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Traditional job postings provide the very functional and important task of connecting job candidates with local businesses — especially when you post a job on Localwise! Write a great job description and your chances of finding the right employee increase dramatically.

Another way to increase your all-star employee success rate is by putting your best foot forward on social media. For many small and medium-sized businesses, that means Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook. Following are a few pointers for optimizing these channels to attract the talent that will one day represent your business.


Yelp is often the first opportunity small business owners have to influence prospective customers and employees. The most important thing you can do here is to claim and completely fill out your Yelp Businesses Page.

In addition to basic information that includes your name, address, hours of operation and website URL, be sure to upload several quality photos (there’s no limit) that best represent your business. While you’re at it, add a photo of yourself in the "Meet the Business Owner" section so that future reports will know who they’ll be working for (don’t forget to smile).

Finally, you can recommend up to five other businesses in the Business Recommendations session. Doing so helps build community and provides another indication of your business’ culture and values.

North Berkeley couture stationery business Twig & Fig scores high marks for their Yelp Business Page. Their “From the business” section includes plenty of information, both written and implied, about what the business is all about. Their tone is friendly and welcoming, with plenty of personality, and there are also 50 photos uploaded to the page, many of which were added by the business owner. Future employees and customers alike will form a positive first impression based on this profile.


Is your business on Instagram? If not, it should be, especially if you want to reach the 18 - 34-year-old age bracket. There are so many ways to use Instagram to connect your team with your customers and the same basic principle drives all of them: make it about your brand first. That means your pics shouldn’t be a whole lot of product or service-related photos. Use your feed to tell a story behind your brand that allows people to make that all-important human connection. 

Asha Tea House is a Bay Area purveyor of artisan whole leaf teas and beverages. Their Instagram feed is a mixture of high-quality products, store and employee photos that combine to offer insight into what their culture is all about.

Who wouldn’t want to work for a business that dedicates a heartfelt Instagram post to a respected employee that’s moving on to the next phase of their career?


Whenever a potential employee comes to your Facebook page you want them to think, “Wow, I wish I worked for that business.” Case in point, Namaste Yoga + Wellness, the East Bay’s largest yoga studio and wellness center. If you take a look at their Facebook page and its photos, you won’t just find information about rates and class schedules. You’ll see how awesome their environment is, along with tips for leading a well-balanced life. They truly make the perks of working in a yoga studio come to life. 

As a marketing consultant who writes often about small businesses, I’ve received a few job offers out of the blue and, if I were to look for full-time employment, these would be the types of companies I would contact first.

Regardless of which social media platform you’re using to represent your brand, it’s important to post regularly. Whether that’s once a day or a few times a week is up to you. Just don’t go weeks at a time without posting anything because it’ll look like your entire business has gone dormant.

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