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The days of mowing your neighbor's lawn are done — you're finally ready to enter the workforce. Small problem though: you have little-to-no work experience. What jobs are you qualified for?

Check out the 47 best and most popular entry-level jobs for those of us who are just trying to get our foot in the door!

Entry-Level Food & Drink Jobs

1. Ice Cream Scooper

Wouldn't it be great to put a smile on a kid's face every time they walked through the door? Well, ice cream scoopers do that all the time, all while serving and maintaining an ice cream establishment. It's a pretty cool job (pun intended) that is only stressful during hot seasons and peak hours. Plus, free ice cream!

2. Bar Back

As the all-important bar back in a busy bar or restaurant, you are the backbone. This assistant to the bartender gets to clean the bar and stock drink supplies. You're the person who maintains the order and keeps everything flowing smoothly. This is why the bar back gets to keep a percentage of the bartender's tips.

3. Host/Hostess

Recall your last trip to your favorite restaurant: there was always a person waiting out front to welcome you. That's the host or hostess. They're responsible for greeting customers, seating them, and making sure each member of the wait staff has a good amount of tables and customers to serve. It's a relatively low-risk job, not counting the occasional unruly customer.

4. Dishwasher

The dishwasher is an extremely busy and important kitchen position. You are constantly maintaining work areas, washing dishes and cookware, taking out the garbage and cleaning the floors.

While not entirely glamorous, the dishwasher maintains the health standards of the kitchen. Plus, dishwashers have a lot of leeway to move up to higher kitchen positions.

5. Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker's roles is exactly what it sounds like: you prepare the ingredients and assemble the sandwiches! Generally, you'll be placed at an assembly line to prepare each sandwich at different stages with care and skill.

Like the dishwasher, this position leaves a lot of room for growth. Plus, as the sandwich maker, you're important to the kitchen team because you're often the only one who knows the assembly line system and the secret recipes that go along with it.

6. Busser

The busser is in charge of the clean-up process everywhere in the restaurant except for the kitchen. He or she sets clean linens, silverware, and dishes at the tables before the customer arrives and takes away the dirty ones after a customer leaves.

It's a job that'll keep you on your feet, so apply if you're up for a cleaning workout!

7. Junior Barista

Much better than just making coffee in that Keurig coffee maker, the junior barista designs and creates delicious caffeinated concoctions! The difference between a junior barista and the head barista lies in your experience and training. However, the essential tasks don't differ all that much. 

With just a bit of experience (and maybe a bit of schmoozing), you'll be the head in no time!

Entry-Level Retail Jobs

8. Cashier

This person is arguably one of the most important in the store: you handle all the ka-ching that comes through the store!

A cashier will usually undergo basic training and be supervised at first, but the learning curve is gradual and you'll be able to handle even the worst of holiday rushes in no time. A cashier's job isn't to be taken lightly though — it's  a big responsibility to be trusted with the store's money.

9. Pet Grooming Assistant

If you love working with animals, this job is perfect for you! The pet grooming assistant is in charge of watching the pet, bathing him, and cleaning the grooming area. While not a physically strenuous position, there is a great deal of standing, kneeling, crouching, and lifting involved.

10. Retail Sales Associate

The retail sales associate is the people-person of the retail store. He or she greets the customer when they walk in, asks if they need any help, and gives advice and service that will help the customer complete the purchase.

Generally, the skills you need for this job are high energy and a friendly personality — the rest only comes with time!

11. Warehouse Staff

A warehouse staff member is in charge of completing orders, usually by preparing and packaging products for shipment. The only prior knowledge you'll need is an understanding of the warehouse database and a familiarity with modern warehousing practices and methods.

12. Bookseller

This is the job for someone who is looking for a mellow first job and loves everything about books.

Booksellers, depending on how many or which shifts they work, will be there a few hours before opening and a few hours after closing to arrange the books and find new ones that customers may be looking for. It's generally a quiet job, but it may require you to work weekends and holidays.

Retail Sales Associate

Entry-Level Education Jobs

13. Assistant Teacher

For anyone who wants to eventually go into education or become a certified instructor, an assistant teaching position is a great way to gain experience and knowledge on-the-job.

You'll be helping a teacher run the classroom and schedule curriculum, and you'll get to observe how a classroom setting works. Maybe you'll even get to teach a lesson or two!

14. Daycare Assistant

Daycare Assistants arguably have the cutest — and most important — entry-level education role. They are responsible for nurturing small children, teaching them and keeping them safe. Often, this is done by coordinating activities with little kids that will enrich their lives and help them grow.

