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If you want to turn “working out” into “work,” then a fitness job could be perfect for you. You’ll get to help others push themselves toward better health and wellness while breaking a sweat yourself! 

Look for these jobs at local gyms, YMCAs, or city recreation centers.

Trainer and Instructor Jobs

1. Yoga Instructor

Love spending time in downward dog? Passionate about the perfect Warrior 1 Pose? Then teach yoga! You’ll help spread the love of the practice while ensuring that your students are practicing correctly. Smile and say, "Ohm."

2. Spinning Instructor

If you can motivate others while moving on a stationary bike yourself, get certified as a spinning instructor. Spinning instructors lead a cardio-intense workout set to music. It’s not easy to keep up your own pace while enthusiastically supporting others, but both you and your students will have your endorphins racing after an hour of it.

3. Swim Instructor

Swimming is an important (and potentially lifesaving) skill. Teaching swimming to both children and adults is a great way to spend time, especially if you like being in a pool. Swim instructors require a lot of patience, but the payoff is huge -- you’ll get to see your students swim on their own and gain confidence. 

4. Water Aerobics Instructor

Is a fish your spirit animal? Water aerobics instructors spend a lot of time in the water whipping their students into shape, so get ready for chlorine to become your new perfume.

5. Pilates Instructor

If you’re the king or queen of a full-body workout, share your passion with pilates. Pilates instructors help their students improve flexibility, strength, and endurance of the whole body. You’ll develop not only a strong core but a strong skill set you can take to other fitness classes.

6. Personal Trainer

Remember Richard Simmons? You can channel his energy while helping clients get into shape. This job is very goal-oriented since clients will come with goals like improving health or losing weight.If you like to help people accomplish their dreams, this could be a great position (plus, you probably get to sport a sweatband). 

7. Cardio Kickboxing Instructor

Kickboxing is empowering and as an instructor, you'll help your students feel empowered, strong, and healthy, especially since it’s a method of self-defense. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve stress. So you’ll kind of be part fitness instructor, part self-defense trainer, and part therapist as your students punch and kick away their frustrations. Hopefully they don’t kick in your direction...

8. Bootcamp Instructor

If you’re a hardcore gym rat who likes to push people to their limit, teaching boot camp is for you. Bootcamp classes are notoriously hard, and the instructors are fit and demand a lot from students. Prepare to have a bunch of people curse you under their breath until the endorphins kick in.

9. Martial Arts Instructor

From karate to taekwondo to capoeira, martial arts are great ways to get in touch with spirituality, keep healthy, and practice self-defense skills.Though you’ll be training students traditions of combat, technically, the other lessons of martial arts often shine brighter. And from youth karate classes to ones more popular with adults, there are so many kinds of martial arts that you’ll get to choose your expertise.

Administrative Jobs

10. Front Desk Receptionist

Gym members are looking for a friendly face when they arrive — and that’s you! If you love customer service and interacting with guests, this front-of-house role could be perfect.You’ll help guide guests to where they are going, do a lot of organizing, answer a lot of questions, and also just say, “Hi!” Plus, it’s one of the few jobs in the fitness field that doesn’t keep you sweating all day.

11. Fitness Manager

This administrative position manages the operations of the fitness programs including classes and staff. Class instructors report to the fitness manager with any issues -- or just to let them know how well their kickboxing class is going.The fitness manager also works with budgets, training of new hires, and ensures fitness program areas are up to standards. You may spend a little more time crunching numbers than pumping iron in this position, but you’ll get to run a department and team. 

12. Facility Supervisor

The facility supervisor (or director) is responsible for the place part of a fitness center. You’ll have all the keys to the building, know what pipe connects where, and all the secret behind-the-scenes info. This means that when something breaks — like the air conditioning — it’s up to you and your team to get it fixed.It can be stressful at times, but there’s something cool about knowing every nook and cranny of a place and having the power to run it effectively.

13. Sales Representative

This position requires (potential) customer interaction and a little bit of persuasion. As a sales representative, you’ll help future members figure out what membership plan is best for them and convince them your fitness center is the right fit for them. And you’re an important piece of the team. It’s up to you to help the place keep going…. but no pressure.

14. Membership Coordinator

Every fitness center needs members. You’ll help members sign up, maintain their membership, answer questions, connect them to new classes, assist with billing, and make members feel at home. If you love guest interaction, this is a great position for you.

Wellness and Nutrition Jobs

15. Nutrition Consultant

If eating well is a passion of yours, being a nutrition consultant might make sense. Share your passion for healthy eating with those who have a hard time doing it on their own.You’ll get to work one-on-one with clients and literally help them change their lives through weight loss, disease treatment, or disease prevention through the food they eat.

16. Wellness Coach

Wellness coaches work more broadly than just nutrition. You’ll assist clients in practicing healthier habits depending on their needs — nutrition or an exercise plan, for instance. You help educate the client on positive steps toward their goal and set them up with other classes or trainers while being a cheerleader for their success. 

Local Sports Jobs

17. Youth Sports Coach

If you miss the soccer team of your youth, here’s a great way to pass on the passion and inspire a new generation of athletes. You’ll help lead a team to victory (or at least an attempt at one) while teaching athletic skills and sportsmanship. Bonus points if you bring orange slices to halftime.

18. Lifeguard

It’s not all Baywatch babes and Hasselhoff slow runs, but lifeguarding can be a really fun job, albeit one that carries a lot of responsibility. Year-round lifeguarding jobs are available at local gyms where you’ll be guarding lane swimmers, swim teams, and sometimes the occasional birthday party.

This job obviously requires some certification and training, but it usually comes with a flexible schedule and a good hourly pay.

19. Referee

Love ensuring the rules are followed? Become a referee if you love fair play — and black and white stripes. You’ll ref local sports teams on nights and weekends, and you’ll get to blow a whistle. 

Healing Jobs

20. Physical Therapist

You’ll have to spend a lot of time in school earning your degree as a PT healthcare professional, but the payoff to help people heal from injuries or health conditions is worth it. You’ll work one-on-one with clients and make a great difference in their lives while helping them to heal.

21. Massage Therapist

Everyone loves a massage therapist. You will heal with the power of touch while soothing injuries and tight muscles and joints. You’ll get the benefit of seeing clients leave more relaxed and happier than when they arrived, which is a great way to maintain job satisfaction.

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