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Providing a great customer experience takes a particular set of skills and a special touch. It's best done by those with the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected in fast-paced high-stress environments.

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The customer may not always be exactly 100% right, but they always deserve to enjoy their experience to the fullest. That’s where you come in!

If you're looking for a job in customer service, but not sure where to start, here are 21 ideas for you.


1. Retail Sales Associate

Responsible not just for meeting but often surpassing customer expectations, the sales associate is on the front lines of the customer service experience.

2. Front Desk Receptionist

Handling incoming calls and greeting customers, as well as managing supplies and logging orders, the front desk has to have their act altogether.

3. Booksellers

They know their authors and genres and are comfortable establishing a rapport with customers and helping locate those hard-to-find titles.


4. Account Manager

Focusing on sales and process management, account managers are familiar with the art of the upsell, and they know how to retain their customers by following up with emails and phone calls.

5. Receptionist

Acting as a concierge for customers, office receptionists provide assistance, answer phones, and take and relay messages, all while maintaining files organized.
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Startup / Tech

6. Customer Success

Assisting with “onboarding” and supporting customers to nurture long-term partnerships, they know their marketing lingo and how to use it effectively.

7. Technical Support Representative

Tech support reps are organized communicators and can assist customers face-to-face, over the phone, or online with their various technical needs.

8. Help Desk Support

Providing support to clients on a variety of platforms, help desk support can easily troubleshoot problems and either quickly resolve them or suggest other viable solutions.

Call Center

9. Call Center Representative

Team workers with awesome customer service skills, call center reps are at their best when they display a high level of compassion and understanding while providing accurate information.

10. Bilingual Call Center Representative

Providing relevant information in more than one language not only requires patience and extensive knowledge but excellent problem-solving skills as well.

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11. Cashier

Armed with an ability to multitask in a fast-paced atmosphere, cashiers are quick with math, know their menus, and remain thoughtful and considerate.

12. Host / Hostess

First impressions are important. That’s why the host and hostess are some of the kindest, considerate, and well-groomed workers in the hospitality industry.  

13. Hotel Concierge

Team players with great attitudes and flexible schedules (i.e. don’t mind working nights) may find themselves at the front desk of a luxurious hotel in an exotic location.

14. Waiter / Waitress

Waiters and waitresses are hardworking and friendly. They know how to adjust their game to suit a wide variety of hungry personalities. They are, essentially, the backbone of the food industry.

15. Food Truck Crew

Whether cooking up good eats on the fly, taking orders, or ringing up customers, food truck folks are always on-the-go.

16. Ice Cream Scooper

That high energy can-do attitude will come in handy at the creamery. How many free samples can you provide for the curious and indecisive? Patience is a virtue!


17. Loan Representative

Professional, efficient, and ideally bilingual, loan reps provide accurate financial information, know their interest rates, and are friendly and professional.

18. Bank Teller

Knowing how to balance a cash drawer and dispense currency accurately is just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared to properly identify customers and cross-sell products and services as well.  

Solano Avenue Stroll Solano Avenue Stroll in Berkeley, CA


19. Photo Booth Operator

Seasonal and part-time work as a photo booth operator is a fun way to gain entry into the world of customer service. Handle transactions, clean the display, and don’t forget to say, “Cheese!”

20. Brand Ambassador

If you like being on your feet, you can find part-time work handing out free samples and providing information to potential clients all while staying in shape.

21. Coat Check

Whether working the latest exhibit at the museum or the lavishly catered black-tie event, coat checks are organized, neat, and professional.

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