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Marketing and Merchandising at Viscera

Karis Dodd

“Localwise is a really great place to find a job. The companies who list on Localwise are local businesses who are passionate, welcoming, and treat their employees with respect. Localwise helped connect me with my current employer, and I’ve seen it really help my friends with their job searches as well.”

Delivery Driver at Local Greens

Carl Andrews

“I am a caretaker for my disabled mother, so I need to be home by 4:30 PM every day to make dinner and take over care for my mother after the nurses leave. Localwise helped me find a job that meets this criteria. I really enjoy my job as a delivery driver for LocalGreens, and I love supporting such a “right-livelihood” company. Thanks, Localwise!”

Marketing Intern at First Derm

Anastasia Yip

“Localwise is an amazing resource for job searching. I got hired as an intern by Viscera in my sophomore year and by First Derm in my junior year using the platform. I’m very grateful for these experiences and will definitely use Localwise again to start my career when I graduate in December!”

Ici Ice Cream

Amy Mostafa

“I really like that Localwise jobs are already curated. That saves me a lot of weeding out of jobs that wouldn’t be suitable for one reason or another (including strange/shady postings). And the website is just really simple and pleasant to navigate. I applied to a position through Localwise and got an interview within a week. They also have a ton of filters to narrow it down by type of job--which is incredibly time-saving!”

Sommelier & Sales Associate at Bay Grape

Molly Sherman

“I really liked Localwise’s philosophy on getting a job in your neighborhood and supporting your community. Localwise is easy to use, the layout is clean, and the site is easy to navigate.”

Quantitative Research at Resource Development Associates

Christopher Ndubuizu

“Localwise is an amazing resource and it constantly informs me of available opportunities. Localwise helped me narrow my search so I wouldn’t get bogged down with jobs that didn’t cater to my interests.”

Marketing and Merchandising at Viscera

Brittany Redding

“Localwise pools in a different kind of employer than Craigslist. They’re local places, so you’re not commuting far. I used to work in SF and that’s a different commute than just walking.”

Baker at La Note

Amber Graham

“It was really stressful. I was using Craigslist and I applied to 1,000 jobs, but I couldn’t get a reply. But with Localwise, I got immediate responses from people who were close to my neighborhood and wanted me to come in for interviews. It became so much more encouraging when I was searching for a job.”

Dog Walker at Blue Dog

Claudia Mendoza

“I liked that Localwise is very user friendly. It’s very easy to navigate and has a simple structure that’s easy to follow. I initially used Craigslist but got frustrated with all the ads and scams between actual job listings.”

Join 453,000+ job seekers who match with great local employers on Localwise
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