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Beer & Wine Buyer
The Market on Market

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Beer & Wine Buyer

The Market on Market
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Job Summary

Job Type
Full-time, Management
Job Last Posted
Job posted 7 days ago
Job Role
Beer Sales, Wine Sales
Employer's Industry
Job Schedule
Weekdays, Weekends, Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

Job Description

Wine / Beer Buyer

stocking/facing/organizing/cleaning - 

expert observational mentality 

knowing where all the product goes on the shelves/different store displays/case stacks 

never overstocking product + maintaining expert organizational skills 

never letting product exist on the shelf without shelf tag

making sure all new products are working via the Avero and Square registers and troubleshooting with POS Admin if they are not. 

Dusting wine bottles 

cleaning shelves in aisles / dusting accents around wine storage areas dishwashing refrigeration grates customer service

expert social skills 

positive attitude 

proficient in store layout 

Cross departmental locations basic customer assistance. 

Master knowledge of wine and beer to help guide and assist customers to make and improve sales numbers. 

Expert directional awareness of every wine location in aisle both regionally and multifaceted layering of understanding unique individual customer needs and teamwork

Capable of working with a variety of personalities to achieve maximum results in terms of customer experience + sales + community support + expert team lead problem solving mechanics research - 

Cataloging and indexing multiple avenues in terms of various publications + online data collection from wineries and 40+ vendors + off site research locally (going and visiting wine shops and restaurants that have any kind of special selection or list) + 

Communicating with other industry professionals from farmers/winemakers to sales reps and business owners to maintain carefully selected and curated selection both from a value standpoint and a unique offering standpoint ordering/budgeting/invoices/spreadsheets - expert proficiency in analyzing given PO spreadsheets to determine weekly budget guides that influence ordering +

Point of sale system analysis to make purchasing decisions based on back end data collected from customer purchasing habits + 

Expert written communication via email to streamline ordering process with 40+ vendors + inventory management solutions + expert efficiency invoice data management + communicating/troubleshooting with vendors and accounting department on order/payment problems merchandising - 

Proficient in coordinating projects with realistic timeline + long/short term goals to utilize floor space to drive sales - design research + retail research + unique retail experiences + capability of constructive feedback conversation to achieve maximum results of look and feel challenging predetermined notions of basic retail vs. luxury retail planning/future projects - wine club - catering wine offerings - wine aisle signage (complete store signage rebrand) various store resets relating to new merchandising opportunities for wine/beer tasting meetings/wine department meetings/manager meetings - 

Able to navigate vendor conversations with expert clarity and intuition. 

Valid understanding of different vendor discounts/deals available to buyer when available. Measure the store/seasonal economy to add weight to all purchasing decisions that have the potential to be masquerading as business communication. Unique understanding of unbiased palette relating to self/team/customer feedback + 

Communicate with wine team/applicable management to set agenda for specific wine team meetings. Communicate about projects in a clear effective way. Set deadlines/ project management milestones + coordinate with other departments to assist in making entire store more polished in terms of overall quality and feeling data coordination/Avero/Square/Lindsay - 

clearly defined working relationship with data input specialist (Lindsay) to achieve system wide coverage of product entry points on multiple point of sale systems + new item input management + maintaining clear shelf tags wherever applicable (reprinting of faded tags/replacement of missing tags) training on back end system used to print shelf tags/barcode stickers (tbd) + maintaining spreadsheet of vendor contacts + vendor brand list (new items/vendors added when needed) maintaining buyer vender relationships/off site trade tastings - 

Expert openness to achieve status in relationships with different vendors starting logistically but branching into a serene flow of beautiful communication leading to the expansion of smart business decisions and new opportunities reflecting each individual vendor company down to each individual vendor. Capable of traveling to specific opportunities to taste and discuss with winemakers and buyers/vendors off site - local, out of state, and out of country checks/balances/quality control/waste log/eventual inventory system - 

Eventually there will be an inventory system in place that will further determine and influence purchasing decisions and help understand the rate of theft relating to the wine department. Team check-ins (Maggie - Derek meetings discussing decisions and touching on various developments both departmentally and store wide + reflection time analyzing working and non-working solutions and pivoting where necessary to make department better) other/staff support - 

Helping various staff members troubleshoot basic computer issues + helping bar manager with menu questions + helping all staff with wine related questions + daily/weekly interpersonal growth as an individual and as a member of the market team

2 Years experience required

Business Overview

Our Story

We strive to create a shared, sensory food experience that connects you and the ones you love to our community by celebrating the best local purveyors and the real food they provide. We are investing in the health of the community. 


Culture & Perks

Community Oriented
Work-life Balance
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