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Like all first encounters, an employee's first day on the job can set the tone for how they feel about coming to work for a long time to come.

Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your new hire feels like they made the right decision to come work for you.

1. Send them a welcome email

After you’ve made the job offer and they’ve accepted and a few days before they’re set to start, send them a welcome email with any instructions they should know for their first day.

If you’ll be taking them out to lunch or the company provides lunch, let them know so they don’t have to pack a lunch or worry about where to eat.

2. Be there when they arrive

Make sure you have given them a start time that is a little after when you plan on arriving. Give yourself enough time to get in, put your stuff down and be ready to welcome them.

If there is a certain place they should park, door to enter through or procedures for getting in, make sure they know all of these things in advance from their welcome email.

3. Give them space

Provide a clean, safe place for your new employee to put their things when they arrive. If they’ll have a workstation, make sure it’s clean and ready to go. If there’s a place for them to store lunch or reheat food, show them where this is.

4. Introduce them to the team

As you’re showing them their workstation, any other equipment they’ll be using, and where the restrooms are located, introduce them to any co-workers they may be working with.

5. Go over expectations

You’ll probably have a pretty long list of things to get through on the first day with your new employee, so give them a sense of the schedule and information you’ll be covering.

Go over any company policies or rules and establish communication procedures with them (is it okay to text you if they’re running late? What number should they call?) And even if you’ve already established it in the job offer, review their schedule with them.

If you can, take them to lunch or introduce them to the neighborhood where they can get lunch on their own. Better yet, arrange for a small group of their colleagues to take them out to lunch so they get a break from spending the whole day with their boss.

At the end of the day, thank them for joining your team!

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