • Ability to organize tasks and manage time to meet deadlines

  • Ability to effectively communicate with children, parents and co-workers

  • Proficient active listening skills

  • Patience and Compassion suitable for working with young children

  • Knowledge of safety guidelines for a preschool classroom

  • CPR/First Aid certified

  • Ability to work with children from diverse backgrounds and levels of ability toward accomplishing their

educational and developmental goals

  • ability to complete at least 21 continuing education hours per school year (Free trainings offered)


  • Full time Shifts

  • Competitive hourly wages

  • Benefits package

  • Vacation time

  • Sick time

  • PTO for all major holidays & winter break

  • Retirement Package offered

  • Free training's offered

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Child Development Teacher: Art Beast Child Development Center

Our Beliefs:

Our school community is made up of children, parents and teachers engaged in student-centered learning that values child choice, social justice, culturally competent curriculum, and the natural world. Our educational environment is forged by the dynamic interaction of teachers, empowered and curious children, the families that love them, and our evolving understanding of how the brain learns best.

Our early childhood education approach is influenced by project based learning, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Montessori, and various other educational philosophies. We believe in employing a curriculum that is inclusive and that allows the young child the flexibility to emerge in her or his own learning and grow socially as a strong, able bodied, intentional human being. We encourage individual expression through art, movement, gardening and digging in the earth, as well as through music, dance, song, poetry and imaginative play, while supporting social emotional development and relationship building. We believe children will grow to be brave, compassionate, and action oriented, and to think critically and creatively about the world around them when given the space to unfold.

We strive to create a powerful and respectful learning environment for all children. The following beliefs and philosophies inform our design and approach:

• Child development and brain research inform our practice.

• We believe in connecting to nature.

• We operate on the belief that a joyful and productive spirit promotes problem solving, curiosity, and life-long learning.

• We will find quiet moments and boisterous moments and everything in between as we explore the possibilities of each day and discovery it offers.

• Children know what they need and desire each day when artful teachers make space for their inquiries.

• We will read favorite books, experiment relentlessly, share the work of tantrums and nose wiping, laugh, move, and sing songs. We will listen to magical stories, tell them, and enact them as we make new words and new stories our own.

• We will acknowledge every child’s beauty and brilliance not for what they wear but for who they are.

• We welcome the wisdom of children’s families and the value their home cultures.

• We believe teacher is guide, researcher, nurturer, and a playful partner.

• We support emergent curricula, where children investigate, observe, have ideas, and develop a powerful voice that is equitable and inclusive.

• We believe in play and playfulness.

• Temperament will never be a label or an obstacle. No child will ever be dubbed “shy” or “naughty” or given any label that narrows their possibilities. Likewise, we do not harness children to gender identities or roles. Our curriculum and our stories speak to the widest possibilities of each child, reflect diversity of experience, and feature male and female protagonists in equal measure.

• Our teachers respect where each child is on her or his learning journey.

• We believe children use many languages to communicate.

• Children learn best through loving, authentic relationships.

Philosophy and Curricular Influences:

Our program celebrates a range of educational philosophies without claiming allegiance to any single one. We believe that too many factors come into play when discerning what must be learned and the best way to teach a room full of individual children. We prefer the freedom and challenge of answering the question "What do children need?" to the prepackaged certainties of an educational dogma.

That said, we are true admirers of many of the great thinkers on education. Our program digs into their notions, using a range of powerful teaching approaches. While this may gall the purists, it allows us to remember the ultimate truth: Children always come before curriculum.

This also keeps us mindful that learning always has a context. It happens in a time and place. It happens in a particular phase of development. It happens with an emotional backdrop the teacher(s) may not even know. The most vibrant educational philosophies used today were honed in very specific historical contexts. They deserve to wrestle with a modern context. In our program, we commit to mindfully defining an education that engages with the world and the child at hand. With this in mind, our program incorporates aspects of many approaches.

We support children with love and the offering of experiences with an awareness that each child has his or her own temperament, learning style and learning timetable.

Learning stations are carefully designed and rotated to stimulate and challenge children. Activities and projects are offered with integrated themes. Areas covered include the creative arts (music, movement and drama), science, math concepts, language development, practical life, cultural studies, as well as opportunities to develop small and large motor skills, sensory awareness, an understanding of one’s own voice and the strength behind it, communication and friendship building, creativity, problem solving, and skill building. To foster growth in these areas we ask open ended questions, use the brainstorming process, and have debriefing group sessions where all children have a chance to have their voice heard. We reference our "work" and our community daily so children make the connections about their own sense of place and feel that connection.

