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Let’s face it: not everyone is satisfied working in a restaurant. While the tips may flow and the hustle is invigorating, it’s the vinyasa flow — the poses, asanas, & sequences — that attract many to the discipline.

If you're someone who values health and fitness, the clean scent of tea tree oil, and a warm cup of tea, working at a yoga studio may be a great fit for you. And best of all, joining a team of yogis means receiving the acceptance and support you need to get you started, even with no experience!

Still unsure if a yoga job is right for you? Don’t sweat it. 

I've put together a list of the greatest parts about working at a yoga studio. It's based on my experience working at Namaste Yoga + Wellness, a leader in Bay Area yoga and wellness, where my duties have ranged from sales and marketing to creative director and product manager. 

1. Free yoga and wellness perks

What's better than taking a yoga lunch break? The best perk of working at a yoga studio is the free yoga. Stay in shape and learn how to put self-care first with a job that emphasizes health and wellness.

Most studios even offer employee discounts for bodywork, workshops and teacher trainings. Namaste Yoga + Wellness, for example, hosts monthly massage ex-terns from the National Holistic Institute who offer complimentary massage to staff!

2. Friendly faces

Unlike boutique or restaurant jobs where staff may only interact with 5. patrons a few times a month, yoga studio employees build rich relationships with students. You will see the same smiling faces weekly (even daily!). Students will often learn staff's names and rely on them as they would a friend to help choose classes, workshops, and events that make sense for them.

3. Comfortable work attire

It's no joke that wearing yoga clothes daily helps lower stress. Imagine the bliss of being able to throw on some yoga pants or comfy clothes and cruise to work. While keeping up an appearance is still part of the job, you can definitely say ‘buh-bye’ to stiff pant suits or stuffy server's outfits.

Another perk? Many studios offer employee discounts ranging from 20-40% off apparel and gear sold in studio boutiques.

4. Being part of a community

A job is just a job until you find an emotional connection. Luckily, yoga communities are known for their openness and warmth. Helping guide new students on their health journey makes you an integral part of their experience and developing relationships with people in the studio makes you a part of the bigger community as a whole, something that stays with you even when you're clocked out.

5. Launching your teaching career

If you're interested in becoming a yoga instructor, working at a yoga studio is the perfect fit. Many yoga studio employees take on a position in order to get to know the ins and outs of the business.

Being on the team can help you understand how subbing works and what type of students you want to teach, and also gives you access to discounted trainings.

6. Networking and learning about the health and wellness industry

You may not be interested in becoming a yoga teacher but that doesn't mean you're ruling out all possibilities. The increase of interest in the health and fitness industry has created a boom in new job opportunities. 

Starting your career off at a yoga studio can expose you to all available avenues in the industry — from operations and management to marketing and sales.

7. Being part of a small business

Jobs that pigeon-hole you can be a drag. Working for a small business creates endless opportunities to break out of the box with creative solutions and ideas.

Often you will be asked to wear many hats in a small business which will help you build your skill set and know what it takes to run your own company one day! And best of all, you often get to see the tangible results of the hard work you put in yourself.

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