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Whether you’re looking for an extra job to help pay the bills or just looking to kill time and make some cash, there are plenty of weekend jobs that you can pick up on top of your weekday 9 to 5.

Berkeley's Saturday Farmers' Market | Photo Credit: Franco Folini

There are tons of weekend jobs out there, so you’ll surely find one that fits with your interests and talents. It’s your weekend after all, so it might as well be something you enjoy!

Food & Drink

1. Farmers’ Market Staff

If you have a favorite booth at the farmer’s market, you should look into working for them. Every seller needs people to help watch their booth, talk to customers, and work as a cashier. And since farmers markets are often on the weekend, this makes for a great side job.

2. Ice Cream Scooper

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If you love ice cream, a weekend job as an ice cream scooper would be a good option for you. You’ll have fun interacting with all your ice cream fans and maybe you’ll even score some free scoops. Yum!

3. Juice & Smoothie Maker

Juice and smoothie places are all the rage right now, so there are plenty of jobs out there in this category. Maybe you’ll even create your own custom smoothie blend!

4. Barista

There is no shortage of coffee shops in any city, so a barista job is a great option for the weekend. Plus, just admit it, you’ve always thought it would be super cool to learn how to make all your favorite coffee drinks with those big fancy espresso machines. 

5. Waiter / Waitress

Being a waiter or waitress is another great option if you love food and people. Plus, you’ll be able to bring home tips and some delicious food.

6. Host / Hostess

As a host or hostess, you’re the face of the restaurant. This can be an exciting and fast-paced job at times, but it’s certainly rewarding to work for a restaurant that you love.

7. Food Truck Staff

Food trucks are like restaurants but just a little more exciting. As part of a food truck staff, you’ll travel to new places and meet new people every weekend, all while serving delicious food with a smile.

8. Dishwasher

Every restaurant needs a dishwasher! Dishwasher jobs tend to be rather flexible, and since every restaurant needs them, there’s no shortage of jobs!

9. Cashier

Everywhere from restaurants to museums need cashiers. This means you’ll be able to find a job working somewhere that you truly enjoy.

10. Deli / Supermarket Clerk

Supermarkets have large staffs and are often hiring for a number of jobs. A lot of these jobs are part-time, and some places are looking for people to work weekends only, so look into what part-time positions are available at your local supermarket.

11. Personal Chef

As a personal chef you can spend time on the weekend cooking meals for a family or individual for the week ahead. It’s just like meal prepping, just not for yourself!


12. Sign Spinner

If you enjoy theatrics, a sign spinner might be the job for you! Places such as restaurants, large stores, and real estate companies often hire sign spinners to catch people’s attention and steer them towards a special event or grand opening. You’ll get to utilize your energetic personality and dance moves with this one.

13. Front Desk Receptionist

Many businesses such as fitness studios or hair salons need receptionists to run the front desk for them. This is an especially great job if you’re an aspiring personal trainer or hairstylist as it will help you make connections and learn the ropes of the business.

14. Retail Associate 

Being a retail associate can be a very enjoyable and rewarding job, especially if you’re passionate about what you’re selling. Not only will you interact with your customers, but you’ll learn new things about the products. Plus, chances are you’ll get a sweet discount.

Photo Credit: Janelle Santos


15. Nanny / Babysitter

If you’re good with kids, many families need nannies or babysitters on weekends. If you’re serious about childcare, you might want to start by creating a profile on sites like to put yourself out there.

16. Dog Sitter

Maybe you’re not good with kids but you love animals. Dogs can be like children too, so families often need someone to watch their furry friends on the weekends when they travel or work. Getting paid to play with dogs certainly doesn’t sound like a bad gig.  

17. House Sitter

This one is great if you’re not into kids or pets! As a house sitter, you’ll just need to make sure things are running smoothly and everything is safe. You might need to water plants, feed a fish, or simply turn on the lights to make it look like someone’s home.

Marketing + Creative

18. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you can accept writing gigs that fit with your schedule. Start by setting up a profile on a site such as Upwork to get started, and check out our article on jobs for writers for more freelance writing ideas.