The assistant mostly does basic activities with the kids and plans things like their snacks, but they're taking care of the world's adorable future.

15. Tutor

Tutors are the silent heroes when it comes to a child's education. They spend that extra time with a child who is struggling in a particular subject and work to make sure the child understand the concepts.

Whether you work as a paid tutor in a facility or on your own, you are the difference between a child's passing and failing grade. It's a very rewarding job that gives you the opportunity to shape the future today!

16. After School Program Assistant

If you want the pedagogical experience but perhaps can't take on the huge time commitment of an assistant teacher, there's always the after school program assistant option. These people coordinate learning activities for students who are looking for extra help or even just to have fun with their friends.

Entry-Level Startup & Tech Jobs

17. Social Media Marketing Assistant

The social media marketing assistant generally supports the marketing department of a company with various tasks including, but not limited to, submitting blog posts, planning and posting on company social media channels, and planning online promotion schedules.

The assistant will not be in charge of all of the company's social media presence, but he or she will create a lot of the content that will actually be displayed.

18. Operations Assistant

Operations assistants generally report to the head operations manager and help to ensure that the everyday tasks of a business operate smoothly.

The specific tasks of an operations assistant vary a lot because every business has different inputs, operations structures, and outputs. Your roles could include more tedious tasks like clerical work or something as broad as employee or office management.

19. Community Manager

A community manager is essentially the voice of a company to the outside world — the spokesperson for the brand through communications. As a community manager, you are mostly focused on content creation that promotes the company, brand, product, or message. This involves things like blog posts, twitter posts, attending social events and networking, etc.

20. Campus Ambassador

If you're currently enrolled in a bachelor's/master's program at a college or university and you're involved on campus, this is the job for you! Campus ambassadors are the voice of a company or brand on a particular college campus. They introduce and connect students on campus to a product and hope to expand the user base of the product.

21. Software Engineer

While getting a software Engineer job requires you to have at least some experience with programming, software design, and software development fundamentals, you do not need to have lots of previous work experience to become one.

Community Manager

Entry-Level Nonprofit Jobs

22. Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camp is a transformative time for a kid or student. Summer camp counselors are always there to facilitate the fun and make sure the campers are learning and being safe along the way. You might find yourself leading an arts and crafts table or teaching sixth graders how to become engineers. Either way, you'll be creating lasting memories.

23. Grassroots Organizer

If there's one specific cause or action committee that you identify strongly with, look into how you could become a grassroots organizer for them. You'd be helping them out tremendously by actively organizing new members and trying to recruit advocates for the cause. The grassroots organizer develops and manages the network of activists for the organization.

24. Program Assistant

The program assistant for a nonprofit organization generally reports to a director or manager and conducts administrative tasks as needed. Essentially, you do what needs to be done so that the nonprofit can function and advocate for its cause.   

Entry-Level Art & Design Jobs

25. Assistant Graphic Designer

Though officially an assistant, the assistant graphic designer has lots of say in the creative design process. Most employers are willing to give the assistant graphic designer specific design tasks and projects to work on.

26. Art Gallery Assistant

An art gallery assistant will be responsible for most of the administrative tasks in the gallery. This includes, but is not limited to, installing and uninstalling the various artworks, processing sales transactions, and welcoming collectors to the gallery as they walk in. Some knowledge of the type of art in the gallery is sometimes required, but often only a plus.

27. Interior Design Assistant

The interior design assistant is invaluable to the interior designer because they provide valuable support. Often, the interior design assistant will get to travel to design sites with the interior designer and conduct activities like measurement, spacing, and planning.

Entry-Level Administrative & Office Jobs

28. Executive Assistant

Executive assistants are some of the most common occupations worldwide and the specific duties vary based on where you work. In general, however, executive assistants carry out the regular day-to-day administrative tasks of the office such as planning schedules, organizing files, and editing reports and presentations.

In order to do this job, the candidate should have general proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, supply management, and equipment maintenance.

29. Office Manager

Similar to an executive assistant, the office manager is responsible for the organization of the office. General responsibilities include planning and implementing office systems, completing operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees, and appraising job results.

30. Account Manager

Your job is to bring in new clients and keep them happy. Businesses can't function without sales, which means you'll be a pretty important person around the office. You'll earn a commission on your sales, which means there's an opportunity to make a lot of bank.

31. Customer Service Representative

The customer service representative is a great interpersonal entry-level job. As a customer service representative, you will generally resolve customer complaints via phone, email, or social media outlets, and facilitate the customer-product exchange process.

