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You’re not quite an adult just yet, but your teen years are ending soon. What better way to prepare for the working world than to find a part-time job

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These potential jobs will help you sharpen your professional skill set while introducing you to connections you’ll want to maintain as you enter the workforce.

Food Service

1. Host/Hostess

As a host or hostess, you’ll be the first face restaurant patrons see when they come in to dine. You’ll hone your communication and interpersonal skills, and learn how to interact with diverse groups of people.

2. Dishwasher

It doesn’t sound like the most glamorous role in the world, but as a dishwasher, you’ll serve as an integral part to the operations of a restaurant. You’ll learn to work as part of a team and gain pretty invaluable collaborative skills while you’re at it.

3. Busser

This job is very similar to the dishwasher position above, but you’ll be able to interact more with restaurant patrons as a busser.

4. Boba/Bubble Tea Cashier

Boba tea shops often have extremely loyal customers, so you’ll get used to forming connections with visitors, all while learning how to hustle in a fast-moving environment.

5. Ice Cream Server

Serving ice cream is harder than it sounds—expect long lines during summertime and the repetition of scooping. But it will pay off: you’ll gain patience and efficiency.

6. Smoothie Maker

Workers in smoothie shops often work in teams (to no surprise: you have seen the lines in the summer?), so you’ll become better at working with co-workers while serving the public.

7. Grocery Bagger

Paper or plastic? Although grocery bagging seems like a simple job, it’s one that is appreciated by grocery store shoppers. Not only will you become a pro at sorting items, you’ll also get to interact with a high volume of people on a regular basis.

8. Sandwich Maker

You’ll undoubtedly master the art of sandwich making, but with the extreme customizability of sandwiches, you’ll get pretty good at learning which combos are popular (i.e., must taste good) and which ones aren’t (i.e., must taste bad). Remember to use your special knowledge to help out fickle customers.

9. Barista

Much like the Boba/Bubble Tea Cashier, expect to know coffee shop regulars’ orders by heart! Not to mention, knowing your coffee blends is an invaluable skill to have—coffee is an art! Cafe

Retail and Leisure

10. Fashion Retail Associate

Folding clothes is an enviable ability (you can’t deny that air-folding is nearly impossible). But more importantly, working in retail requires learning how to accommodate customers while keeping the store tidy.

11. Bookstore Associate

Working in a bookstore is actually quite intense. You’ll do everything from alphabetizing books on shelves, to creating displays for bookstore fronts, and keep inventory of all the books in the store. There’s no doubt that you’ll become more organized and time-efficient as a Bookstore Associate.

12. Movie Theater Attendant

As a Movie Theater Attendant, you’ll be guiding and supervising the movie theater premises. You’ll learn to multitask different duties, from answering moviegoers’ questions to making keeping the theater lobby clean.

13. Concert Usher

There’s a huge perk to working as a Concert Usher—you’ll probably get to watch the concert, too! Get ready to learn whatever venue you’ll be working at like the back of your hand. Concert-goers will rely on you for information.

14. Amusement Park Attendant

Like the Movie Theater Attendant or Concert Usher, you will be amusement park attendees’ go-to person for any questions they may have about the park. While you’ll be expected to know a lot of information, you’ll also be in a fun working environment and will get close to your co-workers!

15. Gift Wrapper

Arguably the most creative retail job in this list, gift wrapper are everyone’s favorite person in the holidays. You’ll learn to balance thinking creatively with thinking quickly. Camp Instructor

Youth Services

16. Recreation Leader

Being a recreation leader is not only fun, but you'll learn how to create, plan, and implement activities for youth. This is a great stepping stone into an event planning career!

17. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor are oftentimes some of the memorable individuals that people remember from their youth. You’ll learn how to foster lifelong relationships between campgoers by serving as their role model and their teacher. Camp Counselors also have to have impeccable problem-solving skills—an ability that is applicable to any job.

18. Tutor

As a Tutor, you’ll learn how to shape curriculum and lessons for your student. This is a great position if you’d like to become a teacher, or even if you just want to get better at the subject you’re teaching yourself.

19. Babysitter

It goes without saying that babysitting is one of the hardest jobs on this list, mostly because you’ll be integral to the most transformative years of a kid's life. A Babysitter is not only a caretaker, but also a teacher, and you’ll most likely become a child’s role model or influence.

20. Teaching Assistant

We all know that teachers are important, but we often don’t recognize how difficult their jobs can be. The Teaching Assistant assists the teacher in grading papers, managing classroom supplies, and handing out assignments so that the teacher can focus on teaching.

21. After School Assistant

The After School Assistant is much like the Babysitter and Teaching Assistant combined! Expect to perform various duties, from supervising after school programs to clerical work like typing or filing.

22. Daycare Assistant

Being a Daycare Assistant requires an immense amount of energy. You’ll be supervising kids for, on average, two straight hours, and facilitating any play activities. While this sounds strenuous, it’s also extremely fun, and will undoubtedly keep you young at heart.