19. Freelance Graphic Designer

Similar to a freelance writing, freelance graphic designers get to do what they love on their own schedule. Designcrowd is a great resource specifically for freelance graphic designers, as well as Upwork that has its own graphic design section.

20. Artisan

If you enjoy crafting, you might want to consider turning it into a part-time job. You can spend your weekends working on your crafts and sell them on Etsy or at local craft fairs. Who knows, maybe it’ll take off and you’ll be able to quit your “day job”.

21. Brand Ambassador

If you have a large social media following, you can make extra income by being a brand ambassador. Many brands pay social media influencers with money or product in return for talking about the product on social media. If you’re interested, start by sending out some emails to smaller brands you like and ask them if they would be interested in collaborating

Photo Credit: Mobilus in Mobili


22. Event Setup

Event companies and venues need people to help setting up. Many wedding venues or convention centers keep people on staff to help move tables and chairs, put up decorations, or clean. Start by checking out venues in your area and then inquire about employment opportunities within their set-up crew.

23. DJ

So maybe you’re not the next Skrillex or Avicii, but you still know how to pump up a crowd. Events from school dances and college parties to work events and weddings need DJs to keep things exciting.You might want to start by creating videos of your DJ mixes and creating social media accounts for your business. Once you’ve played a few shows you’ll start getting business from referrals.

24. Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, you’ll get to take beautiful pictures for someone’s special day and hang out at weddings. Sounds like the perfect gig, right?

25. Wedding Band

Playing music at weddings is a great way for musicians to get their name out and play for a group of happy, energetic, and excited people on their special day. You’ll probably want to make sure you have a few slow-dance love songs under your belt!

26. Caterer

Working for a caterer can be really fun because of all the cool events you’ll get to attend! Caterers need people to help with carrying the food into the event, setting up, and serving. If you like food and fun events, this is the job for you.

27. Florist

Similar to a caterer, working for a florist can involve a lot of different tasks. You might be helping assemble floral arrangements, transporting the arrangements, or even setting up at an event. If you love flowers and have a good eye, working for a florist could be a great fit.

28. Party Bus Driver

Party bus companies need drivers to quite literally bring the party. Party buses get a lot of use on the weekends, so this would be a great job for anyone with a job during the week

Photo Credit: Stròlic Furlàn - Davide Gabino

Outdoors + Sports

29. Hot Air Balloon Operator

For this job you will actually need a balloon license (yes, this is a real thing!). However, if you enjoy hot air ballooning as a hobby, this could be a great way to pick up some extra weekend cash while sharing something that you enjoy with others.

30. Ballpark Food Concessions

Sports venues need people to work the concession stands at every game, and since games are often on weekends, this is good part-time weekend job. Plus, you’ll get to hear and experience all the excitement of the games every weekend. Play ball!

31. Venue Ticket Taker

From large stadiums and classical music halls to jazz clubs and hole-in-the-walls, all venues need people to work the door. If you love music, this is a great way to make some extra cash and hear the shows!

32. Referee

To be a referee you need to know the rules of your sport very well. Once you feel confident in your abilities, you’ll need to take a training course and get certified. This is a pretty easy process, and once you’re done you can apply to work at local sports facilities.

33. Culinary Tour Guide

This is the perfect weekend job for a foodie! Culinary tour guides are popping up everywhere, so if you know the best places to eat in your city, being a tour guide will come naturally. Look to see if there are any food tours in your area and send in a resume to the company to express your interest in being a guide.

34. Bicycle Tour Guide

Many cities offer bike tours because they’re a fun way to stay active while taking in the local sights. Bike tours can get pretty busy on weekends, so lots of guides are needed on these days. If you love biking and love your city, look into local bike tours to see if they’re hiring weekend guides.

35. Golf Caddy

Almost every city has a golf course or two, and they tend to be busiest on the weekends. Being a weekend golf caddy is a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you enjoy watching golf!

36. Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, you’ll help people towards their fitness goals. Chances are you’ve made quite the body transformation through your own fitness regime, so you’ll have the opportunity to inspire your clients when you work with them.

