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Sustainability, creativity, and community—that’s what the Bay Area has always been about. From Berkeley to Oakland to San Francisco, the Bay Area has always been a mecca of progressive culture dedicated to providing the most unique experiences for every kind of person. 

Photo Credit: Gaspar Brasserie

Check out these 6 local businesses to get a true taste of what the bay has to offer!

1. Gaspar Brasserie

Nestled in the heart of the Financial District, Gaspar Brasserie brings Paris to the Bay like never before. Designed to look like a beautiful, intimate restaurant from the streets of Paris, Gaspar offers some of the most exotic cuisine in the entire Bay Area.

Prepare yourself for a three-course meal: choose between appetizers like charred octopus and crispy frog legs, then dine on their popular Steak Frites or leg of lamb before dessert. Gaspar Brasserie is popular with both locals and tourists alike, so making advanced reservations is highly recommended.

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2. The Free Farm Stand

In a city that is changing every day, the Free Farm Stand embodies the true San Francisco spirit by focusing on sustainability through the community coming together to help each other out. The Free Farm Stand serves as a farmers' market every Sunday, where volunteers grow and give away as much food as possible for free.

The entire operation is run by volunteers, from the growing to the distribution, and even offers to help impart their knowledge to others in the community. Because their operations are constantly on the move, you may someday find the Free Farm Stand at a garden near you, where they’ll be more than happy to show you how to live a more sustainable life.

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Photo Credit: Leslie Santarina

3. Elsie Green Boutique

Tired of eating at all these amazing places but not being able to recreate the beautiful atmosphere at home? Look no further. The owners of Elsie Green Boutique who make several trips to France and Morroco per year to bring back beautiful pieces of French home decor that are guaranteed to make your home feel just that much more like a gorgeous French villa. 

Elsie Green’s authentic home pieces can’t be found anywhere else, making it a true bay area gem.

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4. Millenium Restaurant

The bay area is home to some of the best vegan eateries in the nation; the Millenium is no exception. Serving award-winning, locally-sourced dishes in a rustic-modern space on the border of Berkeley and Oakland, Millenium is home to what many people would argue is the best vegan brunch in the bay.

The extensive menu offers comfort classics to unexpected favorites (vegan Mac N’ Cheese!) that use as many locally found ingredients as possible. Focused on helping both our community and our planet, Millenium is a must-try for delicious vegan cuisine.

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Namu Gaji's Yakitori | Photo Credit: Namu Gaji

5. Namu Gaji: Okonomiyaki

Bites by the Bay writes about this popular Japanese restaurant, tucked away in a small, cozy space near the city's Dolores Park. At Namu Gaji you’ll find yourself at one of the few large tables seated right next to other great people who have flocked to the area to try their delicious, sustainably-made foods.

Using vegetables from their own fossil-free garden, Namu Gaji may be best known for their take on a classic Japanese dish called Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake dish that has a variety of different toppings. Criss-crossed with different sauces, meats, and veggies, Okonomiyaki is sure to give you the authentic Japanese taste you’re looking for in a small, comfortable setting that San Francisco restaurants are famous for. 

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