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The hospitality industry is the lifeblood of the Bay Area. Hiring the best hotel managers, receptionists, waiters, chefs, and other hospitality-related jobs is crucial for business — and the enjoyment of customers! Take your hiring efforts to the next level and work with one of the top hospitality recruiters in the San Francisco Bay Area:

1. Localwise

We’re experts in the hospitality industry. We understand the small, yet important details like the difference between a chef and a cook and the level of care it takes to manage a hotel or restaurant. We bring this level of individuality to our recruiting services, saving you valuable time and money. 

We’re ready to connect you with the very best candidates to fill your hiring needs. Take a look at our Recruiter Page to learn more about our services and connect with a Localwise Recruiter!

2. Hutchinson Consulting

This small Sonoma-based recruitment firm has over 175 years of experience in staffing, launching, and operating businesses in the hospitality and wellness industry. 

They work with five-star hotels and resorts, award-winning spas, and renowned wellness companies, filling their staffing needs and keeping this level of prestige in each of their new staff members. 

If you want to see an endless supply of quality candidates, Hutchinson Consulting is the right fit for you. They have over 20,000 management candidates in their database alone!

3. Fountain

If you want to keep it digital with your business, Fountain has made it possible to do this with recruiting services. They’re a technology company with modern hiring software that helps businesses scale their workforce and reduce manual processes. They’re the ideal company for businesses that need to hire large amounts of staff or have multiple locations.

4. Carver-Olson Hospitality Search

Carver-Olson Hospitality Search is one of the broadest reaching executive search firms in North America. Although based in Atlanta, Chicago, and St. Paul, their network covers the entire North American continent. They offer two different services to cover hiring needs. 

Their first service, Executive Search, is ideal for quickly and permanently filling top-level positions. TalentXPress is their service that provides a search for mid-level positions based on a flat fee. Their long-term relationships and dynamic networks allow them to place the most qualified candidates for their clients. 

5. Upper Crust Recruiters

Upper Crust Recruiters in Auburn approach their recruiting services with a simple philosophy. First, they listen. Then, they roll up their sleeves and get to work. Finally, they introduce your business to the top candidates. 

They chose the pineapple as their logo because it’s a universal symbol of warmth and hospitality. They bring this spirit into all that they do, working hard to connect the best candidates with the best businesses.

6. Modis

Modis may have discovered the ultimate secret to hiring by growing alongside the technological advances of our time. They believe that in order to outpace technology, it comes down to the right people, working together, in the right ways. 

Their team has the speed, agility, expertise, and scale to make this happen for their clients. As a global firm with 68 offices throughout America, Modis is also able to serve their clients individually and personally. They have several offices in the Bay Area alone!

7. Nelson Staffing

With multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, Nelson Staffing is passionate about serving the wine, beverage, and hospitality industry. So passionate, in fact, that they’ve been in the business for over 45 years! They’re a large, family-owned company that treats their company partners and job seekers like neighbors and friends.

8. Strategic Staffing Solutions

This international women-owned company runs on their four core pillars, which is to create jobs, set the bar high for what a company should do, provide people with an opportunity to change their station in life, and make community work with charitable giving as a core part of their business. 

They also have an office in San Francisco where they expertly serve Bay Area businesses.

9. Mission Hiring Hall

If you’re in need of quality candidates and want to use this need to make a difference in your community, work with Mission Hiring Hall. They’re on a mission to meet the immediate and long-term employment needs of San Francisco’s low-income residents and the workforce development needs of local employers. 

They have two offices in San Francisco, one in the SOMA District and the other in the Mission District. Their small team focuses on the immediate and long term employment needs of San Francisco’s low-income residents. The hospitality industry is one of the best industries for filling the Mission Hiring Hall's needs.

10. Foley & Fitzgerald

Foley & Fitzgerald is a boutique hospitality recruiting and placement firm in the Bay Area. 

The founder’s entire career has been based in the hospitality industry, so you can trust that they know the industry like the back of their hand. She left the restaurant industry to work as a private chef for a high profile client. From there, she founded Four Star Private Chefs with a partner and matched private chefs and clients for 10 years. 

Finally, she sold her share of the company and opened Cindy Race, Private Chef Services to help private chefs find clients in the Bay Area. All of this experience and passion for the hospitality industry is now channeled into Foley & Fitzgerald.

11. The Hospitality Group

The Hospitality Group is a small firm that fills administrative and management roles for hotels and private clubs in the city. They focus specifically on catering, sales, convention services, human resources, accounting, executive offices, reservations, and concierge departments. 

They’ve been in the business since 1986, using their awareness of the industry’s occupancy cycles to provide temporary staffing for family leaves, illnesses, maternity leaves, vacations, open job requisitions, work overload, additions to staff, and special projects.

12. TemPositionsEden Hospitality

TemPositionsEden Hospitality is a large firm that focuses on the hospitality industry with offices in San Francisco, Connecticut, and New York. They’re part of The TemPositions Group of Companies, one of the top staffing and recruiting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area

They’re also the country’s largest privately-owned regional services staffing firms. They focus on recruiting, credentialing, interviewing, and providing highly-qualified front of house and back of house hospitality support staff.

13. Bolt Staffing

Bolt Staffing aims to provide staffing services with the effectiveness of a large corporation and the dedication of a family-owned business. With locations in San Francisco, Sonoma, and American Canyon, they help bussers, servers, cooks, kitchen staff, event staff, venue staff, and caterers find work with amazing Bay Area businesses.

14. Gecko Hospitality

Gecko Hospitality is a small recruiting firm that specializes in hiring for restaurants, corporate dining, retail food outlets, entertainment venues, correctional institutions, vending, cultural attractions, education, higher education, healthcare, senior living, airports, catering, and banquet facilities. 

Although they’re headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, they have several recruiters focused on the Bay Area. Discover the best candidates for your hospitality business, no matter what industry you’re in. From fast-casual to fine dining, their restaurant and hospitality management recruitment team can help. 

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