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Looking to increase your job applicants for free? Here is a trick: place a link to your Localwise... Read more

3 Easy Ways to Attract More Applicants

Finding awesome, qualified candidates to fill open positions in your business is crucial. It can be... Read more

Meet Danielle, Co-Founder of Urban Air Market

We sat down with Danielle Cohen, founder of Urban Air Market, for a quick chat on creating her... Read more

17 Effective Interview Strategies for Successful Hiring

The right interview process is key to finding the right hire. But whether you're in a rush to replace a... Read more

The 14 Do's and Don'ts of New Employee Onboarding

An effective onboarding process creates successful employees and contributes to a better overall employee... Read more

The Importance of an Exit Interview

An exit interview is the last meeting between a departing employee and employer. During an exit interview, the... Read more

Salary Negotiation Tips

You’ve chosen the best job candidate for your position and the finish line is in sight. Now all you have to do is... Read more

40 Team Building Activities That Are Better Than Awkward Ice Breakers

Your team works hard—really hard—and they deserve a break, but after suffering through awkward ice breakers, planning... Read more

Small Business Owners Believe Trump is "Bad" for Business

Donald Trump claims to be a champion of small businesses.  On January 30th, he tweeted:  The American dream is... Read more

Reference Check Tips

The hiring process is almost done. You’ve posted your job, reviewed resumes, and conducted interviews. By this point,... Read more

21 Effective Ways to Keep Employees Happy and Productive

The key to a successful business means not only focusing on the customers' needs but ensuring that their employees... Read more

How to Hire like a Pro: Lessons from a Greenpeace Veteran

Hiring is a bit of a catch-22. You are short-staffed, which is why you are hiring, but that also means you don’t have... Read more

You’ll Never Have to Cover a Weekend Shift Again with This Scheduling Trick

Creating employee schedules can be a difficult challenge for any small business owner. A short staff on any day can... Read more

10 Minutes with Lila Owens: the Challenges of Owning a Small Business (And How to Solve Them)

Lila Owens, cupcake connoisseur and owner of CupCakin Bakeshop, started her small business from humble beginnings.... Read more

How Localwise Helps Rasa Caffe Hire Local Talent

Located in Berkeley, CA, just south of the Ashby BART station, Rasa Caffe is a remarkable place. The aesthetic is... Read more

How to Handle a Bad Hire: The Next Steps

The best investment in any small business is hiring the right people. Unfortunately, you can’t always learn someone’s... Read more

Where to Find Capital to Grow Your Bay Area Small Business

California’s small businesses — with an estimated 1.2 million owned by people of color and 1 million owned by women —... Read more

13 Subtle Acts That Will Motivate Your Employees

No matter the job, everyone needs a little motivation now and then. Although employee perks are great in furthering... Read more

The 3 Simple Secrets to Retaining Your Most Talented Employees

Holding on to great employees isn’t always the center of a manager’s world. The (major) distractions of running a... Read more

9 Edgy Orientation Ideas Your New Employees Will Love

Hiring someone new is exciting and scary — so is starting a new job. The first few days at a new... Read more

Job Posting Tips

The job post is all about attracting qualified job candidates. There are thousands of job posts floating around the... Read more

Transform Your Company Culture with the Three “I”’s

Do you want your company to have open floor plans, casual clothing every day, and loose guidelines on when to clock... Read more

Job Post Templates

Job descriptions are a pain, we know. That's why we've created a variety of templates designed to make it easy for... Read more

The 19 Secrets to Attracting Millennials to Your Workplace

Millennials have a gazillion awesome qualities that make them indispensable in a professional environment. Perhaps... Read more

10 Resume Red Flags You Need to Watch For

When reviewing job candidates’ resumes, it’s helpful to know what to look for. The red flags listed below aren’t... Read more

15 Reasons to Reject a Job Candidate

With any success in your hiring search, you’ll be left with many job candidates to choose from, making final... Read more

Interview Questions You Can’t Ask

Interviews are a chance for you to learn about your next great employee, not cross legal or ethical boundaries. Play... Read more

Top Reference Check Questions

Reference checks allow you to learn more about the job candidate from former supervisors and colleagues. The key to a... Read more

17 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Job Description

With a well-written job description, small business owner Ari Takata-Vasquez has made 7 Localwise hires.If you’ve... Read more

Revamping Your Interview Process to Attract Better Candidates

Having a hard time hiring? Rethink your strategy by treating interviews as opportunities to establish... Read more
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