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Gabrielle Feuersinger

Cake Coquette

“This is the first time I’ve posted a job online and I was very happy with the results. The site was very easy to use and I got a lot of great applications. Funny enough the first application was the best and the person I hired!”

David Lau

Asha Tea House

“Prior to using Localwise, Asha hired based off of walk-in applicants and Craigslist. The first was limiting, and the second resulted in way too many applications from candidates without the proper skill set and experience. We found Localwise to be a great way to reach out to a larger pool of qualified candidates.”

Ari Takata-Vasquez


“Localwise has been a huge help! We’ve made multiple hires through Localwise for Sales, Merchandising, and Marketing positions. The quality of applicants has been stronger than any other site out there. I particularly like how community oriented the applicants are and how they understand Viscera’s brand and mission prior to applying.”

Josh Cohen

Sarah’s Science

“We have been using Localwise for the last 9 months and it has become an integral part of our recruitment strategy. Localwise is fast and easy to use. We’ve filled multiple positions with strong candidates from Localwise. But the best part -- their customer service. Localwise has a small team but they are incredibly friendly, flexible, and highly responsive.”

Lila Owens

CupCakin Bakeshop

“Localwise has helped tremendously because my turnover rates aren’t as high as other establishments, based on industry standards. It’s the quality of the candidate too. I’m getting folks who know and understand customer service and they know Berkeley, so I think it’s a better work experience.”

Faye Mitchell

Local Greens

“We are a small farm in Berkeley with 10 employees, half of which we found through Localwise! Every time we have an opening for an intern or employee we list it on Localwise because they never fail to bring us quality local candidates as soon as we post.”

Andrew Hill


“Localwise has been instrumental for finding early hires for my Edtech startup. I’ve sourced mobile engineers through executive assistants, and eventually brought on four stellar hires!”

Christine Blackmore

Namaste Yoga + Wellness

“Using Localwise has helped us find top notch staff! We have a really high response rate using Localwise and appreciate how easy it is to use when we do post job openings. Not only that...I landed my job with Namaste Yoga + Wellness using Localwise!”

Andrew Perroy


“When we needed to find great people for a variety of roles to join our fun beer startup, we went to Localwise. It’s easy to use and gives us access to a strong candidate pool and the Localwise team knows what we need. Each additional member to our team plays a vital role in our growth and culture and having a partner that cares about that is important. Thanks guys.”

Mindy Myers

Cooking Around the World

“This is a great site for finding and hiring capable people. When I used Craigslist, I’ve had to really sift through the responses, as it casts too wide a net. Localwise seems to attract a higher caliber of job searcher. I have found and hired excellent people, who stick around. I recommend this site highly!”

Pieter Doevendans


“Localwise has made it extremely easy for AVA to get a lot of applications in a short amount of time. It’s solving a huge hassle regarding recruiting and has provided us with a high volume of high quality candidates. It’s super convenient that Localwise does all the work for you.”

Miranda Jones

Galanter and Jones

“Great interface, wonderful customer support and lots of applicants!”

Ton Chookhare

Chookhare & Sons

“Local is huge. It’s trust, relationships, convenience, and flexibility all in one word. As a new business, we need to be nimble. I need local people who can come into the studio quickly to manage a fitting or participate in a brainstorm. Localwise helps connect me to local talent in my community.”

Debi Alley

diPietro Todd

“I love using Localwise! I like the clean look of the website, the organization of seeing all your applicants and the social sharing aspect of the site. It feels like such a modern way to reach local people. I also really enjoy receiving the blogs and feel the topics have been very relevant and helpful. diPietro Todd has hired over 7 applicants from Localwise and I have shared this with friends who own businesses.”

Aileen Wen


“It’s wonderful to partner with a company like Localwise. It feels like they always have your best interest at heart, and the staff are incredibly helpful. My team has loved collaborating with them to most effectively utilize their tools and find the right candidates for our openings.”

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