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Berkeley is bursting with inspiring yoga studios to work for! Whether you‘re a beginner or seasoned yogi, get hired as a yoga instructor in Berkeley and find the right studio to call home. Below is a list of the best yoga studios to work for near Berkeley to inspire your search:

1. Funky Door Yoga

Funky Door Yoga’s mission is to make lifelong health and wellness as fun as possible. By balancing a rigorous workout with an upbeat, humor-inspired environment, they’re doing just that. Their studio is big and bright with instructors that teach the Bikram yoga method in a temperature and humidity controlled room.

2. Ume Yoga

Ume Yoga is a fast-growing yoga studio in the heart of downtown Oakland. They aim to provide a sense of calm to each yogi who enters their studio and act as an oasis away from the craziness of their world.

3. Namaste Yoga & Wellness

Namaste Yoga & Wellness is on a mission to empower their community with the skills necessary to live a healthy, sustainable, and sacred life. 

They wholeheartedly believe that yoga is for everyone, offering a robust program for yogis of all skill levels. This makes it a great place for aspiring yoga instructors of all levels, from those just starting out to the seasoned instructor.

4. Square One Yoga Collective

One of the greatest perks of working in a yoga studio is the community that comes with it. Square One Yoga Collective is a come-as-you-are studio committed to keeping the practice of yoga friendly, accessible, and affordable. It’s the perfect place to build your teaching experience alongside a community of fellow yogis!

5. Hot Spot Yoga Oakland

Established in 2014, Hot Spot Yoga is an Ashtanga-inspired, boutique vinyasa yoga studio located in Downtown Oakland. They offer a full roster of yoga and strength training classes 7 days a week! 

6. Glow Yoga & Wellness

Glow Yoga & Wellness is the one-stop-shop for exercise and health products. Their mission is to spread happiness and health throughout the San Francisco area with passionate, well-trained teachers and spiritual instructors. 

They have a little something for everyone, including yoga, mindfulness, pilates, and bar method classes, workshops, a day spa, rejuvenating light therapy, organic clothes, and dermalogica products!

7. Niroga Yoga Studio

Since 2005, the Niroga Institute has been promoting equity through trauma-informed dynamic mindfulness, strengthening resilience and empathy in schools and communities. 

Niroga is a Sanskrit word that means “freedom from disease,” which is exactly what their programs are designed to do. They offer programs to promote mindfulness in schools and training programs for their community.

8. BK ROOTS Fitness

BK ROOTS Fitness has served the Oakland community for 7 years. They seek to teach students proper form, posture, and commitment to the practice of yoga. If you’re passionate about optimizing the body’s health through physical movement, consider joining this team and teach classes or personal training sessions.

9. Take Care Space

If you love yoga, but don’t necessarily want to be an instructor, consider working for one of the awesome businesses for yogis in the Bay Area. Take Care Space is a great choice! They carry magical yoga mats and other products to help make your yoga experience extra special.

10. Moxie Yoga & Fitness

Moxie Yoga & Fitness offers yoga classes adapted for the modern lifestyle. They only teach what is essential for a balanced physical practice, keeping an open mind for all schools of thought. Guide fellow yogis in their individual and internal journeys and join the team as an instructor!

11. Namafit

Namafit was founded on the idea that fitness, yoga, and dance instructors should easily be able to find work with local studios, gyms, and other businesses. They understand how difficult and time consuming it can be for a business to find qualified instructors, especially on short notice. 

So they created a platform to connect the two! Work with this team and help instructors find the jobs of their dreams.

12. You & the Mat

At You & the Mat studios, they offer the highest quality yoga training in California. All of their studios are open, expansive, and eco-friendly — perfect for growing your own practice. They even celebrate artists through their fine art gallery, featuring yoga-inspired works that act as a daily inspiration for all of their students.

13. The Nyingma Association of Mandala Organizations

The Nyingma Association of Mandala Organizations was founded by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku in 1972. They offer a wide range of classes, retreats, and weekend workshops in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

14. Flying Studios

If you’re passionate about many forms of fitness, Flying Studios is the perfect place for you! This studio is on a mission to bring yogis, dancers, and fitness buffs together under one roof. Their unique approach easily makes them one of the top yoga studios to work for in the San Francisco Bay Area.

15. yogarok Living

yogarok Living is an activewear and gift boutique for women and men in downtown Menlo Park. The name "yogarok" comes from an athletic vinyasa yoga class with energizing and fun music, featured at Studio Rincon in Menlo Park. This is a great opportunity for yoga beginners who want to get into the industry before becoming an instructor. 

16. Wheel House

Wheel House is a cutting-edge fitness studio dedicated to the combination of yoga, core strength classes, and indoor cycling. 

They provide group fitness immersive experiences for people who want something different, benefitting both the body and mind. They are currently looking to hire a Fitness Studio Assistant to join their team, so now is the perfect time to apply! 

17. Harbor Bay Club

Located on 10 acres with waterfront views of San Francisco, the Harbor Bay Club is a naturally revitalizing place to practice yoga. Although it’s not solely a yoga studio, they do have a wide range of weekly classes available, from sunrise yoga to vinyasa flows. 

18. The Green Yogi

The Green Yogi holds eco-chic power vinyasa and prenatal yoga classes at their studio in Berkeley. They’re known for their talented team of instructors, impeccably clean studios, and excellent customer service. What’s not to love? 

19. Yoga to the People

Yoga to the People seeks to recapture the essence of yoga — making it open and available to everyone. They even host free yoga classes in the Bay Area so their community can experience the joys of the practice! This is just one of the ways that this studio keeps people at the forefront of their business.

20. 4th Street Yoga

4th Street Yoga’s highly qualified teachers are committed to offering expert guidance in the practice of yoga. Recognizing that each person has different wants and needs in their practice, their team strives to give each student a fulfilling practice. Join this team and help spread the love of yoga in one of their beautiful, sunlit studios.

21. Adeline Yoga

Adeline Yoga is a community-based Iyengar yoga studio in South Berkeley. They believe in the importance of playing an active role in the development of their communities. With community classes every week and affordable programming, Adeline Yoga provides a great environment for both practice and employment!

22. Yoga Tree

Wondering how to become a yoga instructor in the Bay Area? Start by checking out Yoga Tree. With seven studios throughout the Bay Area, Yoga Tree has grown into a thriving business since its founding in 1999. 

With workshops and a robust teacher training center, you can expand your yoga practice with guidance from some of the top teachers around the world. 

23. Bridges Rock Gym

Don’t be fooled by the name! Bridges Rock Gym is a space for climbers, slackliners, fitness enthusiasts, and yogis to come together in a fun and social environment. They’re focused on building a community as strong as the climbers that use their facility. 

24. Berkeley Yoga Center

The Berkeley Yoga Center has been operating since 1997, bringing together amazing teachers from a rich background of traditions. They’re committed to creating and nourishing a yoga-centric community through a variety of classes and special workshops. They even offer a variety of beginner classes for those new to yoga. 

25. Yoga Room Berkeley

The Yoga Room in Berkeley is a multi-generational community that focuses on strength, flexibility, and proper alignment in poses. They prize the personalize practice, offering a variety of alternatives for everyone. 

From children to the elderly to those with health issues or disabilities, they provide a space for anyone who truly wants a deep and challenging experience. This is a great opportunity for those looking to help others through their yoga practice.

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