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Sometimes we all need some quick cash. And while no job is a breeze, these part-time jobs are great ways to make some extra cash, are easy to find, and are often in high demand.


1. Tutor

Pick a subject you love, or at least that you’re good at, and help someone succeed. Help students prep for tests from a basic high school algebra exam to the SAT. This is great if you’re looking for flexible after-school or weekend hours.

2. Test Grader

Interested in education but don’t want to spend time in front of the classroom? Help overworked teachers and professors by grading tests with a red pen in hand. They’ll provide the tests and the answer keys.

3. Substitute Teacher

We’re all guilty of messing with (see: torturing) our substitute teachers are kids. If you’re looking for a flexible schedule, consider becoming a substitute teacher.

You’ll fill in for single days or maybe even longer-term gigs like maternity leaves. Just learn to dodge the spitballs and you’ll be fine.

4. Daycare Teacher

If being surrounded by adorable (and sometimes screaming) toddlers sounds fun, becoming a daycare teacher is a fun part-time job. Help with arts and crafts, nap time, apple juice cleanup, and fixing the occasional boo-boo.

5. Testing Preparatory Teacher

If you’ve aced standardized tests in the past, use your skills to assist others. Help students prep for tests like the SAT, GMAT, LSAT and other exams with scary acronyms.

6. Teacher Assistant

If you’re interested in teaching but don’t want or need full-time work yet, get a gig as a teacher’s assistant. You’ll help in the classroom and learn from teachers on-the-job.


7. Food Service Crew Member

Help in the back-of-house and prep food at restaurants, for catering, and at events. Put your hours of watching Food Network to good use, though, of course, you’ll need some training and skills, too.

8. Busser/Server/Waiter

Test your patience while serving the public and balancing a tray of food and plates. Though not easy, these jobs often come with great tips.

9. Janitor

If “cleanup on aisle two” aren’t words that scare you, becoming a janitor is a great part-time job. You’ll use a toolbox of vacuums, mops, trash bags, and more to make sure places like restaurants and office buildings remain spick and span.

10. Barista

Love coffee and working in customer service? Help noncaffeinated individuals become functioning humans by preparing their coffee, tea, espresso, whatever part-soy/part-skim drink they desire.


11. Delivery Driver

Maybe delivering pizza isn’t a superpower, but bring hungry people their food and you’ll be close to a superhero. Delivery services like Caviar, Postmates, and Zesty hire drivers, as do many restaurants, so finding a delivery job isn’t difficult.

12. Uber/Lyft Driver

Set your own schedule, hang out in your own car, and meet dozens of strangers (new friends!) every day as an Uber or Lyft driver. You’ll learn to navigate your way around a city or town and make some extra cash while meeting interesting people.

13. Valet Driver

Get to drive some fancy cars...even if it’s only to the closest parking garage. Park and retrieve cars as a valet driver and you’ll likely make cash tips. Just don’t pull a Ferris Bueller and take any joy rides.


14. Sales Associate/Consultant

You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet in this customer-facing role, but if you like interacting with people and helping people find what they need in a store, this job is for you.

15. Shift Manager

If you like leading, help manage shifts. You’ll be in charge of directing employees and interacting with customers during your time on.

16. Cashier

Swipe cards, make change, and help people check out of a store. There’s not a ton of excitement around being a cashier, but it’s an easy part-time job that you can find anywhere that sells something.

17. Campus Ambassador

Represent products on your college campus and earn free swag from cool companies. You might have to host events, table, or wear some branded clothing for promotion. Who doesn't love a free t-shirt?

Marketing/Customer Service

18. Call Center Representative

This job is customer service heavy and you'll have to deal with some unhappy people. But at least they’ll be on the phone and not in your face! If you find joy in solving people’s problems, this is a good job for you.

19. Telemarketer

Prepare to get hung up on a few times, but if you can get past that, you’ll be fine. You might be soliciting donations for a university or charity or trying to convince someone to buy something, but the job comes with a script so you’ll have some ammo.

20. Customer Service Representative

Understand that people usually call customer service to complain and not celebrate a project, and you’ll mentally prep yourself for the kind of calls you’ll get as a customer service representative.

21. Content Writer/Blogger

Use your words to make some dough. Get paid to blog and help promote their objectives and products. Writing catchy copy is something you can do remotely, too.

Office Administration

22. Receptionist

Greet people with a smile at an office and check them in. These jobs are often available at places like medical offices. You’ll be the first face people see, so it’s important to be friendly and welcoming.

23. Accountant

If finances and taxes excite you, do some part-time accounting work. You’ll help a company or organization get their financial records ready and make sure they are right...which is an important responsibility.

Your work will keep a business running, so even though it’s not full time, it is a big responsibility.

24. Administrative Assistant

Help out a company’s leader by offering administrative support. You might file, schedule, book travel, photocopy, or whatever else is needed. Being organized is a must for this kind of work.

25. IT

Tech savvy? Pick up some part-time IT work. From fixing computers to getting rid of viruses, lots of companies need some quick fixes. Being comfortable with a computer is a great way to earn some cash.


26. Personal Trainer

Channel Richard Simmons while helping clients get into shape, improve their health, and lose weight. Help people accomplish their goals and sport a sweatband at the same time.

27. Fitness Instructor

Turn “working out” into “work”. Help others push themselves toward better health and wellness while breaking a sweat yourself! Look for these jobs at local gyms, YMCAs, or city recreation centers.

28. Lifeguard

This job requires certification and training, but it usually comes with a flexible schedule and a good hourly pay. Year-round lifeguarding jobs are available at local gyms where you’ll be mostly guarding lane swimmers, swim teams, and sometimes the occasional birthday party.


29. Babysitter

Love kids? Love playing board games? Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra cash. Before and after school and weekend nights are hot times. Choose your own schedule and improve your Monopoly game.

30. Housekeeper

If you enjoy a clean house and want to make some extra money from cleaning someone else’s, become a housekeeper. You’ll dust, vacuum, do some laundry — whatever the homeowners need so they can come back to a home cleaner than how they left it.

31. Maid

Find a gig at a local hotel and replace bedsheets, clean rooms, and do turndown service for guests. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this is a great part-time job.

32. Caregiver

There are some people who need an extra hand, whether for reasons of age, disability, or something else entirely. Help make their day a little easier by providing the care, transportation, and services they need.

33. Petsitter/Dog Walker

If you love animals but don’t have one of your own, get your fix as a pet sitter or dog walker. Take care of someone else’s pet without the commitment of having a full-time furry friend. 

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