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Operations Manager for an impact-driven startup
Everflux Technologies

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Operations Manager for an impact-driven startup

Everflux Technologies

Job Summary

$20-30 per hour
Job Type
Management, Part-time
Job Last Posted
Job posted 9 days ago
Job Role
Operations Manager
Employer's Industry
Startups & Tech, Warehouse & Manufacturing
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Job Description

Company Everflux Technologies is an early stage regenerative agtech startup that makes cutting-edge natural and biological inputs for agriculture. Our mission is to transform the way we farm in America and the world, to work in harmony with nature, grow healthier crops and reverse climate change. Our products deliver superior performance while improving soil and the environment, at a competitive price. They include a liquid biostimulant, an inoculated biochar and a non-toxic natural pest repellent. The methods were invented by a pioneering organic and biodynamic farmer.   

Role & Responsibilities The primary job of the operations manager is to run our manufacturing and warehousing facility. Currently this demands about 20 hours a week, but this could quickly ramp up to full-time as the company expands. Activities will primarily include:   

  • Manufacturing product through a fermentation process
  • Overseeing supply chain and deliveries to the facility
  • Occasionally sourcing new suppliers
  • Working with contract manufacturing and packaging partners
  • Warehousing product and keeping track of inventory
  • Fulfilling and shipping orders to customers
  • Keeping the facility organized and clean
  • Troubleshooting problems as they arise
  • Planning for scaling-up and opening of new facilities   

Skills & Qualifications

  • Experience in warehousing and logistics
  • Ability to operate a forklift
  • Organized, meticulous and pays attention to detail
  • Excellent problem solver who is able to anticipate problems that might arise
  • Not afraid to get dirty
  • Able to perform physically strenuous tasks
  • Experience with, or an understanding of, fermentation (beer, wine, kombucha) is a plus
  • Owning a pick-up truck or other vehicle for transporting materials is a plus
  • Basic computer skills, including ability to use email, MS Office programs, Google documents and other cloud-based software   

Benefits Looking for a career where you can do good for the world and do well financially at the same time? That’s what we’re all about. As this is an early stage company, there is significant upside in the equity package. Additional benefits include:

  • Work for a mission-driven company that is solving some of the world’s biggest problems, including food security and sustainability, water pollution and climate change
  • Support and empower the often-unsung heroes of society: farmers
  • Opportunity to help set many of the standard procedures for the company’s operations
  • Opportunity for promotion to Chief Operations Officer and overseeing what will eventually be a national presence
  • Competitive wage
  • Benefits include reimbursement for CoverCA health, dental, as well as workers comp and PTO
  • Equity compensation

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Business Overview

Our Story

Everflux was inspired by the concept of Cradle to Cradle; the idea that all products and materials we use in modern society could have a never-ending life cycle. Imagine a world where, when something no longer serves it's original purpose, instead of discarding it, we could transform it into something else useful.

This kind of resourcefulness is not just good for the planet and for future generations. It's good for the bottom line today. Where there is waste, there is inefficiency. Where there is inefficiency, there's money lost. Everflux see's the "waste" around us as an opportunity to create something new.

In the 1990s, Michael Collins moved to Valley Ford in Sonoma County, with a vision to start an organic farm. Nearly two decades later, he had succeeded in growing 215 types of fruits, vegetables and grains on just 45 acres, and was producing high yields with low input costs, allowing him to compete in a countryside that was quickly being overtaken by vineyards. The key to his success was a fermented plant juice made from organic waste materials, whose recipe he'd refined over 15 years to the point where, once it was applied to his crops, he barely had to do anything else. His produce was so good that he became one of a few farms to supply world-famous chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. He was also the first farmer for Amy's Kitchen.

In 2013, Daniel Enking moved to Oakland, CA, with a vision to start a company that would turn waste materials into useful products. In 2018, Daniel's lifelong friend Riley moved from their childhood home of Maine to California to help Daniel start Everflux Technologies. Soon after, Daniel met Michael Collins while the two of them were volunteering for Blue Frontiers, designing the world’s first sustainable floating city. After getting to know each other through this collaboration, they decided to join forces to bring Mike's magic plant potion, otherwise known as Bioflux, to farmers across the world.  

​Deeply engrained in each of our team members history is an appreciation for the environment and a desire to fight the greatest environmental and health challenges of our time. 

Michael has devoted his life to finding more sustainable and regenerative methods for farming. Riley was raised on a homestead where his family grew most of their own food using organic methods. Daniel has devoted his career to promoting climate change solutions. Bioflux can help solve climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil, solve fertilizer runoff leading to toxic algae blooms by offsetting chemical fertilizer use, and solve chemical contamination of our food and soil by providing a 100% natural, organic alternative to agricultural chemicals.

Why Work With Us?

We are an intimate team of 4 people dedicated to doing things differently in a very traditional industry. Our production facility is based in a fun and lively industrial coworking space. Many of our customers are cannabis growers - some nice perks!

Team Size

1-10 team members


Culture & Perks

Paid Time Off
Casual Dress
Happy Hours
Team Events
Mission Driven
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