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No matter the job, everyone needs a little motivation now and then. Although employee perks are great in furthering retention, changes don't always have to be so drastic. Check out these 13 cleverly simple ways to get your fabulous employees off and running:

Create a Positive Environment

1. Tell more jokes

Lighten up! You see your employees on a regular basis, so let them know you’re aware that you’re all human. Even if you’re not good at telling jokes, your employees will appreciate the comedic effort.

2. Give them a break! Or two, or three

Everyone works best when they’re fresh. More importantly, nobody performs amazing work for hours and hours on end. Giving your employees a few breaks beyond the required few throughout the day means they’ll be ready to buckle down when they come back to a project.

3. Fix up the office space

Comfortable and beautiful office spaces encourage people to work together, come up with great ideas and enjoy being at work. Building an aesthetically pleasing office environment is a way of investing in your employees and showing respect for their work.

4. Encourage friendly competition

It’s healthy for employees to use each other as measures for success. Just be sure to monitor the competition to ensure it produces quality work and a positive environment.

Don’t Just Take, Also Give

5. Give them new skills

Employees are always looking to build their professional knowledge and your business has a lot to gain from this too. Invest in your employees’ growth by giving them opportunities to learn new software, expand a skill set or receive training in an area that would make their work better or easier.

6. Give them more food

Food is exciting all on its own, but free food comes with a whole new level of exhilaration. Providing your employees with snacks, meals, and special food events is not only a way to show them you care, but it allows them to focus on the work they produce, not the logistics of being at work.

7. Give them something for their hard work

Rewards may not be necessary for producing excellent work, but they certainly don’t hurt. When your employees achieve a goal, complete a difficult project, or meet a tight deadline, find a way to thank them for their awesomeness. Don’t forget that the work wouldn’t happen without them!

8. Give them supportive words

Compliments and encouragement can go a long way in keeping your employees motivated and engaged. Let them know when they come up with fabulous innovations or great ideas — it’ll likely lead to more of them.

Show them you care

9. Take them out to lunch

Out in the regular world, lunch may not be the most luxurious gift, but it’s gold in the workplace. Taking someone out to lunch reminds them that they’re special, and also allows you to share some personal time together.

10. Check in frequently

See how your employees are doing. Make sure they know that they can come to you with any problems or questions, and offer them support when they need it.

11. Know their spouses’ names

Find out who your employees are outside of work, and make an effort to remember the names of their significant others or spouses. It’s a quick way to acknowledge the important pieces of their lives beyond work.

12. Remember their birthday

Birthdays give you an opportunity to give your employees a moment that’s all about them. Even small gestures, like presenting them with a card or a treat, are a way of showing that you appreciate their personal qualities and contributions.

13. Say thank you

It sounds basic, but your employees want to hear it. It can be easy to forget that many employees go well beyond their job descriptions on a daily basis, and it makes a huge difference.

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