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Most job seekers are looking for the best ways to find an ideal company culture in their new job. This makes fostering a strong company culture in your business even more crucial to hiring quality staff.

There are so many small changes you can make that will freshen up the atmosphere of your business and make your employees excited to come to work every day. Check out our essential culture-building tips for every business below, no matter the industry:

1. Develop your core values and mission statement 

Create a team-oriented mission statement or set of core values and follow through with those values. It will make your employees feel included if they have a strong sense of your vision for the business.

It’s important to build this sense of unity with your employees because it'll be reflected to your customers.

2. Practice clear communication and transparency 

Communication is key! Make sure you are consistently keeping an open and clear communication with the people involved in your business. This will keep your network strong and secure.

Transparency will also build trust and create a gateway for any questions that employees may have about what the company is trying to accomplish.

3. Establish vacation and break times 

Don’t overwhelm your employees with work. Allow your employees a break during shifts and try to encourage vacation times. This ensures stress-free, positive mindsets that will help build the best company culture. Give your employees ample rest and watch the productivity of your business soar!

Want some more industry-specific tips? We've got those too! However, utilize any of the following tips that make sense for your business. Whatever floats your boat!

Food Service Industry

1. Offer weekly or monthly staff meals

Japanese restaurants often offer makanai, or staff meals, on the house before the shop opens. It’s important to have staff meals together to allow your employees to get to know each other. Allowing a friendly atmosphere among coworkers is the best way to get your restaurant running smoothly!

2. Organize co-worker outings

Gather your employees together once a month and invite them out for dinner or drinks! It’s nice to relax every now and then, and hanging out in a more casual setting will foster openness among your employees, naturally strengthening the company culture.

3. Emphasize your own unique style

Since turnover rates are so high in the food service industry, maintaining stable workers is a difficult task. Develop your own traditions and policies that are unique to your business. This may give you the edge that keeps people loyal to your business for the long run!

Startup & Tech Industry

1. Hire people with a vision for the company

When starting out as a business, make sure to hire employees that share your core values. This is so important for the startup industry because you're trying to launch a brand new business! Don't be afraid to go with your gut and hire people who understand the vision for your upcoming company.

2. Implement plenty of creative employee perks

For companies with a tight budget, one great way to foster a strong company culture is with plenty of creative perks for your employees! Many of them won't even cost you a dime. They will, however, show your employees that you care about making their work experience as enjoyable as possible.

3. Be prepared for change

As your company develops, you may reassess your values and realize that some of your goals need to change. When that happens, keep your employees in the loop! That way, the entire team will continue to grow with you and understand the changes that happen.

Retail Industry

1. Allow employees to play music

One of many ways to keep your employees happy is to allow them to choose the music that plays in your boutique or shop. Since they are the ones in there all day, give them something they want to groove to. This will lighten the atmosphere and allow your employees to have fun together while on shift.

2. Practice customer service skills as a staff

Of course, this goes for any industry, but the customer is an important part of a successful business. Train your team to practice this with each customer day in and day out. That way, the company’s culture will flourish with the support of both employees and customers!

3. Implement weekly style awards

Want your employees to look as fresh as your merchandise? Give them an incentive to do so! This will encourage creativity and, hopefully, fun conversations between employees each week.

Professional Industry

1. Implement casual Fridays (or something like it)

Move away from the suits and heels for the last day of the week and allow your employees to express their own style. Or, just allow them to be casual in a t-shirt and jeans, if that's what they're into.

Giving your employees the freedom to dress however they want for a day will definitely create a cheerful company culture.

2. Schedule frequent one-on-one meetings

Of course, keeping your company team-focused means that you must attend to the individuals that make up that team. Show your employees you care about them individually by checking up with them each of them every once in a while.

If each employee feels seen and heard, they will work hard, feel valuable as a worker, and strengthen the company culture.

3. Create openness in the office workspace

Have you ever tried working in a cubicle for 8 hours a day? If not, trust me when I say it's not an inspiring space.

Many companies are turning to a more open work space, with long community tables or desks without dividing walls. This will be a more pleasant space, as well as encourage communication between employees.

Company culture is the foundation of any company, regardless of the industry! Work to integrate these kinds of things into your business and it will surely foster connection and pleasantry in the workspace. Who doesn't want that?

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