Research confirms that children learn best through play and hands on activities and this is what we do every day! In offering a dynamic, holistic education and project based learning opportunities in and outside the classroom, experienced teachers and children are ignited in spirit. Children experience play that challenges and grows the mind and the body. Children are supported in individual expression and through one's own discovery of self-confidence; children have the opportunity to bond within their community individually each day.

Program Overview

Art Beast Child Development Center is a play based center for children infant, toddler, preschool and school aged children. Both schools offer intentional curriculum and are play based. Tag-lined as “a school for creators, inventors, and havers of grand ideas,” Both schools offer environments where a child can engage in self-directed play and exploration. Indoor and outdoor spaces include opportunities for both community and independent play. The dynamic environments balance an offering of rhythm and predictability with ever rotating supplies and experiences that allow children to explore the arts, sciences, movement, nature, math, reading, writing, and community in a range of ways.

Our schools were founded by the same creative team behind Art Beast Children’s Studio in midtown Sacramento.

At this time, we are looking for full and/or part time staff. We are looking for fully qualified and experienced teachers. We have very specific hours to offer. This description details the responsibilities of the teacher.

Overview of Responsibilities and Duties

Preschool Teachers deliver a child development program that gives each child ample time to explore, create, and learn about his or her world. We are seeking fully qualified preschool teachers who will be responsible for inspiring and ensuring the safety of a class group of up to 41/72 children with low adult to child ratios. Preschool teachers will work closely with the center director to design and implement meaningful play environments and maintain healthy rhythms. Teachers are also responsible for directing classroom assistant teachers and interns. We are looking for experienced teachers with a true reverence for children and a passion for creating and leading process-based learning experiences. The teachers must also be able to maintain the fundamental philosophies and policies of both the school(s)and licensing requirements. Teachers communicate each child’s growth and challenges to his or her parent through quarterly documentation reports, portfolios of work, and daily communication.

Teachers are under the supervision and report to Center Director(s)/Site Supervisor(s)

Primary Responsibilities

Lead a Meaningful and Joyful Child Development Program

• Celebrate each child by learning his or her interests, needs and talents. Teachers will get to know individual learning styles and offer an environment that greets each child with possibility. This includes understanding and respecting the cultures and socio-economic backgrounds of each child. This includes following school policies on positive touch and positive language.

• Lead Circle times that are rhythmic, dynamic, and meaningful. These must be planned and executed every day.

• Build a community of children where each can develop her or his voices in building relationships, resolving challenges, and exploring the possibilities of working together.

• Provide on-site childcare and learning experiences to children 0 to school aged children. Teachers must be confident is leading activities and caring for up to

8-12 children alone, and up to 41/72 children with teacher assistants and interns.

• Lead daily activities so that children can explore new ways of moving their bodies, creating, and interacting, our school(s) encourage(s) each child to explore, interact, play, and unfold their spirit.

• Lead daily opening traditions that may include a welcoming song, a movement game, and a greeting that names each child.

• Have an ability to work with transitions gracefully. At once school site we move from classroom to classroom to explore dynamic learning spaces. Our hallways that we pass through become opportunities for so much learning!

• Design environment and experiences in response to children’s curiosity and creative impulses. Supporting the projects and ideas that emerge from the children in the community will be a central element of the program.

• When disciplining children, redirection will be the primary method used. Positive Discipline methods are embraced and the Director develops the staffs’

understanding of this technique through discussions and teacher training manual.

Maintain a Safe and Inspiring Child Development Environment

• Teachers ensure completion of daily cleaning tasks and safety checks to ensure the environment is safe. Cleaning checklists must be completed daily.

• Teachers communicate needs for supplies or repairs to Directors and will often be asked to follow through with troubleshooting those repairs. The goal is to work as a community.

• Music played in the center should always be played quietly enough that the sound of children’s voices is easily heard over the music. Music must be child appropriate. The use of recorded music is limited. The playing of instruments and/ or singing of songs is highly encouraged.

• During naptime, children must rest on mats (head to foot). Mats must be returned to storage after naptime. All mats must be covered with a sheet and encased in plastic. Sheets must be washed regularly.

