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Serving ice cream is the quintessential summer job. It's a rite of passage in certain cultures. I interviewed Rannie from CookieBar and Diego, Vanelly, and Monica at West End Crepes. They gave me the—ahem—inside scoop on what it takes to be a rockstar at the job.

With these tips in hand, you'll be all set to apply for ice cream scooping jobs on Localwise. Good luck!

Ice Cream Scooper Responsibilities

1. Customer Service

The number one responsibility of any ice cream scooper job is a customer service job. “You have to be friendly and work at a good pace so that things keep moving,” says Rannie from CookieBar.

No matter how good your ice cream, you need to have good customer service to get customers coming back. There is more to the job than meets the eye.

Be ready to juggle requests for samples, cones, cups, and more. Above all, keep calm when things get busy!

2. Sanitation

“It’s important to keep your workstation and ice cream scoopers clean so that you can keep being productive,” says Diego from West End Crepes.

Cleanliness is important especially when it gets busy. Customers will be on the lookout for a clean workstation. It's a huge turnoff to have ice cream dripping all over the counter!

3. Presentation

Presentation is everything! “If the ice cream starts looking funky you have to make sure to switch it out for fresh ice cream,” says Diego.

The last thing you want is a customer to see that the ice cream is half melted. “You also have to pack down the ice cream every day so that it’s less likely to melt,” says Monica from West End Crepes.

If any particular flavor is running low, it’s important to keep it stocked. Customers want to see fresh ice cream and all their favorite flavors.

4. Serving Size

As an ice cream scooper, you have full control over the customer’s serving size. Be fair! “It’s important to make sure you’re not giving them too little or too much ice cream,” says Rannie of CookieBar. Serving size decisions are a huge part of the ice cream scooper job.

CookieBar in Alameda Photo Credit: Cookiebar in Alameda

Ice Cream Scooper Skills

1. Friendliness

Customers aren’t always going to be friendly, but you need to be. As the saying goes, the customer is always right!

2. Fast learner

Ice cream parlors are fast-paced. Come prepared to get to work. “You should be able to pick things up quickly,” recommends Rannie.

3. Patience

Customers don’t always know what they want. Be patient! Offer them samples or recommendations to help them decide. Just remember to keep calm and scoop on.

4. Work under pressure

At peak time, ice cream parlors can get really crowded. Work diligently with a smile to get through the crowd!

5. Organization

Keep your work area clean — especially at peak time. Being organized will help you be more efficient.

CookieBar in Alameda, CA Photo Credit: Cookiebar in Alameda

Tips for Scooping Ice Cream

1. Rinse

Run your scooper under hot water before dunking it into the tub of ice cream. A warm scooper makes scooping ice cream easy. Keep a jar of warm water by your scooping station. Always rinse between scoops.

2. All about the "S"

Scoop ice cream in an “S” shape. The outside of the ice cream is generally more melted than the center, making it easier to scoop.

3. Grid Technique

Sometimes the ice cream will be frozen rock solid. In this case, it may help to make slices in the ice cream using a warm knife. Slice in a grid formation to soften the ice cream.

4. Get the Scoop

Use a good ice cream scooper! Go for one that is sturdy and reliable. There is nothing worse than a scooper breaking mid-scoop.

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