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Maybe you’re a business owner or manager wanting to make sure your workforce is super happy. Maybe you’ve been racking your brain for ideas on unique perks you can offer to help you stand out in a tight job market

Maybe you just found an excellent, comprehensive list of ideas on how to accomplish such things. I can assure you that you did! Here's our list of 27 perks to offer your employees. Most don't require a large budget, just a little time and creativity.

On-Site Perks

1. Free meals

As an employee, not having to worry about what you’re going to cook for lunch (or if your belt can handle another fast food trip during the middle of the day) is the best. It’s like a mini-Christmas every time it happens. 

If you want to provide free meals on the cheap, organize a team potluck lunch or plan for small groups of co-workers to take out new hires for lunch on the company. This could easily turn into one of many edgy orientation ideas your new employees would love

2. On-site employee concierge

Partner with a service like Farmigo that delivers groceries to the office or reach out to your local dry cleaner to schedule regular times for them to pick up and drop off dry cleaning. This doesn't have to cost you a dime, and it will save time for your team members.

3. Bring your dog to work every day

Having your business open to pets is an awesome perk to have for your employees. Pups brighten people’s days and allowing them around gives owners the pleasure of staying close to their canine companions.

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Travel Perks

4. Pre-paid vacation

A pre-paid vacation is when you pay your employee’s salary on top of paying for the expenses of a vacation trip. This is an awesome way to encourage your employees to disconnect and take a break without the stress of being able to afford it. They will absolutely love you for it!

5. Travel abroad stipend

Experiencing the world and other cultures plays a huge part in growing into a well-rounded human being. Offering your employees a stipend and a little extra time off when they travel abroad encourage that growth.

6. Free flight

Offer your employees a free flight. Do it! Most people could use a getaway or an excuse to visit family over the holidays. Knowing that you’ve got a free ticket somewhere is knowing you’ve got a free ticket to adventure.

Fitness & Health Perks

7. Yoga classes

Yoga has been linked to reducing stress, boosting immunity, and improving posture along with many other physical and mental benefits. So offering yoga classes in-house or at a studio could mean less sick days are taken and better peace of mind for your employees.

8. Free massages

It’s unanimous. There are absolutely no downsides to getting a massage. It releases stress and helps your body heal mentally and physically. Providing free massages to your employees is one of the most amazing things you could offer.

9. Gym membership

Whether you’re offering an onsite gym or a gym membership, exercising reduces stress and is a vital part of healthy living. Happy and healthier employees means better work produced.

10. Sabbatical option

Having the opportunity to take some time off is amazing. Offering long sabbaticals to employees gives them the security of being able to fully take on different parts of their life without the worry of having to find a new job once they’re ready to return to the workforce.

11. Time off during the day

Taking a break is highly important. Giving time off during the day is significant, especially when your employees go through stress with projects, sales, or dinner rushes. Having a four-hour break in the middle of the day after you’ve finished a huge rush is mind-saving.

Monetary Perks

12. Unlimited paid time off

Offering this to your employees is basically saying, "I trust you to get the job done." It’s why you hired them in the first place!

Offering some sort of unlimited PTO lets them know that they can rely on you to help them lead healthy lives as much as you believe in them to get the job done. Create rules and limitations as you see fit for your business.

13. Professional dress advance

If the office atmosphere is super high class and you can’t imagine your employees getting through the day without a blazer, offering them a clothing advance will give them the necessary funds to show up looking fly one their first day — and every day after! 

This is a great example of one of the simple secrets to retaining your most talented employees

14. Tuition reimbursement/education subsidizing

Learning the skills to get the job done is crucial to success. Continuing education broadens the scope of what a person can do.

If tuition for a university-level class sounds too pricey, there are plenty of online ed programs. Classes from Lynda, Skillshare, and Brit + Co can be as little as $19. Remember, reimbursing your employees on tuition is basically making an investment in your company.

Family & Home Perks

16. On-site daycare

When they’re not being superheroes for their kids, most parents are working a job. Providing on-site daycare offers the relief of having a convenient place to drop off and pick up their kids. It also means they can check on their little ones at the daycare, giving further peace of mind.

15. Pet insurance

Providing employees with pet insurance is an amazingly special gift. There’s something truly special to be said for the peace of mind one has knowing that their furry, feathered, or scaly companion can get medical attention when they need it. Plus, there are plenty of pet insurance options.

17. Parental leave

Allowing parents leave (to continue being superheroes for their kids) is not only kind but ethical. I think we’ve all heard of the narrative where the parents are too busy with work to show up to their kid's baseball game. Offering parental leave encourages those workaholics to take a break and enjoy their kids.

18. Free housecleaning services

Working people lead busy lives and are often juggling a half a million things at once. Sending house cleaners to your employees' homes every so often can really make a difference in their moods and ability to work well. There's definitely something to be said for, “Clear space, clear mind.”

Entertainment Perks

19. Video game room

Taking your mind off of work for a bit helps to refresh your brain to go back and accomplish more. Having a video game room is to gamers as providing a gym is to fitness people.

20. Ping pong/pool table

Adding a ping pong or pool table to the office creates camaraderie and boosts morale between employees. Interactive things that employees can do together offers a positive sense of connectivity in a more relaxed way than the workspace.

21. Concert tickets

It's always nice to get out and see some live music. Offering free concert tickets to your employees could give the impetus for workaholics to take a night off and have some fun!

22. Free tickets to sporting events

You can never go wrong with offering free tickets to your employees. Sporting events are no exception. Free tickets to events give your employees that little extra push to get out and enjoy themselves and those who are really nutty about sports will love this one.

23. Organized social clubs

High School had it right with those extracurricular clubs, like chess club. The clubs you set up don’t have to be so classical, but they may set up the opportunity for your employees to interact with each other more and create positive work relationships.

Also, working together in fun clubs strengthens their skills to work well together at work.

Other Perks

24. Oil changes and car washes

The little things really add up. Offering free oil changes and car washes to your employees is a sweet way to remind them that you care. Helping keep their cars running smoothly and looking slick will definitely do this.

25. Free technology

If you got the big bucks to spend, offering free technology to your employees is a great way to thank them for joining your team. It also gives them a boost so they don’t have to spend their first paycheck on fancy new technology.

26. Opening a new branch

Some businesses will consider opening a new branch in an area that a trusted employee is moving to, which is freaking amazing. It’s one of the best ways a business owner can tell their employees, “We got your back.”

27. Paid time off for community services

This is the best way to encourage your employees to give back to their community. Not only you will feel good about this, but they will too.

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