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The San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect place to find superstar hires for your nonprofit organization. Typically run by close-knit teams, it’s crucial that the staff runs like a well oiled machine. 

Take your hiring to the next level and work with a nonprofit recruiting firm to get connected with candidates seeking meaningful and impactful work. Check out the top 20 nonprofit recruiting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area on this list below:

1. Localwise

Work with a Localwise Recruiter and you’ll save time, enjoy reasonable pricing, and find qualified candidates with low risk. We have a history of working closely with nonprofit organizations, so we understand the hiring challenges unique to nonprofits. 

Get started and connect with a Localwise Recruiter to see the benefits for yourself!

2. Scion Staffing

Scion Staffing is an award-winning agency that focuses on providing you with talent options that match your company culture. They have a national and local network with over 12 million candidates. From entry-level to executive staff, Scion Staffing is prepared to connect you with the kind of talent you’ve been hoping for.

3. McCall Staffing Services

McCall Staffing Services in San Francisco matches you with candidates that are knowledgeable and professional. They’ve served the San Francisco Bay Area’s nonprofit community for over 20 years, offering temporary assignments and direct hire placements for nonprofit foundations, social services, the arts, philanthropic, and educational organizations. 

Their nonprofit specialty is one of the reasons that they are one of the top staffing and recruiting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

4. Perfect Timing Personnel Services, Inc.

If you want to work with one of the top healthcare and behavioral health recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Perfect Timing Personnel Services is a great fit for you. They prioritize their client relationships and have consistently met their staffing needs with exceptional local talent since 1988. 

With various areas of expertise, their nonprofit sector is dedicated to helping organizations committed to furthering important social causes.

5. Monroe Personnel Service, LLC

Monroe Personnel Service helps fill short-term, long-term, temporary, and full-time positions. You can expect professional and personalized service from their staff members that take a unique approach to match candidates with the organizations that fit their interests and experience levels. 

They’re one of the top sales and marketing recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area and are ready to help you with your next nonprofit hire.

6. Pacific Coast Staffing

Pacific Coast Staffing was founded in 1999 and takes great pride in providing staffing assistance to businesses and organizations in the Bay Area. Running a business is not easy, and nonprofits present unique challenges of their own. 

That’s why Pacific Coast Staffing is on a mission to improve your nonprofit’s performance and strategy. You’ll learn solutions to common staffing challenges from their friendly and welcoming staff.

7. Bridges

If you’re looking for major perks you can offer to help you stand out in a tight job market, partnering with a specialized recruiting firm is the first step. Bridges is a boutique financial search firm focused on nonprofit organizations operating within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

They work with mission-driven nonprofit organizations focused on a variety of causes, including education, social services, museums, environmental conservation, and more.

8. Pure Momentum Consulting

Pure Momentum Consulting is based in San Francisco and supports small to mid-sized nonprofits. Their services include assessing employee culture, budgetary crisis intervention, managing human capital, and more. They aim to help nonprofits keep their passion and social life intact throughout the hiring process.

9. Premier Talent Partners

Premier Talent Partners helps you find the perfect person for your critical nonprofit role. Premier finds talented people with passion, personality, and purpose. They serve many industries, including nonprofit, healthcare, and education. They also happen to be one of the top retail recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area!

10. m/Oppenheim

m/Oppenheim is a nonprofit executive search firm for leaders. They invest in understanding the needs of nonprofit leadership more than any other search firm. Candidates are assessed based on how they will influence your organization’s future in the hopes of connecting you with long-term team members.

11. Careers in Nonprofits

Do you want to learn how to set up new hires for success? Partner with Careers in Nonprofits that was founded in 2006. They work with organizations to hire talent in San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and beyond. Their process is quick, providing organizations with ready-to-go talent.

12. Mission Hiring Hall

Mission Hiring Hall, one of the top hospitality recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area, helps employers with their recruitment process from start to finish. They truly understand the needs of nonprofits, as they are a nonprofit themselves! 

They handle pre-screening, scheduling interviews, and more. Motivated by a mission of their own, they hope to meet the immediate and long-term employment needs of San Francisco’s low-income residents and the workforce development needs of local employers.

13. Development Guild DDI

Development Guild DDI is a nonprofit leadership development consulting firm. They provide nonprofit executive search, fundraising advice, and campaign services. 

With 40 years of experience working in every nonprofit sector, they are committed to helping clients reach solutions quickly. They help nonprofits along every step of the way, from tips for conducting successful interviews to tips for the strongest job offers.

14. Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting is not only one of the best warehouse staffing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they’re also a top nonprofit recruiting firm. They were founded in 2009 and have an impressive roster of clients. 

They’ve helped these companies reduce their time-to-hire by 65% — or more! With locations in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles, they use their far-reaching network to help your organization work faster and smarter.

15. i-Recruit

If you’re looking to fill a position at your company, this award-winning resource will help you find the perfect professional recruiter, staffing firm, or executive search firm for your nonprofit. 

Since 1996, i-Recruit has helped recruiters gain online exposure through its vast database divided by specialty. You’ll be able to grow your business with direct access to hiring managers and job seekers!

16. Y Scouts

Y Scouts helps leaders hire with purpose so that their organizations have a positive impact on society. They believe that today’s hiring process overlooks the personal element beyond the resume. Instead, they help clients define their successful outcomes and connect them with leaders that seek to do meaningful work.

17. National Nonprofits

National Nonprofits helps employers find the right talent. You can automatically post information about each of your job listings and include specifics about your organization. This gives you the power to attract candidates who are passionate about your organization’s mission and share your core values.

18. The Mom Project

The Mom Project is one of the top teacher staffing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a strong and unique company. They’re on a mission to help women remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey. 

You’ll be able to access insights and recommendations unique to your organization on their platform that uses powerful research and data.

19. TruPath

TruPath is one of the top administrative staffing recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area. They identify candidates for a variety of roles across multiple industries and offer services for contract-to-hire, direct hire, executive search, and other positions.

20. The Moran Company

If you’re looking for the kind of company that can share the simple secrets to retaining your most talented employees or tips for conducting successful interviews, check out The Moran Company. They conduct nonprofit executive searches nationwide with recruiters that are experienced in placing nonprofit executives. 

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