32. Legal Assistant

For all the pre-law or clerical workers out there, a legal assistant may be the first job for you! You'll get to help develop cases, take courtroom notes, and organize legal files. Be prepared to be an essential part of the firm because you are the one who enhances the attorney's effectiveness.

Customer Service Representative

Entry-Level Health & Fitness Jobs

33. Lifeguard

Lifeguards have a very important job with the best view imaginable. They are responsible for maintaining the safety and health of everyone soaking up the sun and bathing in the water. Lifeguards need to be certified in CPR and other training, but that usually only takes a few weeks.

34. Front Desk Receptionist

As the front desk receptionist at a fitness studio, you will greet customers, check their membership passes and answer any questions that customers have. Perks of the job usually include free membership and fitness classes, so it's a great gig if you want to get in shape.

35. Non-Medical Caregiver

A non-medical caregiver could be something like a babysitter or a caretaker for an elderly person. Both involve going to someone's home and ensuring that a person is taken care of for an extended period of time (depending on the needs of the person). Basic caregiving, in this case, means making sure a person is fed, warm, comfortable, and safe.

36. Tour Guide

Tour guides, in this case, refer to those who take people on sightseeing bike tours or food tours, such as those in San Francisco or around the Bay Area. The only thing you need to know for this job is your way around the city and all of the fun and famous sights along the way.

Entry-Level Driver Jobs

37. Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery drivers can either work part-time or full-time in a relatively relaxed environment. The job includes delivering food products safely and quickly, all while providing great customer service. You'll need a valid driver's license, a clean driving record, and most importantly — a friendly attitude!

38. Lyft or Uber Driver

Lyft and Uber drivers are part of a new generation of taxi drivers. You get the benefits of great pay, flexible hours, and the opportunity to be your own boss while on the open road. You must have a valid driver's license, a clean driving record, and pass a standard background check to qualify for these jobs.

Entry-Level Marketing & Social Media Jobs

39. Marketing Assistant

The marketing team in a company is responsible for promoting and driving the sales of a company's product or service. The marketing assistant gets to help out with whatever needs to get done each day, and is there to make sure the rest of the team can do their job.

40. Blogger

A blogger's job is all about content creation. You'll take the company's message and tone and deliver it to customers through company- or product-related blog posts. Being a blogger is mostly a creative process, and it's great for burgeoning writers or people who would like to get writing samples on their resume.

41. Social Media Coordinator

The social media coordinator does not focus on marketing or sales, but rather on getting the company's mission and message to their customer base. They analyze trends in social media and the industry and try to respond accordingly through innovative social media content.

Entry-Level Beauty & Spa Jobs

42. Front Desk Receptionist

Being the front desk receptionist at a beauty salon and spa involves scheduling appointments, answering calls and welcoming customers. The job can be hectic when the salon is busy, so you'd better be good at multi-tasking.

43. Assistant Hair Stylist

Most hair stylists need to be licensed in order to cut and style hair or perform cosmetic treatments. However, the assistant hair stylist does not need to be certified. You'll simply do the tasks that do not require certification, such as shampooing people's hair. This is a great way to get your feet wet in the beauty world before taking the full plunge into beauty school.

44. Assistant Makeup Artist

For the makeup-savvy people out there, becoming an assistant to a makeup artist is a great way to gain experience to eventually become one yourself. The assistant to the makeup artist does not have a lot of creative leeway, but may get to recreate a look that the makeup artist has designed if they have enough clients, allowing the assistant makeup artist to showcase their work.

Entry-Level Construction Jobs

45. Assistant Project Manager

You might call the assistant project manager the jack-of-all-trades of a construction project. He or she links together and communicates with all the parties involved in a project — i.e., vendors, contractors, subcontractors, etc. — and fixes any problems that may arise.

46. Window Cleaner

Window cleaners can work on both commercial or residential sites. Their main responsibility is to clean windows, doors, and other glass surfaces. Efficiency and some physical strength may be helpful, as often you will be on a ladder or working from a safety cradle in order to get the job done. It's a job that takes you to new heights!

47. Maintenance Assistant

This is the physically-demanding job that most people think of when they think of construction work. This sort of work could involve working on construction projects as they are getting built or maintaining the standards of the facility after it has been completed. This could include heavy construction or simple patchwork — it will depend on the needs of the project.

The sky really is the limit for those looking to get their first job and finally enter the workforce. Once you've got your first job, you can work your way up to that ideal 6 figure salary-paying position. Good luck!

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