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With the rise of the flexible workforce, coworking spaces are gaining popularity. Especially in the Bay Area, no longer is it cool to work a 9-5 in a big downtown office building. Instead, people want to get hired as a freelancer in the Bay Area or start their own business as an entrepreneur. 

Inspire someone to discover the unexpected perks of being an intern and run your business from a coworking space. These spots are great for eliminating the distractions of home and the noise of coffee shops.

Coworking Spaces in Oakland

1. Impact Hub Oakland

Impact Hub Oakland provides an inspired and inspiring workspace right in the heart of Downtown Oakland. They have a community based on the values of authenticity, radical inclusivism, creativity & expression, inspiration, respect, reciprocity, and effectiveness.

Impact Hub Oakland is conveniently located on Broadway in Oakland, a few blocks from the 19th Street BART stop. With a membership at Impact Hub Oakland, you become a part of a diverse community of purpose-driven people. They offer a wide range of space rentals and membership plans.

Impact Hub Oakland | Photo Credit: Impact Hub

2. The Port

Located in Jack London Square and Downtown Oakland, the Port provides professional, flexible workspace at an affordable price. Members can choose from a variety of workspaces including quiet or collegial, conference or café, tables, couches and private workstations.

The Port also provides WiFi, coffee and tea, printing, and friendly peers with your month-to-month plan. With two shared locations in Jack London Square—plus a new huge location near 19th Street Bart, there are plenty of meeting rooms, event space, and workspace for all.

3. OakStop

Located in the heart of Uptown Oakland is OakStop, a destination for all. With private and open office space for startups, entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and artists, OakStop has something for everyone. Unlike other co-working spaces, you'll find a nice balance between professional and creative people at OakStop. They also have space for events, exhibits, conferences, workshops, and meetings.

With a membership at OakStop, you get a centrally located building, right above the 19th St BART Station, free WiFi, free coffee and tea, and a creative community. They have memberships ranging from monthly plans to day passes. You can even customize your own membership package, a unique concept from OakStop.

To learn more about OakStop, click here.

Oakstop | Photo Credit: Oakland North

4. Tech Liminal

Tech Liminal is a technology-focused coworking space in Downtown Oakland. At Tech Liminal, diverse minds come together to cultivate innovation. They offer professional development groups focused on areas such as Programming, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Online Marketing.

They are one of the few co-working spaces in Oakland that put on workshops for community members to explore technology in the context of pure learning.

Tech Liminal's principle is to encourage the use of technology and the web as resources to increase the success and efficiency of local business owners. If you’re looking for a co-working space in Oakland that has a focus on technological advancement, Tech Liminal is for you!

To learn more about Tech Liminal, click here.

Co-Working Spaces in Berkeley

5. NextSpace

This is a great option if you're one of the startup companies hiring now in Berkeley. If you’re looking for a friendly, quiet environment to work in, this is the place for you. With membership, you get your own personal space 24/7, lightning fast wifi, unlimited coffee and tea, 6 hours of conference room time per month, 200 pages of copies and prints a month, and weekly member-focused events.

You can choose from their different workspace packages including café, workstation, office, day pass, or mailbox. While you're there, check out the old vault (ask a member to find out what we're talking about!).

To learn more about NextSpace, click here.

6. Impact Hub Berkeley

Located in the David Brower Center, Impact Hub Berkeley is a co-working space in Berkeley with expansive windows, natural light, clean indoor air quality, and infrastructure from recycled materials.

Not only is Impact Hub Berkeley a co-working space, it is also an event space for its membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.

They focus on the creation of a better world through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative, and committed individuals. If you’re looking for a co-working space in Berkeley with a focus on social change, Impact Hub Berkeley is the place for you!

To learn more about Impact Hub Berkeley, click here.

7. SkyDeck

True to the name, SkyDeck has an amazing view of the East Bay and beyond. At the top of the Chase building in the heart of Downtown Berkeley, SkyDeck accelerates technology, science, and disruptive business startups.

The space is free for those that get past a competitive application process. Here is the catch, you need to have at least one member of your team affiliated with UC Berkeley, LBNL, or UCSF.

Acceptance into SkyDeck comes with work space, mentors, event space, and connections to investors. You also get to hang out with 20-30 awesome startup teams and access to a killer happy hour on Fridays. Teams at SkyDeck are regularly hiring for sales and marketing jobs, particularly related to social media or community management. Check Localwise regularly for job openings.

To learn more about SkyDeck, click here.

SkyDeck | Photo Credit: SkyDeck

8. Sandbox Suites Berkeley

Sandbox is a place that fits the needs of the modern professional and the freedom-loving entrepreneur. Home to freelancers, startups and telecommuters, SandBox Suites is a launchpad to build your empire. They offer a wide array of memberships, ranging from Virtual Presence (with just an address and mailbox) to Team (with office space).

Sandbox Suites Berkeley has had many success stories including AirBnB, Blue Bottle Coffee Co., and Cisco. Before you become the next big thing, you can try their workspace out for free for the first day!

To learn more about Sandbox Suites Berkeley, click here.

9. WeWork

WeWork is all about providing the space, community, and services you need to create your life’s work. This is a place where you enter as an individual but become a part of a greater team. If the sense of community really matters to you, WeWork is the place for you! They offer various memberships including individual and team memberships.

To learn more about WeWork, click here.

WeWork | Photo Credit: WeWork

10. ShareSpace@Ashby

Formerly known as BlueDoor, ShareSpace@Ashby is a friendly, relaxed co-working space in South Berkeley that provides a nice atmosphere at an affordable price. Compared to other co-working space, ShareSpace is an economical option and is conveniently located next to Ashby BART station.

If you're looking for a secure, fun space without lots of frills, ShareSpace is for you! Best of all, you can try it for free for a day before you commit.

To learn more about ShareSpace@Ashby, click here.

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