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A letter to the Parents and Athletes of my program:

Our training philosophy has truly evolved over the past sixteen years. While we still stand firm on our original foundation of beliefs based on safety, intensity, and productivity; we have kept an open mind to include portions of a variety of methodologies and training techniques. We have worked hard to develop a nation wide network of strength & conditioning coaches at the NCAA, NBA, and NFL level to ensure our program is cutting edge and the most comprehensive available. We are extremely pleased with the result.

Our training program has produced significant improvements in size, strength, speed, agility, and overall fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment and general conditioning levels for thousands of athletes from a variety of different sports! Safety, intensity, and productivity are the backbones of our philosophy. We understand there is an inherent risk with everything we do in life, but our goal as strength & conditioning coaches is to minimize that risk when in the confines of a training atmosphere. Although it is impossible to completely prevent all injuries, we feel that one injury during training is one too many. This is why we employ and train the finest strength coaches possible and everything our athletes do is highly supervised. We also believe an athlete should not spend any more time training than is absolutely necessary to attain maximal results. Time is a precious commodity, and if spending countless hours training is unnecessary, then it is also a waste of time. Our clients have other commitments that necessitate their time; work, practice, games, school, family, friends, etc. Why should we require an athlete spend 10 hours a week training if they can attain just as good of a result in 6 hours? Regardless of what methodology you are talking about; intensity is one of the most important factors in getting results. If an athlete is not pushed to their limit each and every workout, they will never reach their physical potential. We take pride in our ability to motivate athletes to work harder than they ever thought possible.

Lastly, results are what every training program should ultimately be measured upon. We are confident our athletes achieve better results as a member participating in our training program then they would from any other program in the country! The main focus of our training program is for our athletes to improve their athletic movement mechanics, fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, muscular size and strength, all of which will decrease their likelihood of injury. For the most part, a bigger, stronger, more explosive and highly conditioned athlete is less likely to be injured. If they are injured, the injury should be less severe. For this reason, we strength train all of the body’s musculature and pay close attention to maintaining structural integrity with all of the body’s joints (not just the muscles/joints used in their sport). We accomplish this in a variety of ways. In addition to a foundation of basic multi-joint movements, we incorporate a substantial amount of core work, stabilization / functional techniques, as well as several ground based exercises. Variety is another important ingredient when training; we must ensure the athletes mind or body is always being challenged. A second focus of our training program is to maximize each person’s athletic ability. A bigger, stronger, more highly conditioned athlete can produce more force, which can directly translate into the potential for increased power, speed, and explosiveness. These traits are specific in nature (meaning only applicable to their specific sport’s skills) and are best attained by increasing muscular size and strength as well as mastering the specific skills of their sport under game like conditions.

Our program is not designed to make a person a better football or basketball player – but rather make them a better athlete! It is important to note we firmly believe a training program should require a year round effort (train in and out of season). Strength is an attribute easily diminished. Athletes need to strength train throughout the year to maintain their maximum level of strength. After all, it is most advantageous to have an athlete at his or her strongest during the season; not before or after it! In addition to strength, our speed and agility workouts are very sport specific. When implementing a conditioning workout for a specific sport, we make sure it is energy system specific (high intensity, short-medium duration), movement specific (sprint, back pedal, side shuffles, jumping), competitive (compete against teammate or clock), and fun (players will work harder if they are having fun). Our philosophy is a magic formula as well as a cure all. Our program can and will yield tremendous results in size, strength, and overall conditioning level if you participate with tremendous effort and consistency. It is important to understand each athletes potential for growth is based on their genetic predispositions. Therefore, we never compare an athlete with anyone but themselves. We strive to help each and every one of our clients achieve their true potential and reach their goals. To reach your genetic maximum potential you have to train in a system and with a philosophy that has proven time and time again that it NEVER FAILS

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