23. Dog Walker

Dog walking isn’t just dog walking. It’s also gauging the needs of the canines you’re taking care of, so it requires a high level of intuition and time management.

24. Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is actually a very physically demanding job, so you won’t only be strengthening your cleaning skills, but probably your biceps as well!

25. Housesitter

Being a housesitter also means being extremely trustworthy and organized. You’ll want to upkeep this reputation by ensuring the security, cleanliness, and overall maintenance of the house you’re supervising.

26. Lawn Mower

Like pool cleaning, lawn mowing requires extreme attention-to-detail—a job well done means no missed spots!

27. Gardener

If you’ve got a green thumb, consider becoming a Gardener. Not only will you be able to work with a beautiful array of plants, but you’ll also heighten your awareness and intuition when it comes to overseeing or supervising. After all, the lives of many plants will (literally) be in your hands. Gardener


28. Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard requires you to be attentive all throughout your shift. You’ll learn how to become extremely in tune with your surroundings. Lifeguarding also requires becoming CPR-certified, which is a valuable certification to have in many jobs.

29. Swim Teacher

As a swim instructor, you’ll develop your knowledge about creating a safe learning environment while learning how to make quick decisions. You’ll also learn how to interact with people from all ages, such as your students (who will mostly be below the age of 10!) and their parents.

30. Martial Arts Instructor

Martial Arts Instructors are known for being patient, strict and, above all, motivating. Learning martial arts isn’t easy, so all three of these qualities are necessary.

31. Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics is one of the most competitive sports out there. You’ll be instrumental in fostering an aspiring gymnast’s growth while making sure they don’t get too caught up in the stress of upcoming competitions.

32. Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, you’ll need to be exceptionally attentive to the fitness goals of your trainees, as well as their progress in meeting these goals. In this way, being a PT requires strong timekeeping and communication skills.


33. Library Assistant

Library Assistants need to know circulation desk procedures and reference searching from top to bottom, but they also work with a variety of other clerical and financial duties as well. As a Library Assistant, you can expect to get a well-rounded experience in an array of professional skills.

34. Student Worker

Many departments within your local government offer Student Worker jobs, a position that entails mainly clerical and organizational duties. This job is perfect for a student looking for some government administration experience before college. Artist


35. Visual Art Teacher

As a Visual Arts Teacher, supporting the work of your students while helping them grow is key. You’ll build an encouraging learning environment while learning to provide constructive criticism.

36. Drama Teacher

The best Drama Teachers know how to keep up the energy in their drama classes, so a positive, animated demeanor is important! You’ll most likely be working with kids younger than you, so keeping up the energy shouldn’t be too challenging.

37. Music Teacher

Teaching music can be intense, especially with all the technical knowledge that comes with musicianship. You’ll learn how to translate tough or difficult concepts into doable actions.

38. Dance Teacher

Teaching dance—which, like music, is an extremely technical art—requires balancing fun and safety. You’ll teach students how to express themselves through movement without pulling a muscle!

39. Art Gallery Attendant

The main duty of an Art Gallery Attendant is to monitor an exhibit or a gallery—i.e., making sure nobody touches the artwork or brings food into the museum. You’ll learn how to be strict without being forceful, which is oftentimes needed in many work environments.


40. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant roles look great on resumes, mainly because they are crucial to the workflow of an office. As an Administrative Assistant, you’ll perform nearly every type of duty associated with an office—answering phones, filing, typing, and maybe even some finance tasks like bookkeeping or accounting.

41. Receptionist

A Receptionist is similar to an Administrative Assistant, except that Receptionists are more oriented around customer service. Expect to interact with diverse groups of people, which will require a thorough knowledge of the establishment you’re working at.

42. Clerk

If the Receptionist is more of the customer service side of the Admin Assistant, the Clerk takes on the clerical side. Clerks are pros are typing and organizing. As a Clerk, there’s no doubt your typing speed will grow off the charts!

43. Typist

If you feel that you can type faster than most folks, consider taking on a Typist position. Typists are extremely useful is transcribing interviews and meetings. Make sure to get certified at your local government or city’s Career Center. 


44. Graphic Designer

If you’ve got a good handle on Adobe InDesign or Photoshop and a creative eye, then becoming a part-time Graphic Designer may be perfect for you! You’ll develop professionally while getting to express yourself creatively.

45. Social Media Assistant

Although social media infiltrates nearly everyone’s lives, social media management and curation is definitely a skill. If you think you’ve got the copywriting and copyediting prowess as well as the timeliness it takes to be a Social Media Assistant, this career is a great starting point to a career in media, and may motivate you to study it in college!

46. Editorial Assistant

Like the Social Media Assistant, you may be assisting with the social media presence of a given company. But the work of an Editorial Assistant mainly lies in fact-checking and proofreading copy. Types of workplaces that hire Editorial Assistants or similar careers include local city newspapers and non-profit organizations.

47. Blogger

While the Internet gives everyone the ability to become a creator, blogging for a website will teach you how to adapt to the tone or writing style of a given company. This skill will make you a versatile writer and overall adaptive professional.

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