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Hiring the right candidates for educational roles can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, including availability, flexibility, skillset, and culture fit. 

To streamline the recruitment process and access highly qualified candidates, check out a teacher staffing company. Here are the top 13 teacher staffing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area:

1. Localwise

We’re a local business’s best friend! Our recruiting services make sense for a variety of businesses, from retail to restaurants. 

If you’re looking for a recruiter that truly understands the unique needs of local businesses and can deliver qualified candidates who meet your hiring criteria, check out our Recruiter Page to learn more about us. Provide your contact information and a Localwise Recruiter will call you to learn more about your hiring needs.

2. Reaction Search International

Reaction Search International has over a decade of experience in the education industry. They place candidates from higher education to public, private, and other educational entities. As a nationwide network with recruiters in all major cities across America, including San Francisco and San Jose, their access to talent is unbeatable.

3. The TemPositions Group of Companies

The TemPositions Group of Companies is a leader in educational staffing. By focusing on recruiting, credentialing, and interviewing, they provide highly qualified teachers, administrators, and more. 

To make the staffing experience, they use online tools such as billing and online reporting. They’re located in Downtown San Francisco and also offer their services in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Miami.

4. Teachers On Reserve

Do you want to work with a recruiter that partners with some of the best test prep and tutoring employers in the San Francisco Bay Area? Teachers on Reserve provides substitute and full-time teachers for schools. 

They have multiple California locations, including in the San Francisco Bay Area. They’ve been employing educators since 1987 and have accomplished a solid reputation through focus on respect, empathy, honesty, and more.

5. National Association of Independent Schools

NAIS is a nonprofit membership association that provides services to over 1,800 schools in the United States and abroad. They empower independent schools by offering research, leadership guidance, development opportunities, and more for school staff. As an association, they’re guided by principles of equity and justice.

6. California Staffing Service

California Staffing Service works to fill the best afterschool program jobs in the Bay Area. Partnered with some of the nation’s largest childcare chains, after school programs, and preschools, their recruiters seek out special and caring people who have a calling to be both a caregiver and an educator. 

They have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento where they provide both temporary and permanent employment.

7. Scoot Education

Scoot Education is a staffing partner that works with substitutes and full-time educators. They help schools reduce their hiring costs while achieving great learning outcomes. Providing quality educators since 2005, they have locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles that connect with stellar schools across California.

8. EDJoin

Looking for easy ways to attract more applicants? Work with EDJoin, an education job platform that connects people seeking employment in schools. Popular positions on the platform include special education teachers, counselors, high school teachers, and more. 

They also host various events throughout California for those looking to progress in their educational careers.

9. PowerSchool

PowerSchool believes that every student deserves the best opportunities in life. They use technology to help break down barriers so that educators have more tools to unlock the potential in their students. Schools are able to streamline their district office’s enrollment processes through real-time data on their platform.

10. Indeed Hire

Indeed Hire is a platform that delivers a quality candidate shortlist to employers so that they save time searching. Their hiring specialists help guide the recruiting process, from interview to offer. Their services cost a fraction of traditional agencies, successfully offering staffing assistance nationwide.

11. Cal West Educators Placement

Cal West Educators Placement is an educational placement company that provides a quality talent pool to fill the needs of each school. They perform pre-vetting for schools to help staff save time and resources. 

They focus on building relationships with schools and hiring the right candidates that hopefully result in successful partnerships. These are a few of the many reasons why Cal West Educators Placement is one of the top staffing and recruiting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

12. Carney Sandoe & Associates

If you want to revamp your interview process and attract better candidates, work with Carney Sandoe & Associates. They believe in recruiting and retaining exceptional faculty for schools. 

They’ve worked in over 48 states and 32 countries since their founding in 1977. As one of the largest recruitment firms in the country, they’ve placed more teachers, coaches, and leaders this past year than any other recruitment firm in the world.

13. The Mom Project

The Mom Project is on an important and empowering mission. They help women remain active in the workforce at every stage of their journey. 

Because many skilled American women leave the workplace after becoming mothers, they aim to encourage employers to design and support a better workplace for transitioning mothers. Their network of talent is located throughout the country with candidates who have skills in various industries.

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