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When Sebastien Tron and the rest of his team launched Hopsy seven weeks ago, they didn’t expect to sell out within the first few days of each week. They’re 3 guys – Seb, Bodie, and Andrew – who promised to deliver “fresh, local craft beer” to the world... just not all at once. It was clear: they needed more staff to spread the Hopsy goodness.

That’s when Seb decided to post a couple of openings online and see what happened. He posted on 3 sites: Localwise, Indeed, and Craigslist. When he got the results back, it was clear which site he was going to use again ( was Localwise). He posted a few more openings and ended up with nine new hires through Localwise.

Their Localwise experience

“It was quick and easy,” he says, “We got the most applications from Localwise, so we decided to just post on there the second time. We’d start getting applications within 1 business day max; we’d review them, schedule an interview or send a decline email, and be done within 2-3 days.” 

Sebastien Tron, Co-Founder of Hopsy. Photo courtesy of Hopsy.Sebastien Tron, Co-Founder of Hopsy | Photo Credit: Hopsy

Their fastest hire started work within a week. How so fast? Simple. Not only did their hires discover why people are the reason to work local, but it helped Seb and the team as well. “The fact that Localwise is local made it very easy because it’s very concrete,” says Seb, “For us to get access to people in the area, as a local business, makes it much easier than going somewhere else."

But local is not the only ingredient for a good hire.“Not only did we get a lot of applications, we got a lot of applications from people already in the industry,” he says, “this gave us a lot of choices.” The team ended up hiring both full-time and part-time staff. 

Tag + Jug Cider brewery. Photo courtesy of Hopsy. Tag + Jug Cider brewery | Photo Credit: Hopsy

Among those hired were 3 copywriters to take over Hopsy’s education section, blog, and social media. They also hired two business development folks to grow their local partnerships and another 3 for their street team – you know, people to spread the word at the local Farmers' Market. They also hired one full-time assistant store manager.

So the process was quick and easy, the applications were local and industry-specific, and the new team is great. But what do Seb and his team have in store now that they’re no longer a two-man operation?

Photo Credit: Hopsy

“Our goal is to scale the business and expand to other geographies,” says Seb. In fact, Hopsy’s preparing to expand to San Francisco within another few weeks.

“By the end of the year, we’re hoping to expand to other urban areas and we’ll be repeating the hiring process 3-4 weeks beforehand.” You heard him! If you are looking for bartender job openings in Richmond, you may be in luck. 

If local craft beer is your thing, make sure you know the 3 things you should do to become a bartender, keep an eye out for Hopsy’s job openings on Localwise, or just keep an eye out for a Hopsy delivering near you. I know I will! 

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