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On-site h/w, s/w, wifi, purchase/setup incl tv support
SM Poulos

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On-site h/w, s/w, wifi, purchase/setup incl tv support

SM Poulos

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$50 per hour
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Job posted 4 days ago
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Technical Support
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 I need on-site help at home for the following:
Moving from a Windows 10 laptop to a new Apple
(with suggestions for buying the Apple).
Everything that goes with that. Ensuring that printers,
monitors still function (or I’ll replace them if necessary).
Set up the latest appropriate modem.
Move all data from the PC to the Apple. In this regard the
most difficult task that I see are the files and data associated
with my email program, Thunderbird. I’ve researched this a lot
and it is a not an easy, often messed-up, only occasionally successfully
handled problem.
Finally link the computer to my television via wi-fi. I do not have this
capability currently tho I know that the tv supports it. It is currently
only hardwire connected to Verizon.
I live in El Cerrito, CA so presumably this guru will live somewhere within
striking distance. 

Wage business above is nonsense. Look the job and guestimate what it will take for you to do it.

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Not a business, a family home. See the job description and you'll understand.

Why Work With Us?

Look at description. A short-term option for a seriously talented techy to pick up a few bucks in her/his week off!

Team Size

1-10 team members


Culture & Perks

Family Owned
Casual Dress
Parking Provided
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