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Barista Overview

Is coffee the reason you wake up in the morning? Does the smell of a freshly brewed latte make your soul sing? Are you looking for a job? Combine your work and pleasure at a barista job. Baristas make a variety of drinks — most created with coffee — in extremely fast-paced environments. Note that a good number of barista customers are regular consumers of caffeine, so be prepared to handle some wired people on the job.


The main responsibility of a barista is to make the perfect cup of coffee. Here are a few words of wisdom teaching you how to do just that:

  • Follow recipes! You'll make fewer mistakes which will make for a cleaner, faster and overall easier coffee-making experience. 
  • Keep a neat and tidy workspace. Do this and you won't be bogged down with a messy counter during rush hour, allowing you to churn out more orders more efficiently.
  • Be friendly. Customers want their coffee delivered with a smile, and sometimes, a bit of conversation.
  • Get along with your co-workers. It will make your job and everyone else's a lot more fun!


A great barista will have a few core skills:

  • Keeping a high level of customer service. This can be hard when dealing with grumpy customers. You’ll often be speaking to caffeine-deprived people who need their morning jolt. Be nice!
  • Multi-tasking in stressful situations. Baristas have to juggle taking customers’ orders, making drinks, working the cash register, and playing good tunes to keep the cafe vibe on point.
  • Remembering all those orders. This will be difficult with orders coming from every direction. Non-fat lattes, soy-chai lattes, and all the other permutations can be a lot to memorize.


Most employers prefer that baristas have a high school diploma, a GED and/or industry experience.

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