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The Short Answer: 

The people. 

The Long Answer: 

At a big company, you're a number. Strategies are set. Tasks are performed. Results are analyzed. A few people get hired. A few others get fired. And the cycle starts again the next year.

As an employee, you're somewhere in this equation, but who knows exactly where. You probably have no idea who is even performing most of the tasks that directly impact your life. No wonder so many people hate their jobs.

At a local business, the opposite is true. Everything is right in front of your eyes. Before their first hire, a local business owner is doing everything! Strategy, sales, customer support, marketing, operations, finance, and so much more. Therein lies the opportunity!

As an employee at a local business, you can roll up your sleeves, raise your hand, and do these tasks. The more you do well, the more room there is for you to grow your career. Find a local business owner who is a good mentor and sky is the limit!

At a big company, it's all about the numbers (and like it or not, you'll be one). At a local company, it's all about the people. 

Find your people now!

Here are some of the wonderful people you just might get to meet:

Janet from Freshly Cut Florist with Localwise Sticker The lovely women of Freshly Cut Florist show off their Localwise sticker.

Monthly potluck dinner at Suru Clothing Baba and Muhammed of Suru clothing host a monthly potluck dinner for the community.

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