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Online Math Instructor and Curriculum Designer

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Online Math Instructor and Curriculum Designer
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Teacher, Writer
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Are you an expert K-8 math instructor? Are you a scholar of math history? 
We are searching for an individual to teach K-8 online classes and to finish the writing of our massive compendium of challenge-based math curriculum. 

The primary thrusts: Teach 4 online, academic year math courses, write student evaluations based on a portfolio of work, be available to communicate with students and families, drive deep comprehension of great math concepts, fine-tune and professionalize our growing compendium of math curriculum

At QuantumCamp, we build curriculum by contemplating how scientists and mathematicians truly acquire knowledge and advance their field. What experiments and activities are necessary to discover a new idea? This is the question that drives our curriculum design.

Quite naturally then, the experience of students is supremely authentic; they are discovering profound science and math ideas, about which most educators lecture. They come to own these ideas for themselves and in turn, confidence and engagement spring forth. 


  1. Thoroughly prepare for and deliver amazing math lessons on a weekly basis to classes of 10-15 students.
  2. Develop weekly at-home, screen-free math labs. 
  3. Write detailed evaluation reports based on established learning objectives.


  1. Revamp our entire math curriculum to be truly challenge-based and complete with math lab activities which facilitate deep learning.
  2. Port the curriculum into our professional LMS for eventual license to schools and groups.
  3. Devise the wrap-around learning support elements including assessment rubrics, problem sets, and project ideas. 


  • You love math and kids! You are commanding, knowledgeable, and energetic. You have experience in the classroom. You are continually seeking to design better labs and better explanations. You are highly organized and have reverence for the impact of the classroom (online and offline) environment on learning. 
  • You are compelled to help students with their academic, social, and emotional growth, and have the skills and experience to keep your classroom focused on learning with minimal distractions. 


  • You believe 10-year-olds can learn calculus.
  • You are at home working with 6 year olds struggling with the concept of the negative side of the number line. You empathize with the fact that negative numbers are an intriguing human concept!
  • You champion the notion that math is open ended and the rules, while important, were devised by humans and therefore may not necessarily be immutable. 
  • You know and appreciate Common Core. 


  1. You are educated on various pedagogies and learning models - Montessori, social constructivism, flipped classroom, etc. 
  2. You are highly organized and meet deadlines.
  3. 1+ years experience working with groups of students between 1st and 12th grade, in either conventional or alternative education formats 

Very competitive rate dependent on experience.

Reply with a cover letter and resume.

Business Overview

Our Story

QuantumCamp is a growing school enterprise with a core mission of delivering amazing, hands-on math and science courses to kids in three platforms: QC In-School Labs, Homeschool Hubs, and Summer Camps.    

Schools around the world are partnering with QuantumCamp and directly incorporating our unparalleled library of science and math courses.    

In QC courses, students forge their own profound connection to our universe through carefully constructed lab sequences, which facilitate hands-on journeys through amazing math and science ideas.   

In this radical approach, we place kids in history, just before new knowledge was discovered. We set them free pursuing this new knowledge for themselves. All of science and math, then, becomes theirs. Each student is a shared owner of all the profound ideas in math and science.   

QuantumCamp has built 54 courses spanning 12 grade levels totaling over 1,600 hours of hands-on content, each of which is an arc of experiments and activities which draw students into the grandeur of an idea to be discovered.


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