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Let’s be honest — sitting in a cubicle all day doesn’t sound like the most appealing way to spend your day. Instead of staring at a computer screen, ditch the desk for a transportation job that’ll get you your own mobile outdoor office with a view. 

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Here are some of the best driver and transportation jobs on the market that get you out of the office to explore the world:

Public Transportation

1. City Bus Driver

City bus drivers have the chance to transport hundreds of new and interesting passengers every day. Soak in the sights as you help your passengers find the best place to watch the game or catch a free show.

2. School Bus Driver

This job is especially perfect for anyone that likes to work with kids. Routes are usually close to the destination school, so you never have to go too far.  Be ready for some early morning shifts, but with a nice break in the middle until school gets out. If you’re lucky, you might even get to go on a field trip or two!

3. Subway Operator

No people to deal with, no other cars to swerve around, and no weather to ruin your day. What’s not to like? This job is perfect for anyone who likes to take life easy -- heck, you don’t even have to memorize any routes. Push some buttons and you’re on your way. To top it all off, you get your own little mobile office where the only person allowed is you. 

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Product Transportation

4. Commercial Truck Driver

A great stress-free job for those who want to get paid to travel. Commercial truck drivers get to see some of the most beautiful sights in the country while getting paid handsomely for it. Pop in your favorite CD, hit cruise control, and enjoy the ride.

5. Warehouse Driver / Forklift Operator

If you loved playing tetris growing up, this is the perfect gig for you. Strap into your forklift and prepare to lift and sort pallets and boxes, using your tetris skills to make the best use of your space.

6. Delivery Driver

There are tons of apps out there now like Instacart and Postmates that are always hiring new delivery drivers. Doesn’t matter if you drive or bike, if you can get there on time, they’ll hire you. Best part? No schedule — you only work when you want to.

7. Food Delivery Driver

Local restaurants need dependable people to get their food to local customers. If you’ve got a car and a license, you’re already good to go for this job. If you’re fast you can score some big tips, which you can (and should) spend on your employee food discounts. Just don't let the food spill in your car!

8. Mail & Package Delivery

A perfect job for people that like having a routine. You get your packages, hit the road, and see the same friendly people (and pups!) every day.

9. Tow Truck Driver

Great job for people who hate routines. Some days you may be surfing the web, while others you may be out towing all day. Every day is something different.


Personal Driver

10. Uber/Lyft Driver

Like being a taxi driver, except you pick your own schedule, only drive where you want, and don’t have to drive those flashy yellow cars. Getting started is as easy as signing up and passing a quick and free car inspection.

11. Taxi Driver

No car? No problem. Taxi companies have plenty of loaner cars to help get you started. Exclusive taxi lanes at most airports and hotels guarantee a steady stream of work, and you get to meet plenty of interesting people along the way.

12. Valet Attendant

Do you love running? Want to get paid to exercise? This is the right job for you. You spend most of your time outdoors, and get in a healthy dose of cardio, especially during peak hours. For the competitive, go ahead and time yourselves — your faster times will likely be rewarded with bigger tips, too.

13. Shuttle Driver

Whether you work at the hotel, airport, or senior center, thousands of places need shuttle drivers for their clients. Routes are usually planned ahead, so be ready for an easy and relaxing drive.

14. Chauffeur

If you’ve ever wanted to work for celebrities, this is a great place to start. Thousands of executives and celebrities hire chauffeurs to drive their limousines, allowing you to spend your days among the stars (and get tipped like one, too).

Other Types of Transportation

15. Airplane Pilot

The sky's the limit with this job. Get rid of your desk for an office among the clouds, traveling to and from the most exotic places in the world. Pilot school takes some time though, so better start early.

16. Ferry Captain

Heights not your thing? No problem. Hop behind the wheel of a ferry in one of the many ports and lakes in the world. Spend your time out on the water, helping your passengers find new adventures ahead.

17. Bike Rebalancer

If being environmentally conscious is important to you, this is a great job to take up. Working as a bike rebalancer, you help bike share programs maintain their bikes and redistribute as necessary. Help companies promote sustainability and low-impact commuting.

18. Railroad Conductor

One of the oldest forms of transportation: railroads. Being a conductor will allow you to access tracks and see sights that no other form of transportation gets to see. Grab your conductor’s hat and be prepared for a serene journey through the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.

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