37. Yoga Instructor

If you enjoy yoga, it might be time to step it up and share your love with others! Yoga studios and gyms need people to teach yoga classes throughout the day, so check for weekend openings at local studios.

38. Ski / Snowboard Instructor

If you live near the mountains and love snowboarding or skiing, you could spend your weekends hitting the slopes while showing beginners the ropes. It can be so rewarding to share your passion with others, so this is a real feel-good job. 

Photo Credit: Champéry Tourisme

General Labor

39. Landscaper

A part-time landscaping job is a great way to pick up some extra cash on the weekends. You could offer basic services such as mowing and trimming, or if you have a more artistic eye, you could do creative landscaping. Say hello to trees shaped like deer!

40. Janitor

Every single building needs a janitor to keep it in tip-top shape. For schools and office buildings, weekends are the perfect time for janitors to make everything spotless while everyone is away.

41. House Cleaner

Many families hire house cleaners to make sure their homes are sparkling. You can pick up some extra cash by starting your own weekend home cleaning business or check to see if local house cleaning businesses are hiring. 

Office & Computers

42. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you’ll perform administrative tasks from the comfort of your own home. Like an office assistant, virtual assistants usually help with administrative tasks, but they might also help with technical or creative assistance. With this job you can work in your pajamas, and who doesn't love that?

43. Personal Assistant

Many professionals hire personal assistants to help with their administrative work. You could work for a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, artist, author, or anyone really! If you’re interested in any of these professions, this a good way to get a glimpse into what their life is like.

44. Real Estate Office

Unlike most weekday 9-5 offices, real estate offices are almost always open since real estate agents often show homes on weekends. The main office assistant might just work weekdays, so check to see if any local real estate companies are looking for administrative assistants on Saturdays and Sundays.

45. Bookkeeper

If you’re good with money and numbers, you might consider a job as a bookkeeper. Many freelance bookkeepers help small business owners with their accounting, so as long as you aren’t overwhelmed with clients, you could focus on this job during the weekends only.

46. Medical Transcriber

Medical transcribers convert voice-recorded reports given by doctors into text format so that they can be kept in a patient's’ records. Many transcribers work part-time and from home, so this is another good option if you want to “go to work”!

47. Computer Support

If you’re good with computers or work with computers as a hobby, you might want to consider doing computer support part-time. Computer technicians help with a variety of tasks such as computer installation, hardware or software installation, routine maintenance, or any kind of troubleshooting clients might need.

You could consider starting your own business or look for computer support businesses in your area.


48. Lyft / Uber Driver

Being a Lyft/Uber driver is a really good flexible working option. If you have a car, you can create your own schedule and drive when works best for you. Both the Uber and Lyft websites have pages that explain how to apply, so look into it to see if you meet the requirements.

49. Valet Parking Attendant

Many restaurants, hotels, and concert venues use valet parking services. Sometimes valet is done in-house, but it's usually contracted out to a valet company. Look into valet companies in your area to see who’s looking for drivers.

50. Pizza / Food Delivery Driver

These days there are tons of delivery driver options. You could work for a pizza place or another restaurant that offers delivery, or you could work for a delivery app. There are tons of new apps such as Postmates, Caviar, and Grub Hub that always need drivers. And with these, you can work on a flexible schedule that fits with your life.

Photo Credit: US Department of Agriculture


51. Tutor

Tutors usually work evenings and weekends since the kids are at school during the day, so this is a good extra job to pick up if you work a 9-5. If you’re good at math, have a knack for grammar, or maybe just remember a whole lot about the Italian Renaissance, there is probably a kid out there struggling with something that you know a lot about!

52. Language Teacher

If you’re fluent in more than one language, check to see if your local college or community center offers weekend language classes. If working at a college or school, you will likely have to earn your teaching credential. However, some community centers offer language classes that are more casual and taught by community members, so this would be a better option if you don’t have the time to get certified.

53. Art Instructor

Many colleges and community centers offer weekend art classes. If you have a talent in some area of art, consider looking into classes in your area and reaching out to the institutions that host them to express your interest in teaching.

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