Cashier Overview

Are you calm under pressure? Do you enjoy talking to strangers? If so, becoming a cashier may be your calling. As a cashier, you can choose to work in an array of stores and restaurants — basically anywhere with a cash register!

While a cashier job may seem straightforward, doing well as a cashier can be challenging — particularly during busy work hours. An ability to multi-task and talk to people while simultaneously ringing up purchases is perhaps the most important skill a great cashier has.


  • Validate ID’s. You'll need to do this for certain purchases and to authenticate cash or checks.
  • Know prices. You’re responsible for identifying prices of all goods.
  • Ensure full customer satisfaction. To keep your customers happy, you’ll need to be friendly and awesome at small talk. 


  • The basics. This includes scanning items and bagging purchases. These tasks may not be the most glamorous, but they are essential.
  • Composure. Cashiers possess a friendly demeanor and don’t get frazzled when there are too many people in line. 
  • Keeping it clean. Cashiers are expected to keep their work area clean and return any items left by shoppers.
  • Handling money. You’ll need to return exact change and receipts to customers.
  • A keen eye for details. This skill is imperative, especially when it comes to counting and collecting cash. You will be expected to have the exact amount in your register at the end of your shift. 


Higher education isn’t a necessity if you’re looking to become a cashier. However, many employers prefer someone with a high school diploma or GED. Experience is always a plus, but not a must. Above all, you’ll need to have a willingness to learn how the business operates. 

Bring a great attitude to the job and you could earn more hours, higher wages, or the opportunity to become a head cashier or manager.

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