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Any workplace's most valuable assets are arguably their people. Whether your business is making billions of dollars or barely anything at all, you can't make your world go 'round without employees making it happen. Work naturally pressures people to focus on catering to business needs and it's so easy to forget to look at people as humans rather than just employees. 

Next time you forget to view your team as such, think about how much more your business could thrive as a result of implementing effective ways to keep your employees happy and productive

People need to come first. Period. So check out these 5 easy ways to keep your employees happy!

1. Don't be a micro-manager

Want to push your employees away to do great things elsewhere? Be a micro-manager and watch them go. Avoid this management style by being a clear communicator. Provide expectations and responsibilities from the get-go, during your employee's first week of hire, preferably.

Give them their wings and let them fly, even if it's into a window– allow your employees to make their own mistakes so they can learn from them. If you need an update on something, just ask! You don't need to hover over every single responsibility.

Let the plant grow without over-watering it. Being over-baring is discouraging and can be straight-up un-constructive.

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2. Be genuine

Yes, you're at work and you're a boss, but this doesn't mean you need to put on a front to maintain respect and "authority." Throw the ego away and be more personable with your employees.

In return, they can be themselves around you in their "second home" which then results in a better, more open working relationship.

3. Be a clear communicator

While you shouldn't micromanage, don't be afraid to provide constructive criticism to your employees. One of the worst things about being a hard-worker is not knowing where you stand and where you can improve on.

Take into consideration the approach you're giving toward your employee, be you, but know you can't handle one personality in the same way you would with all different types.

Schedule 1 on 1's on a regular basis so both you and your employee can stay on the same page with things. If your employee doesn't seem happy, ask why, and apply.

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4. Be supportive

Whether your employee isn't performing well or they're a rock star at the job, be a supportive leader that aims to improve and grow their employees. Also, know that recognition goes a long way to turning someone's engagement around. This is one of the simplest secrets to retaining your most talented employees

Highlight your employee's improvements and accomplishments. People want to feel valued in the workplace and know what they're doing is important, especially when they're feeling discouraged.

Being supportive as a manager also includes challenging employees and seeing how far they can push themselves to be a better worker. Think of projects or assignments that your employee would enjoy and benefit from. These projects could also lessen your workload, FYI.

5. Keep work fun

Work is work, but it should be fun at some point, right? To expand on the idea that work is also our "second home," aim to make your workplace somewhere where your team looks forward to going every day. This is easy. Try implementing these ideas into your workplace:

  • Acknowledge birthdays and work anniversaries – even if it's just a simple note. This makes a world of difference than having your employee think everyone forgot their birthday.
  • Make it a point to schedule team bonding events on a regular, perhaps monthly, basis and limit the work chatter to ten minutes. This increases a sense of belonging and community within your culture. Don't want to organize it? Appoint someone who would love to or schedule a potluck. Bing, bang, boom!
  • Welcome the occasional goofing off and chatter throughout the day, some people really need these breaks to be productive and content.

Making your employees happy is one of the best tips for fostering a strong company culture. Trust us, it can only do good for your business. Try working these things into everyday work life and see what happens!

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