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After taking the time to learn how to hire like a pro and build an impressive staff, you should definitely introduce them to your customers. Posting pictures to social media is an easy and free way to bring customers and employees together and is one of our simple secrets to retaining your most talented employees

And out of all of the social media platforms, Instagram is the one that prioritizes images. Here are some tips for how to use it to create a community around your business:

1. Smile

A smile is an effective way to attract new customers. Much more than just a facial expression, it communicates an emotion and state of mind.

A smile establishes a relationship, encourages trust and makes people feel welcome. It helps form a good first impression of the business and lets people know that they can expect attentive customer service.

2. Use first names

A name takes an interaction from anonymous to personalized. Using first names acknowledges identity, individuality and makes customers feel connected.

By being introduced virtually before going into the business, they’ll have an idea of who might be working with them when they visit, and this will make the relationship that much more meaningful.

3. Share behind the scenes

Transparency encourages trust and makes people feel more connected to the business. Learning about the process of making a handmade product is educational, interesting and engaging.

Plus, it positions your business as an authority in the industry. For example, this Instagram video by @flourandwatersf is seriously inspiring! 

4. Show how much you care 

Demonstrating the dedication of your team makes everyone else pay attention and take notice. People will have more respect and your team will have more pride in their work.

Not only is seeing the dedication for your craft compelling, it's also a great way for you to learn how to use social media to attract the right talent.

5. Connect with the community

Positivity attracts more positivity, and people love to shop at local businesses that support the wider community. Showing what your business is doing to be a good neighbor will bring in those conscious customers. 

Instagram makes it easy for local businesses to reach out to the community. Instead of just promoting your product or service, use social media to emphasize the human element and make a genuine connection. Posting pictures of your friendly, fun, and skilled team makes people feel welcome and encourages them to visit.


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