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Finding awesome, qualified candidates to fill open positions in your business is crucial. It can be challenging to find the perfect fit when you aren’t getting enough applicants or just not attracting the right ones, so Localwise has put together a few tips to make the most of your job post

1. Improve your post

  • Wage—This may seem obvious, but listing a wage is an easy way to show candidates that you mean business. Check that your wage is in line with industry standards and what competitors are providing. 

  • Job Title—An accurate, specific job title is essential. Try to avoid jargon or titles that are general, and make sure that the title fits the duties associated with the position. 

  • Responsibilities—Be descriptive and give applicants a clear idea of the most important duties they’ll perform on a regular basis, but you don’t need to list every activity they might be involved with.

  • Requirements—If you aren’t getting enough applicants, it’s possible that your expectations are set a little high. Determine which skills are required for the position, and which would be beneficial, but could be learned on the job. Also, consider requiring fewer years of experience. 

  • Length—It shouldn’t be long-winded, but you don’t want to be missing key information. Try to strike a balance, and keep in mind that you can explain further details in an interview setting.

  • Formatting—Bullet points break up the text and highlight the most important parts of your description. Try using 4-7 bullets to hit the sweet spot.

  • Proofread—It’s an easy way to put your best foot forward, and appearing professional is important for attracting quality applicants.

2. Promote your job to Premium

Premium jobs receive 2-3 times more applications than Standard jobs, on average. With a 6-day feature at the top of Localwise job searches, promotion in daily Job Alert emails, and sponsored posts on partner job boards, it's the best way to find quality local applicants quickly.

To promote your job to Premium, simply post a new job or select "Repost" under your My Jobs tab, then select "Premium" at checkout.  

3. Share your post

  • Connect your Localwise account to Facebook and Gmail—Hiring the right team members begins with your network. Connect to Facebook and Gmail to explore the applicants you're connected to. Connect with them here.

  • Ask your team to spread the word—You have your own network of talented professionals in-house. Get your team to share the job listing on social media or send out an email about the open position.

  • Post on social media—Put your job post in your own business social media—you may have a qualified follower or customer waiting to be your next brilliant employee! Share your job directly from your My Jobs tab.

If you want even more ways to punch up your job listing, you’re in luck!Contact us for a free consultation for improving your post. Happy hiring!

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