Does Localwise cost money to use?

Localwise is currently free. We plan to charge businesses to post in the future. For now, if a business wants to be featured, then there is a charge. We do not plan to charge applicants.

Does Localwise help screen applicants for businesses?

No, the hiring decision is solely up to the employer.

Do applications go directly to the employer?

Yes! Completing an application on Localwise means your application will go directly to the employer’s inbox. It will also be accessible on Localwise’s website for employers to review.

Are jobs removed once they are filled?

We try our best to only post jobs that are still available. We remove job listings after (i) 30 days since the date posted (ii) an employer tells us they filled the position (be it by phone, email, or in person) (iii) an employer removes the listing directly. We also send weekly surveys to employers asking if they are still hiring. If we learn they are not, we remove the job post. As we said, we try our best!

Do I need to sign in to use Localwise?

Depends on what feature you wish you use. You do not need to sign in to view job listings. Job seekers must sign in to apply to a job. Employers must sign in to post a job. Signing in also allows both job seekers and employers to access additional features such as job bookmarks, job management, and more!

What types of businesses post on Localwise?

Localwise is the home of locally grown jobs. ⅔ of new jobs are created by small businesses. We built Localwise to help small, local businesses thrive.

What types of jobs are posted on Localwise?

We currently serve businesses that create local jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We feature all types of jobs. A sample includes barista, host, server, cook, bartender, sales associate, front desk, administrative assistant, nanny, dog walker, delivery driver, artist, designer, marketing associate, social media manager, teacher, tutor, customer service, haircutter, and stylist. We’ll expand our job categories over time!

Those round turquoise stickers I see around town, is that Localwise?

Sure is! If you want to show your support for local job creators or Localwise, contact us and we’ll send you a sticker.

How can I learn more about Localwise?

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