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In a world plagued with excess, Dandelion Chocolate has refined chocolate production, relying on the complexity of flavors through the simplicity of its makeup. San Francisco’s single-source bean-to-bar chocolate maker uses only two ingredients – the cocoa bean and the cane sugar – to produce the perfect bar of chocolate.

But how does one become conversant in the art of chocolate making? The Mission District-based company is offering an Apprentice Chocolate Maker position to help their production team craft small batches of their cocoa confections.

Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, CA Photo Credit: Alaia Schwegler

Dandelion Apprenticeship Position

The job offered at Dandelion is unlike any other. While the processes are repetitive, the typical 3 to 6 months it takes to become an official Chocolate Maker provides a fascinating window into the chocolate industry and its cultural origins.

Becoming a chocolate maker involves learning each step of the chocolate-making process, from sorting the beans to foiling the bars, in addition to tests to recognize cocoa bean sources and quality (which means lots of chocolate tasting!).

Through internal classes, Dandelion teaches its apprentices about the ingredients in general chocolate making (both mass-produced and baking chocolate, alongside their own) and how to distinguish between various sources through what they call a “flavorientation.”

chocolate making process from dandelion chocolate in san francisco, CA Photo Credit: Alaia Schwegler

While no prior familiarity with chocolate-making is needed, kitchen experience (or a similar environment) is preferred because of Dandelion’s fast-paced atmosphere. 

To be considered, an Apprentice Chocolate Maker should be both self-directed and work well in a team, able to communicate effectively and comfortably with other team members through the entire chocolate-making process.

More than anything, Dandelion is looking for both an ambitious candidate focused on self-improvement and one with a genuine interest in contributing to the betterment of the company and its chocolate production.

Photo Credit: Alaia Schwegler

Working on the production floor isn’t an easy task – the job requires you to constantly be on your feet and is a full-time commitment. But at the end of the day, while it is a demanding physical job, it is a “labor of love”.

With a passion for food, chocolate, or anything in between, the role has the potential for more than a position on the production floor; it’s an opportunity to leave behind all preconceptions about the ubiquitous chocolate flavor we’ve all grown to know and explore the world of delectable confectionery and its fascinating creation.

Check out the application for additional job perks and special application instructions!  A cover letter describing your favorite food experience or influence is highly recommended, in addition to a resume.

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