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The job post is all about attracting qualified job candidates. There are thousands of job posts floating around the web, so standing out from the crowd is difficult. Here are some job post tips from local business owners to improve your chances of success. Enjoy!

1. Be nice!

Great job seekers want to work for great employers. Striking an overly aggressive tone in the job posts will deter the best candidates.

2. Show your personality

At the end of the day, finding a great employee is about “fit.” The more personality you show in the job post, the more job seekers will be able to understand if the job will be a good fit.

3. Inspire job seekers

Great jobs inspire employees to do great work. Explain how your company’s unique culture, product, and/or team, will inspire prospective employees to be their best.

4. Keep it relatively short

Respect the applicants’ time. We understand the need to weed through applicants who don’t want to read long job applications but keep in mind you’ll be weeding out good applicants too.

5. Weed out non-serious applicants

Instead of writing a really long job post, weed out applicants by asking a specific question or two for them to answer in the cover letter. Tailor the question so you know if the applicant aligns with your culture. At Localwise, we love local businesses, so we ask applicants to state their favorite local business and why.

6. Explain the role

Describe the actual role you’re hiring for. If you’re too vague, you’ll end up with candidates that either can’t do the job or don’t want to.

7. Frame requirements

Provide details about the requirements of the job. It’s helpful to separate details into two buckets: “nice to have” versus “need to have.” This way you’ll get applicants that are best suited for the job.

8. Wage transparency

If possible, provide a wage (or at least a wage range). If you’re able to offer slightly more than your competitors, do so! The best candidates are in high demand. They expect to know how much they’ll get paid before they apply.

9. Provide perks

Do you offer staff meals, discounts, paid time off, etc.? Brag about the perks you offer — it will attract great candidates. In fact, here are 10 perks you can offer to help you stand out in a tight job market

10. Add a picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. Add a picture of your team, product, or place of work. Avoid logos -- they are better suited for attracting customers.

11. Share links

Share links to your website, social media pages, and relevant news articles. Won an award? Tell applicants about it! Top quality applicants want confirmation from others that you’re great.

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