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This job post template is designed to make it easy for you to write your social media intern job post. Pick and choose the responsibilities and qualifications that fit your position.

For a little more information on working as a social media intern, check out our social media manager job description.

Job Overview

[Your Business Name] in [Your City Name] is looking for a social media intern to promote our business on various social media platforms. The successful candidate will have knowledge of the most popular forms of social media, possess excellent communication skills and be a great team player.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and manage social media marketing campaigns to reach targeted audiences
  • Contribute to creation of written, video, and/or audio content
  • Monitor social media presence on various platforms (blogs, forums, social networks)
  • Perform social media optimization
  • Conduct outreach efforts (to other bloggers, related businesses, social media groups)
  • Understand and navigate web analytics

Job Qualifications

  • Ability to use web analytics tools and/or willingness to learn
  • Creative thinker
  • Able to develop innovative content
  • Excellent writing and English language skills
  • Strong sense of design
  • Outgoing personality with excellent communication skills
  • Up to date on latest social media trends (hashtags, topics, and platforms)
  • Ability to use and navigate most forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Linkedin, etc.)
  • College graduate or currently enrolled in college

Additional Job Post Tips

Don’t forget to share how your business is unique! Here are some ideas:

  • Tell the story of your business.
  • Share how your product, service, or location is special.
  • Highlight employee perks and salary.
  • Explain why this team is fun to work with.
  • Show pictures of your business, products, and/or team.
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