• Teachers ensure staff and students use of universal precautions to reduce the spreading of germs by washing hands frequently, sanitizing surfaces and toys after children leave each day, and wearing gloves during diaper changes. Teachers also teach children basics of cleanliness.

• Teachers help maintain the quality of each play space. Toys that are worn, broken, or missing pieces shall be removed. At day’s end each day, teachers must return each play space to order, preferably by guiding the community of children in restoring the environment.

Orient New Families

• Teachers help educate parents about center policies such as sickness policy, participation guidelines, and drop off and pick up. Teachers also dialog with parents to clarify the structure and philosophies of Artenia Beast’s Academy of Play and Whimsy as a school centered on child choice and play based learning.

• Teachers ensure cubbies are maintained and stocked by parents.

• Teachers assist with orienting families to the center.

Train and Develop Staff, Parents and Volunteers

• Teachers oversee the checking in and checking out of children, ensuring authorized caregivers are picking children up.

• Teachers help oversee all child development staff and interns to ensure attention to children is prioritized. Teachers also assist director in reinforcing philosophies and center approaches that are aligned with school philosophy.

• Teachers will participate in weekly hourly staff meetings, design emergent curriculum, and on rotation facilitate monthly staff meetings with colleagues to ensure program quality. Our school embraces a collaborative model of planning and delivering a powerful program. Teachers are also expected to plan individual curriculum that is modified for the age and development group(s). We oared ourselves in overcoming obstacles and supporting one another.


• Experience working with children between the ages of 0 and 6 (and older if working in after school component.

• Experience working in a early childhood classroom


• Must have current CPR and be responsible for renewal every two years as required by State Licensing.

• Must have immunizations required by the Health Department: TB clearance, Measles immunity/Boosters.

• A commitment to playfulness, warmth, gentle discipline and providing children with endless opportunities to explore. We are looking for teachers with a passion for the possibilities of teaching children and creating powerful environments to support learning and exploration.

• A willingness to expand expertise in the field through reading articles, attendance of conferences and workshops on Early Childhood Education.

• Completion of the education and experience requirements for a Child Development Permit, Associate Teacher level or higher (See link below.)


• Knowledge of: principles of child development theories and practices; classroom team teaching techniques; pertinent state and local laws, codes, and regulations; principles and practices of curriculum development; appropriate activities and procedures of record-keeping; principles of basic nutrition; teacher has an awareness of Positive Discipline approach.

• While our schools do not intend to abide by one specific approach to teaching children, we do admire many elements of the Reggio Emilia approach to education. Familiarity with this approach is encouraged. We also appreciate elements of the Waldorf approach (rhythm, use of natural objects, celebration of whole child), Montessori “jobs”, and are inspired by

Bev Bos’s work on process based art and child directed play.

Essential Qualities

• Hard Working

• Experience working in a early childhood classroom

• Creative

• Ability to work independently and see a plan through

• Professional: An ability to establish healthy, clear boundaries and model emotional intelligence is essential

• Joyful: Our young parents and children rely on us for smiles, hearty hellos, and a positive attitude that never quits.

• Open minded and inclusive: We respect the cultures and family traditions of our diverse families. We respect their cultures, their histories, their religious beliefs or their atheism, their politics, their sexual orientation, and decisions about how to best raise their children.

• Flexible: Your best laid plans will intersect with the busy-ness and vision of 41 to 72 children.

• Desire to be a part of a work environment where every person supports, encourages, problem solves, and envisions growth together.

• Willingness to embrace and address each day’s challenges be they a sick child, a discouraged parent, a troublesome computer, a leaky hose, or a dead car battery. We are looking for teachers who can solve problems and who address needs as they arise, rather than teachers that simply report problems.

• Honoring work schedule we ask our teachers to take seriously, the rhythms of our children’s day by honoring their assigned work schedule to the very best of their ability. This means schedule any personal needs on off time- including trainings, doctors, dentist, car, vet appointments etc. With advanced notice we have the ability to be more flexible but prefer schedules to be honored.

Physical demands

• Lifting up to 50 pounds

• Occasional use of stairs

• Physical demands associated with caring for children

Pay: Starting pay is $13 an hour (must have minimum of ECE 12 units). Raises are based on quality of program run, length of time with agency, and on-going professional development and personal growth in the field.

Hours: The school is open Monday through Friday and closed on weekends.

We will have opening and closing positions We are looking for great teachers and will attempt to accommodate some of their scheduling needs. The school will need solid, regular staffing that will include part and full time positions.

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