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We’ve probably all seen those nervous people huddled around a table, answering the interview questions you need to know at the one of the go-to coffee shops near UC Berkeley. Whether you're an interviewer or interviewee, you've probably been tasked with finding an appropriate location to hold a possibly life-changing interview.

Believe it or not, the location an employer and potential employee chooses to have their first interaction can make or break the interview. Here are five failsafe locations sure to have the best ambiance for interviews in Berkeley.

1. Café Blue Door on Bancroft

Ever walk down Bancroft and pass the cute café with light pouring in, cozy tables, and cushioned window seats? Close to the UC Berkeley campus, Café Blue Door is ideal for students looking to make a good impression while also wanting to make their 3 PM lecture. Never too crowded, with tables small enough to be intimate but not uncomfortably close, subtle background music, and lots of natural light, this café makes an excellent interview location. Also, do yourself a favor and order the Irish Cream Latte; you won’t be disappointed.

2. Mudrakers on Telegraph 

A lesser known café, Mudrakers sits a block away from Whole Foods on Telegraph and offers the best cappuccinos in Berkeley. Better than their caffeinated beverages, however, is their ambiance. Head to the back room to engage in serious conversation while enjoying the open space, quiet music, and tasteful wall art.

3. Elmwood Café on College

A popular brunch spot, Elmwood Café is known for their hot chocolate and mouth-watering pastries. Come here in the afternoon when the café is less crowded and feel welcomed by their comfortable layout, view of the cute stores lining College Ave., and hand-crafted eats.

Classy yet casual, Elmwood makes for a comfortable interview spot that also shows you have good taste.

4. Fertile Grounds Café on Shattuck

Peaceful, quiet, and stocked with delicious pastries, Fertile Grounds Café has a relaxed ambiance perfect for easing a high-stress interview. With an upstairs seating area that promotes privacy, this café allows for intimate conversation.

Set the tone for a spicy interview with a Mexican hot chocolate. Or, if God forbid, your previous night was an all-nighter, do yourself a solid and order the Red Eye. You’ll be awake and ready for the interview in seconds.

5. 85˚C Bakery Café on University Ave

Interviewing for your first job at one of the entry-level startup jobs with no experience needed? Come here for a laid-back interview experience. Bond over the fluffy bread and tasty teas while talking about qualifications and resumes. Why not let your choice of café show you’re a pragmatic and fun person? Also, the smell of freshly baked bread has been proven to make strangers kinder. Anything helps, right?

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