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In the midst of a severe drought, local Berkeley business Local Greens, a family-owned indoor hydroponic farm, has replaced acres of farmland with meters of economically viable, sustainable produce. 

Serving a mere 50-mile radius, the family-owned business delivers direct and remains local, distributing primarily to Whole Foods, in addition to a variety of other grocery stores and restaurants in the Bay Area.

They currently produce crops of basil and 7 varieties of microgreens (with lettuce soon to come!), requiring a mere cup of water per package compared to the 70 gallons a traditionally-grown head of lettuce exhausts.

The environmentally-conscious company is currently offering two distinctly different internships, one on the financial, sales, and administrative side of production and another on the farming side. 

Check out these awesome opportunities and take the chance to work with an innovative and creative company.

Organic Urban Farm Business Management Internship

For those interested in the business aspect of the industry, this internship requires a time commitment of 6-8 hours per week, spread between a flexible number of days (including harvest days, twice a week), for a total of 60 hours. Working directly alongside Faye Mitchell, the co-founder of Local Greens, an intern would learn: 

  • Delivery preparation 
  • Sales 
  • Customer Service (answering phone calls and emails) 
  • Accounting (invoicing, following up with receivables)

Local Greens Team 2015. Photo from Faye Mitchell.

An urban farm business management intern would stay in close contact with partner stores through calls and emails to create “informed orders” (what stores need and what they’ve sold), providing the Local Greens farm with the necessary information needed to package accordingly on a biweekly basis. 

Though familiarity with QuickBooks and Smartsheet is a plus, no prior experience is necessary – simply an interest in urban farming, business management, and all things local!

In pursuit of expansion, the internship has the potential for future employment, possibly in a new Southern California location. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the industry should apply by clicking on the button below! Cover letters recommended.


Local Greens Basil. Photo Credit: Faye Mitchell.

Indoor Vertical Farm Internship Program (with certificate)

For those interested in the production side of Local Greens, this internship is a 2-month program, requiring 15 hours of work per week, for a total of 120 hours, though time commitments are flexible.

Local Greens is interested in candidates studying sustainable farming, hydroponics, or farming in general. Working alongside Ron Mitchell (co-founder) and various other employees, an intern would learn about the industry hands-on through various segmented steps.

In the beginning, like all employees, an intern learns to package on the line, familiarizing his or herself with the products grown, as well as learning about food production sanitation. After accumulating 40 hours, one learns how to change reservoirs, read sensors on various equipment, and help change and service parts.

In the later stages, interns will have learned to plant microgreens and even basil, the most advanced segment of the indoor vertical farm internship. With the completion of the program, an intern earns “Urban Farming Certification” provided by Local Greens, stating the numbers of hours dedicated and specific skills acquired.

Potential for future employment

Like the business management internship, the farm internship has the potential for future employment, including “assistant in production” which involves not only managing the produce and upkeep of equipment but training future interns.

In a relatively new industry, the program provides an ideal symbiosis between eager individuals interested in sustainable agriculture and Local Greens’ hydroponic farm in order to revolutionize food to be viable, cost-efficient, and fresh! Candidates interested in pursuing a career in the industry should apply through the button below. Cover letters recommended.

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