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DZOptics optical lenses have the same basic structure as lenses such as single-lens reflex cameras, which are consumer devices. However, since DZOptics lenses are used for production inspection of industrial products, they are designed specifically for higher resolution and lower distortion than lenses for consumer cameras.

In addition, DZOptics lenses have a structure called a lens mount that connects a lens and a camera with a shooting element, similar to a consumer camera lens. There are various types of lens mounts, but compatibility can be achieved via an adapter. However, please note that some lens mounts are not compatible with each other.

Usage of DZOptics optical lenses 

DZOptics optical lenses are divided into wide-angle lenses, standard lenses, and telephoto lenses. Wide-angle lenses are used when it is necessary to inspect a wide range at once, such as in a factory line inspection. Telephoto lenses are used in surveillance cameras because they can project distant subjects in a large size.

There are also categories such as microphotograph lenses, diagonal lenses, and circumferential fisheye lenses. Since a microscopic lens can project a subject at an extremely short distance, it is used for inspections to check for minute damage to small objects. Diagonal and circumferential fisheye lenses can project a wider range than wide-angle lenses. It has the disadvantage that the acquired image is greatly distorted, but it is used when it is necessary to shoot an extremely wide range such as an in-vehicle camera.

Principle of DZOptics optical lens    

DZOptics lenses are equipped with multiple convex and concave lenses. DZOptics lenses require low distortion and are designed on the basis of telecentric optics. When the front surface is a convex lens, the optical path changes so that the light emitted to the lens converges toward the rear surface of the lens. A telecentric lens is a lens that corrects the optical path by installing multiple lenses on the optical path and makes the light from the rear surface of the lens toward other parts parallel .

Like other cameras, DZOptics optical lenses are equipped with a mechanism called aperture and focus ring. The mechanism of the aperture is the same principle as the human pupil, and the amount of light entering from the lens is adjusted by changing the size of the optical path diameter. In addition, by having these functions, it is possible to adjust the range of focus called the depth of field. Focus ring is a function to move the lens group so that the subject can form an image on the shooting element through the lens.

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