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Customer Success Assistant

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Customer Success Assistant
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Internship, Part-time
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Job posted 8 days ago
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Customer Success, Business Development
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Health & Wellness, Other
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Job Description

We're looking for a real superhuman. Someone who can keep 10 balls juggling at once, and that for longer than 5 seconds. You will be in charge of assisting the Global Customer Success Manager to keep our hundreds of thousands of users happy, to manage large customer accounts. You will be helping in the coordination of the product team with quality assurance testing, and assisting in marketing & sales strategy by creating content and providing direction. Your mission is to make people recognize the Ava brand for it's exceptional service!

Who are we?

We are a team of highly passionate and ambitious creators and entrepreneurs, aiming to make the world 24/7 accessible for deaf & hard-of-hearing people. Ava is the fastest & most advanced mobile captioning system in the world. It cleverly uses speech recognition and speaker identification technologies, to make conversations between people with hearing loss and hearing people possible.

At Ava, the CEO is the only hearing person in a family of deaf people, and the CTO is deaf and non-speaking - both were Forbes 30 under 30 2017. We use our product everyday to do our standup meetings, lunches, any many more. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, part of our core team is in Paris, and we have several more representatives in other countries. Many thousands of people use Ava daily for their doctors appointments, social events, at work, in schools, and in many other situations. We’re working with large companies like GE, Airbus, Salesforce, Hilton, and many more. A few of the publications that have written about Ava include : TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Forbes,TF1, Le Figaro, Le Monde.

Why you?

We currently have hundreds of new downloads from qualified users every day. These are people from different parts of the world (Europe, North America, South America). The more users, the more feedback to relay, questions to be answered, bugs to be reported, and education to be provided. On top of that we have a growing number of big corporate, educational, and public clients, who require custom onboarding, high level service, and customer relationship management. Simply put, we are growing a lot, and we hope that you can help us manage this growth!
What we expect from you?

  • You are able to put yourself in the shoes of our users and can easily extract all their blockers and questions to inform instructional materials and FAQ items.
  • You like creating content to inform and educate users about the technology and possible ways to use it.
  • You like to communicate with people, you are able to extract key user issues, questions, and feedbacks.
  • You know what a 'bug' means.....(not the insect type bug ;). You can help in quality assurance (QA) testing for our Product team and ensure we don't push any non-functioning features out to our users.
  • You are able to help in the professional client follow-up.
  • You are ready to use your energy to do #tech for good.
  • You are willing to participate in events to promote Ava and help the community to grow.
  • You have an independant and creative mindset.

Bonus if:

  • You already have an experience in digital marketing and Social Media.
  • You are able to create videos and marketing content.
  • You have experience in communicating with organizations.

Ideally you recognize yourself to be:

  • Honest & high sense of integrity. You don't hide the truth from people, but confront your wrongs and mistakes, and do not shy away from a honest conversation.
  • Efficient. You are able to get a lot done without much effort. You typically have a clear focus and act productively.
  • Communicative. You're a pro at talking to and updating any stakeholder, but most importantly your team.
  • Owner. You take ownership in projects. You are pro-active and able to manage your own and others work.
  • Intelligent. You are smart about your approach. You do things deliberately and learn fast!
  • Analytical. You are good at taking a step back and making sense out of numbers and learnings.

What we offer:

  • An opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing startup, that also happens to be making a huge social impact.
  • A super versatile role where you will learn more than you can dream of. Be prepared to wear many once!
  • An awesome work environment, with people who are truly driven by a mission. Guaranteed source of inspiration.
  • Learning more about deaf culture, hearing loss, accessibility, and inclusion. You may even learn some sign language (ASL)

Business Overview

Our Story

Group conversations are a daily struggle for 460 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss. They are excluded from many professional and social interactions. Ava tackles this problem and includes them in the conversation.

Ava is like 'Siri', but then for group conversations. The app captures the full conversation and allows individuals to see who says what around them, in less than a second. Our system swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation, to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and Ava does the rest.

Ava is transforming communication for the deaf/hard-of-hearing people by bridging communication gaps with a 24/7 personal, lightning fast, and affordable captioning experience. 

We are a team of 9 full time people with different backgrounds, centered around one social mission to change peoples lives. With offices in Paris and San Francisco, and several part time Ava members spread across other countries in the world, we are a very international team. With many hundreds of new app downloads and several new business deals every day, we are ready for actual growth! 


Culture & Perks

Mission Driven
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