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It seems like every product you need can be delivered these days. But who does the work? Delivery drivers! 

I sat down with Bernard Alvarado, a delivery driver who works in Berkeley, CA, to find out first-hand what the job is like.

Bernard works at Mr. Delivery, a company that partners with local businesses to make your favorite local eateries more accessible.

Follow these tips from Bernard, and you too can become the world's best delivery driver.

1. Be friendly

Although you'll be spending most of the time alone in your car, you should still think of this as a customer service job. After all, tips are the key to making good money as a delivery driver.

So remember to put a big smile when you hit that doorbell. The friendlier you are, the more tips you'll get!

2. Be an efficient driver

Speed is one of the most important qualities of a delivery driver. The more orders you deliver, the more money you make. However, reckless driving is not the key to speed.

Instead, spend time planning the most efficient route. Use your phone's GPS for navigation to cut delivery times. Also, keep an eye out for shortcuts that the GPS doesn't pick up on.

3. Be a safe driver

Traffic can be stressful. As a delivery driver, you will probably be busiest during the worst driving times.

Learn how to curb your stress. Maybe you've got a favorite song that calms you down. Maybe you love rolling down the window and feeling the breeze on your face. Whatever you need to do, don't let your road rage takeover.

Most employers will only hire delivery drivers with clean driving records. Make sure your record is spotless, and keep it that way!

4. Be conscientious

Make sure everything you are delivering is appropriately stored. No customer wants their pizza to arrive pre-mixed with their root beer. Ensure that nothing spills, leaks, breaks, or smooshes.

5. Be patient

When you work as a delivery driver, you have to spend a lot of time waiting, whether it's for the restaurant to prepare a meal or for the customer to come to the door. Remember to keep your cool.

Do you have other tips for being a great delivery driver? Share your thoughts below!

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