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We remodeled an existing dairy barn on our ranch to house the creamery, bringing in modern day cheese-making equipment from across the country, and recycling shipping containers to serve as ripening rooms. Fresh milk exclusively from the Lafranchi ranch is brought over from the milking stalls in a custom-made tank, and pumped into the creamery to begin the transformation into cheese.

We use only the freshest organic morning milk for our cheese.

Milking is finished by 6:30 AM each day, and the cheese making starts at 9 AM. All of the milk used for cheese is pasteurized.

The organic milk used for cheese making has a very low somatic cell count. Somatic cells are white blood cells that can increase in response to some bacterial presence. Generally, a low somatic cell count is indicative of better animal health. All of our first calf heifers enter the organic group of our herd. Any cows that become sick are initially treated with organic methods. If this does not work they are then moved to the conventional side. This enables the dairy to humanely treat sick animals thus allowing them to fulfill their productive life while maintaining an exceptionally healthy organic herd.

Foggy Morning : A fresh cow’s milk cheese. Extremely versatile, it’s delicious on its own, or matched with pasta, salads, pizza, olive oil and cracked pepper, fruit or jams.

Formagella : A bloomy rind table cheese, made in small rounds. Offering a velvety consistency with a rich mouth feel, this is the mildest of our aged cheeses.

Halleck Creek : This is a soft-ripening cheese produced in 8-inch wheels, aging for 3-4 weeks. Smooth and creamy, it’s best served at room temperature.
Loma Alta : Aged 3-6 weeks in 8-inch rounds. Buttery, yet firm, with nutty undertones.

Nicasio Reserve : A classic Swiss Italian mountain cheese. Exceptional depth of flavor develops in these 12-inch rounds, which are held in our ripening rooms for at least three months.

Nicasio Square : A washed-rind style cheese. Nicasio Square offers the richest flavor of our cheeses, reminiscent of a taleggio. It ages for at least 30 days before it’s ready for market.

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