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You did it. You scored the part-time job made of dreams: amazing hours, decent pay, convenient location and great experience; only to find yourself socially drained at the end of each day. And now you can’t help but wonder, how did I get here?

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Looking for a part-time job is more than just about scheduling and skills? If you’re an introvert who prefers the company of a few close friends or to be left alone completely, odds are you aren’t going to become an outspoken social butterfly during your shift. And you don’t have to. Check out our pick of the 17 best part time jobs for introverts:

Working from Home

1. Bookkeeper

If you love numbers and sifting through receipts, this job may be for you. Bookkeepers keep the financial records for a business while mostly keeping to themselves. And you guessed it, it can totally be done from the comfort of your own home.

2. Graphic Designer

Your favorite color is a hex code and your Tumblr is full of redesigns of famous logos. Whether you are trained or self-taught in Adobe Creative Suite, this job is great for artistic folks with a flair for design.

3. Social Media Manager

Oh, just your average introvert talking with hundreds of people. NBD. Social Media Managers connect with the online communities of brands and organizations. It allows for you to socialize without all the fuss of actually socializing.

4. Film/Video Editor

Just you, the footage, and your laptop. What can get any better than this? There are many parts to bringing a film/video to life. Editors get to be a part of the action behind the scenes right in their home office. As long as you master some editing software and nurture your gift, you’ll be ready to roll.

5. Blogger/Content Writer

You’re the life of the party — online. If you have a way with words and consider yourself an expert in a few areas, then let your personality shine online as a blogger/content writer.  

6. Freelance Software Developer

You’re multilingual. You speak and write in your native tongue, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. Basically, you’re a genius. And in this techy world, your skill is in high demand, my friend. Call the shots, ditch the office setting, and fly solo. That way you can write all the poetic code and develop the next biggest thing!

Line Cook 

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Working at a Business

7. Data Entry

Routine is your safe place and you find delight in the details. Data Entry positions are strictly for spreadsheet wizards.

8. Housekeeper/Janitor

If you don’t mind cleaning up after people, housekeeping might be for you. The shifts typically occur when people are not around (#winning), leaving you alone with your thoughts and your favorite tunes.

9. Warehouse Worker

If your need for alone time has no bounds, working in a warehouse is right for you. This work might be a bit tedious but the ability to multitask will keep you interested and busy.

10. Line Cook/Prep Cook  

You love food and chopping the veggies. In fact, you think of it as zen-like. Being a line cook or prep cook is a lot like being on an assembly line — routine, hot, sweaty work with minimal conversation. If this sounds appealing, this job just might be for you.

11. Pastry Chef

So many swirls. And sprinkles. If are interested in the pastry arts and sharpening your knife skills, a pastry cook is where it’s at! This job requires some previous training, but if you are willing to put in the work, it could be the perfect part-time job for you.

12. Pet Groomer

If you don’t mind getting dirty and working with not so enthused dogs, then you might want to try your hand at pet grooming. This job requires some on-the-job training but is a good way to see if you’re a good fit is to volunteer at a pet shelter.

Working Outdoors

13. Dog Walker

Getting paid to walk? Win. Getting paid to walk and meet new furry friends?! Double win. Stand fully in your dogs-understand-me-better-than-any-human-can moment and become a dog walker.

14. Lifeguard

Summer, summer, summertime! It’s a great day to save lives. And if you are willing to become certified and trained, you’ll get paid to have fun in the sun.

15. Landscaper 

Keep your sanity by being one with nature. Landscapers tactfully and artfully beautify greenery. If you have the skills (or are willing to learn) to work a pair of shears to keep everything looking fly, this job is for you.

Delivery Driver

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Working on the Move

16. Bike Rebalancer

You’re observant, take bike safety seriously, and you’re good behind the wheel of a van. A bike rebalancer is responsible for redistributing bikes at various stations or docks for users. This one (wo)man job is great for introverts. Less talk, more bike.

17. Delivery Driver

Living in the Bay Area, there are tons of opportunities to deliver goods to grateful customers. An admiration for being one with the road with a backseat of goodies is a must — that, plus a valid driver’s license. The most interaction you’ll have with others will be a smile and tip for a job well done.

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